Spring has sprung!  Soon the weather will warm us up after a very long, cold winter and all our hearts will be revived.  Winter teaches us many lessons.  The vitamin D is lacking and we feel more stressed, more tired and anxious and we work hard but feel less rewarded.  But then the sun comes back and suddenly we are healed- our sanity returns- we reap the benefit of pushing through while feeling blue, and our hard work is rewarded by the deep warmth of the sun as we soak it in and we begin to breathe easier.  There is still a chilling bite in the air- but we know it is leaving soon.  We know that green will come back to the trees and lawn and from under the hardened ground will come the flowers which have endured the frozen turf. 
Let this hope find you today and bring a deep desire to be creative!  Hope to see you soon at the gallery entering shows or joining classes and attending events.. 
All The Best,
Sarah Tallarico

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