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If you are an artist who enters shows at the WAA please read the new policy below.  Thanks!

WAA Artist Artwork Pick-Up Policy


1.  Our shows end on Sundays.  After a show, the art that remains is to be picked up on the Tuesday after between 10am-6pm.  Artists may ONLY pick up work on the last day, Sunday, IF they pick it up at 3pm so as not to leave bare spaces on the wall.  If you plan to pick up on Sunday you should call and let the gallery sitter know you are coming so they are expecting your arrival.  Artists need to pick up their artwork on time unless other arrangements have been made.  This is to be the exception and not the rule.

2.   Exceptions can be made for pick up day IF the artist is entering the next show and therefore the work from the previous show can be held until Wednesday or Thursday during drop off hours for their new piece.


4.   We do not have sufficient space to house your artwork and therefore we will be charging a $5.00 fee for the first week for work not picked up.  $10.00 a week will be the fee for additional weeks.   After one month your piece will be donated to the scholarship raffle fund

5.   Artists may have someone else pick up their work IF they make arrangements with a WAA staff member prior to the work being picked up.

6.   If you are in the gallery off hours during an event or class and choose to pick up your piece when a staff member is not present you MUST make PRIOR arrangements with A staff member so the person hosting the event during off hours will know you are allowed to pick up the work.



2014 Festival Forms

Show entry forms:
There will also be a beginning watercolor class taught by Lori Jeremiah Monday April 28th 9am-3pm. Please contact the Felicia for more information 294-6840

The purpose of the Wickford Art Association is to educate its membership, the local
arts community and the general public, and to promote the arts in the community. 

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