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Wickford Art Association wishes you a very
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
May your Thanksgiving be surrounded by those you love and may you find your bliss.  Life is hard- we get hurt, we cry, we laugh, we play, we fight, we win, we lose, we know what to do, we are confused... we are  human... and thus we are struck with the condition of being flawed.  But we can choose to triumph over our flawed nature and find beauty in the ashes left behind by the fire that burned us.  We are HERE, it is NOW- so go get it!! Cut the wire that seeks to snag you and bring you down... use the scissors of being thankful.. and breathe the free air...
I think I have watched too many movies!! Happy Thanksgiving folks!!!!
WAA Building Expansion Project

We met this last Monday with the North Kingstown Town Counsil to reveal our schematic design plans.  The meeting was an informational Q&A session.  We will be meeting regularly with our building committee as we strive to bring this amazing vision to pass.  There will be periodic informational meetings for those who have a desire to get involved in the project. 
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