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August is going to be a very exciting time for us here at the Wickford Art Association.  The 9th we have a first of it's kind Poetry & Art Event which will be visited by the RI Food Bank (we are donating the entry fees to them from this show)  and many, many exciting people.  This event was created and developed by Sharon Eisman (Artist), Kim Baker (Poet) and myself and it is a MUST SEE event.  Poets submitted poems, fine artists created art for each poem and the results have been a book (thanks to Sharon Eisman's hard work) and will be the exhibit which will open Friday night the 9th at 6:30pm. 
Other events like our collaboration with Smith Castle in an after hours business event coming up on the 21st (located at Smiths Castle) and the Harbourfest on September 15th all are seeking your involvement.   
If you are a Juried Artist member and would like to particpate with your art at Smith Castle of Harbourfest please notify the gallery- space is limited.
See you soon,
Sarah Tallarico


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Wickford Harbour fest

This great NK event will take palce at the NK Town Beach on Sunday, September 15th from 12-5pm. There will be boat races, vendors, artisans and general good family fun time!!  More info to follow!  Mark your calendars!!

July 2013 Featured Juried Artist of the Month

A friend of mine took this from above my desk where I keep it and read it the other day. It got me to thinking I should resend it-  I wrote it a long time ago for all you folks but decided to resend it today.  

Blow your trumpet


                                                                                        now go ahead.......


blow your trumpet.....not in vainness but in hope that the song of your

soul will be heard...the vibrations felt..

Hope will it bring to those behind you as it reaches to them and pulls them up from despair

Joy will belong to those who partake in the song that is your story...is your art...is your life...

One life...that is all we each have to give... to live not in perfection ...we simply can't but in grace for ourselves and others.. to try with all our might ...to overcome, to inspire and to listen to the songs we hear all around us........so we can be inspired ............


Written 9.29.11 by Sarah Tallarico at the end of a constant contact to the WAA members



Sarah Tallarico
Wickford Art Association