Wickford Art Association
Rite Aid Window Call for Art

This is an opportuity for you to exhibit.  We are late starting so your speedy response means so much.

Sarah Tallarico
Call To Juried Artist Members: 
"Summer Theme"
*All pieces must be properly framed, matted and with wire type hanger and must be for sale. Small work or overly large work does not fit well. 

*Artwork will hang in the window until the end of August when it will change to the Fall theme.

*You must be a juried artist member to participate.

*Please bring the artwork to the gallery 
Tuesday-Friday 11-3 pm.

*If you have work in the window currently you will be e-mailed when it is at the gallery to pick it up.

*Please have all information along with your piece such as Your Name, The title, medium and price of your piece.

*The gallery will get 30% of any sales that occur.

Barry Butterworth takes care of this exhibit but has been called away on urgent business and will return shortly.  In the meantime you may contact me, Sarah 294-6840 or gallery@wickfordart.org if you want to participate.
Remember that this will be up during the festival and thousands of people will walk by the window, it is a great opportunity for you to exhibit.  We only have room for 9 pieces so first come first served!