Wickford Art Association
51st Wickford Art Festival Volunteer Meeting



Monday, June 17th at 7 PM Wickford Art Gallery


WE NEED YOU!!!!  It takes a lot of hard work and money to run a big festival like ours. But there's one thing we can't buy and that's YOU VOLUNTEERING TO HELP!  We are forming teams of volunteers to work in different areas of the festival.  Please come to this only meeting for all volunteer teams. Meet the team leaders and discover where you can play an important part in this years festival.


If you can just spare a few hours one morning, or maybe all day ~ we need your help. Volunteers are needed throughout the weekend to do easy things like hand our programs, sell raffle tickets and booth sit for artists to give them a break. Or maybe you'd like to help set-up before the festival? We need booth spaces marked off and people to haul and set-up tents and racking. Maybe you'd like to help elderly artists in unloading their vehicle or help feed the artists at Friday night registration.


We have may places you can help, all we need is for you to come to this meeting and discover where your perfect spot is. Join one of our volunteer teams and help make this a great festival. Teams work varied times so we'd love you to find several places you can help. You could help on Thursday or Friday day to do set-up and still do artist's relief on Saturday or Sunday.


Come join us! Meet old and new artist friends! Have a great time and earn one of those coveted "Festival Volunteer" T-shirts.


Please help us and support this 51 year tradition.





Friday Night Artist Registration


One important thing the Wickford Art Festival does is feed those starving artists when they come to Friday night registration. This is a very important and fun part of the festival tradition.  Artists look forward to getting a good meal after they've spent all day packing and driving to Wickford.


Please help us by making a large tray of meat or vegetable lasagna (or some other easy to serve pasta dish). Prepare it at home and bring to the gallery on Friday afternoon. If you prefer bring a large tray of chicken, sausages, or some other easy to serve food. Dishes can either warm or cold. No soups or other messy foods please. 


Prefer to bake? We are also asking WAA members to bring a plate of cookies, brownies, or other "easy to serve" dessert. We'd like desserts that you eat as hand food, not to big and doesn't need a fork or spoon.  Be creative and whip up some of your delicious brownies, yummy cookies, or maybe those colorful mini- cupcakes. The artists will love them all.


Want to help but don't want to cook? Many local businesses sell great prepared foods that you can buy. Save yourself the hard work and stress . . . have someone else prepare the food and you can have the fun of strolling in with that great dish of food.


You will need to bring your prepared foods to the gallery on Friday, July 12th between noon and 2 PM.


If you want to help by providing a lasagna, dessert, or some other dish 


PLEASE EMAIL Carol Beatrice by June 23rd:    


Thank you all in advance for your generous support.


Bruce Luscombe, Festival Director

51st Wickford Art Festival

July 13th & 14th, 2013


Thank you in advance for your time and talents to make this a successful festival.  We produce one of the top 20 fine arts' festivals in the country and one of the top "must see" events in RI each year.  "WE" includes all of YOU, OUR volunteers!  Come out and join the team.  If for some reason you cannot make the meeting but still wish to participate as a festival volunteer, do not hesitate to contact Bruce and let him know.

Sarah Tallarico
36 Beach Street, North Kingstown, RI 02852