Wickford Art Association

Be sure to visit this exhibit it is drawing a curious crowd.  The weather has changed...we are warming inside and out.. Hope to see you soon!!

1st Place: Barbara Canning
 2nd Place: Sarah Tallarico
3rd Pace: Ken MacDonald
Honorable Mention: Guy Cassaday
Honorable Mention: Lori Jeremiah
Judges Award: Nina Hope Pfanstiehl
Judges Award: Hiroko Shikashio
I am  not sure about you, but I can tell you.. I have a favorite saying..the title of a book.  "I will not die and unlived life". May I say.. let's go for it... be all that we can be in the time that has been given to us.  I need your puzzle piece to complete my work...
all the best...


Sarah Tallarico
Wickford Art Association