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Happy Holidays from Wickford Art Association

PLease join us this Sunday, December 2nd at 12pm for the member's meeting and election of officers.  Following this we will have our annual Little Picture Show and Gala!! There are many wonderful works of art for sale and also food and wine!  Come one, come all!  We would love it if you brought your favorite holiday dish. dessert or hors deorves to share.  
This one you don't want to miss!! 
See you Sunday!!
Sarah Tallarico
Wickford Art Association
  2012 LPS

Below are some of the hundred's of pieces of artwork available for purchase at the gallery.

Important Information

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 Jan Armor will also be teaching/ flyer to come

Member's News

  Cindy Horovitz Wilson will be giving a photography presentation for the EGAC  on 12/4/12 at the First Baptist Church Hall  at 31 Pierce Street, EG at 7:30 PM.  It's free.


Daniel Lake Has been featured in the East Greenwich on-line newspaper The Patch..



2012 December Featured Juried Artist of the Month 
Lorraine Bromley
Watercolorist/Acrylic/Mixed Media


Lorraine Bromley  


"I am a calligrapher, lettering artist, painter, illustrator and book maker. My inspirations come from words and images, which I combine in traditional and contemporary ways. I have definitely developed my art over the years, and teaching watercolor techniques has helped me see this and understand what I do. Having opportunities to teach and exhibit work in Wickford is a gift, preparing work, receiving feedback, and sharing my passion as an artist."

"Lorraine has served the WAA as President, V. President, Communications/Newsletter-editor/designer, watercolor teacher, student, demonstrator and volunteer



Lorraine studied the Studio Arts: Painting, Photography, and Graphic Design at RI College (Class of 79") and studied specifically the fine art of watercolor with Spencer Crooks, Kurt VanDexter, Angelo Marinosci, Tom Lynch, Ted Minchin, Alvaro Castagnet,and Laurie Doctor. She is an avid traveler- independently practicing her art in Costa Rica, Greece, France, Ireland, and England as well as many wonderful places in the states. These places inspire, educate, and bring other discoveries into her art.

"My watercolors now lean a little more into abstract but still traditional subjects. I challenge myself by incorporating calligraphic and mixed media into my studies, but watercolor remains my main medium. I give myself permission to experiment and use my intuition more of a source, instead of only what I see in front of me, I improvise much more now and it is much more fun. My tools are my camera, my calligraphic marks, my computer, my design and painting skills- all integral parts of the ever-changing world around me.

"I am an enthusiastic artist, designer, photographer. I believe that the practice of "ART" is a total experience, involving body, mind, and spirit. In this sense, the practice of painting, drawing, writing and observing only enhances my personal growth. Being aware of my connection with nature, with or without words. I combine the passion for drawing/design and create art in traditional and contemporary words with images. My work comes from not only looking but experiencing the world around me, and then translating these visual and emotional perceptions. With every creation, there is a new discovery, a new challenge, a new solution. Every time I approach the blank white paper, I take a unique journey always unlike the last, and never like the next. It is what keeps me coming back to the passions of painting again and again."


"Born and raised in Rhode Island I have always been an artist and found designing, painting and drawing nature was going to be my life's passion early on. After studying the studio arts in college, graphic design became my profession for 30 years and I now use those tools for painting, lettering, photographing and garner ideas into fine art. I am comfortable with the medium of watercolor and now bringing acrylics into my artwork as a mixed media approach. I admire patterns, texture, color and the practice of brushstrokes, layering techniques and the lettering arts. "


My advice to other artists...is to practice, draw, observe, travel and share.


"Sharing what others have shared with me in an artist community like the Wickford Art Association opens awareness to many talented artists, an opportunity to exhibit, sharing ideas, techniques, challenges, and thinking in new and creative ways"

Lorraine Bromley's Bio 


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