Wickford Art Association
Wickford Art Association


Understandably, there is the question as to whether we will be receiving artwork for the open juried photography show tomorrow or not.. The power has been out in Wickford and still is.. However obstructions have been removed and you can safely get in and out of Wickford to the gallery.  I will be there tomorrow to take in your art work from 11am until 7pm at night.  Hopefully all will proceed as normally as possible and registration for Thursday from 11-3pm will be in place. I will contact you from my home base to let you know our winners after the juror views the work- and if all goes well we will have the opening on Sunday. 
If the power is still out then the gallery phone will appear to be busy as it has appeared thus far.
Please stay tuned for the next e-mail and alert your non-email friends who are planning on participating in the show.  
The show must go on!! And happy to make it happen!! 
See you soon!!!!
    Our Next Show Coming up next week!
Photo Show
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