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I find that the longer I live, the more important it becomes to me to expand the size of my soul in order to make space for the things that really matter to me.  So as I think about what matters to me the most it is a no-brainer.. It is my family, each one a gift..and of course in this family of mine are our family pets.  It is my friends and those I may not know well but we share a smile, an inside joke or a tough time we survive together.  
For those I love it is incredibly important for me to teach, forgive, drink in every moment, show how to overcome by doing so myself first.  And amazingly enough in all this loving and forgiving and through the joy and the tears and the teaching and learning, thriving and surviving there is a common thread....believe it or not it is  art!  
The art of loving, of forgiving of conversation and navigating through life in order to maximize our potential, we must learn the art of doing all things well.  
Beauty, composition, juxtaposition, light, shadows, color, line, form, construction, deconstruction, passion, feeling, skill, practice, discipline, freedom, time, space, texture and the list of common threads grows without measure... 
No wonder art is life-giving...
I encourage you to live your artistic dreams now... the world needs your perspective..
And if you should need encouragement you can find it here at the gallery, with other artists and members.. a place to learn and grow as an artist.

Hope to see you soon,
Sarah Tallarico
WAA Gallery Director



Dan Lake, Georgann Casey & Claudia Crevier

Open and Free to the Public, Fine Art for Sale!

Dan Lake: Oils

Georgann Casey: Photography
Claudia Crevier: Acrylics


August 2012 Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month

Howard Rubenstein


Howard photo  

Howard is a long-standing member of the Wickford Art Association. 

He has served on the Board as both Vice President and President.

Howard's "Out of the Box" Photography course taught here over the years has inspired many artists to be free and think outside the box. Howard's quest to live fully and freely on the right side of the brain has translated into setting many of his students free to enjoy the same liberty that comes from the creative process. Howard also pursues other art forms freely such as wood working and painting.


After three agonizing years of indecision, analysis by art therapists, psycho-

therapists and even several astrologists, Howard Rubenstein chose to leave a 25 year, successful practice as a periodontist to pursue a career as a professional photographer.


Initially, to finance his new lifestyle, Rubenstein turned to shooting wedding photography and studio portraiture, both of which he soon found to be quite limiting, stifling his creativity and ultimately leading to another difficult decision. Would he go mainstream with work he knew would sell or would he sacrifice the financial reward to pursue photography as art, for its joy and inner rewards? Choosing the latter, he says simply; "I ended up doing it my way. Given who I am, I had no other choice."


Reviewing his body of work over the years, this art photographer describes his black-and-white abstract canyon pieces, exhibited on a national museum tour in 2004-2005, black-and-white and color images of Rhode Island, abstract figurative work, as Bodyscapes, exhibited as a solo show at the Newport Art Museum, abstract night photography, as Nightscapes, African animals, automobiles and oil and acrylic photo-paintings.


Mr. Rubenstein has also shown in galleries throughout the United States and has been published in several books. Although he has garnered many awards and honors in a variety of media, he feels winning the Rhode Island Governor's award in 2004 his biggest thrill.



Call For Entries:  "Nature" Open Juried Show
                   All Fine Art Mediums Welcome
A special call for entries for ribbon awards only for:
Floral/ Garden Designs


tiny gardenfloral 2
In Our upcoming opening Juried show titled: "Nature" we are also calling for unique floral/garden like arrangements on the same theme.  Those who participate will need their floral arrangements at the gallery by 12pm on Sunday, September 2nd for the Opening Reception which is from 1-3pm. Those who attend the reception will vote for their favorites. At 2:30pm the winners will be revealed.  Ribbon awards will be given to the winners.  A limited amount of plants/ florals will be accepted due to space.  Please call ahead to book your place as a participant-294-6840 or e-mail gallery@wickfordart.org.  
This is in addition to the Fine Art Exhibit which is open to all mediums/ painting, sculpure, photogpraphy, print-making etc.
  floral 3



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