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 2012 Summer Newsletter

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 Our individual lives are like a quilt...fragments of memories and remnants of times gone by..stitched together by a mysterious hand guided by our will and by happenstance or by a master plan..

Our association is also a quilt, a much larger one.  It's members both past and present are the remnants and the fragments of memories and events both present and times gone by.  All stitched together by a guided hand of creative energy, passion and desire to express and to make our print on the world....

We are here!  We remain...we move into the future, like a dancer in slow motion twirling with elegance, hard work and discipline.

Sarah Tallarico
Wickford Art Association
                Gerry Grabowski, Dolores & Perry Jeffries Show 

Members News

 Summer Show at RIWS

Eveline Luppi has a painting on exhibit at the MOMA, NYC
Painting titled  Destinations, 16" x 16",  acrylic on paper framed. 
It is to be exhibited in the Atrium Gallery 2nd Fl    Garage Art  Exhibit.
Modern Museum of Art , of NY
W 53rd ST. NYC.
 Eveline Luppi


 2012 June Featured Juried Artist of the Month

Carole Berren AWS 
Carole Berren

Carole Berren, a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, is an award winning painter and a popular instructor of drawing and watercolor. In the journey that is art, Carole embraces the curious wonderment of continued learning, discovery and experimentation.


She has studied art at RISD, the Corcoran School of Art in DC and the Danforth Museum.  In addition, she has studied painting with Betty Lou Schlemm, Barbara Nechis, Barbara Delannoy, Skip Lawrence, Charles Reid, Tom Sgourus, George James, John Salminen, Alvaro Castagnet and many others.

Carole's recent work with watercolor on Yupo paper has earned her national recognition.  She has been awarded the Edgar Whitney Memorial Award as well as the prestigious CFS Medal in the American Watercolor Society's Annual International Exhibitions in New York City.  Her work has also received recognition by the North East, Rocky Mountain, New England and National Watercolor Societies. In June 2012, her work will be published in North Light's "Splash 13  the Best of Watercolor" book.


I am intrigued by the relationships--the similarities and the paradoxes--of man to his environment, to the eternal energies of the magnificent oceans, to the promises of the lotus bud, to the changes in nature that we try to understand.  I look forward to my own learning, searching and growth as I sit in the cocoon of my own metamorphoses.  I am not yet a butterfly. 

"If my work has triggered a memory, touched a nerve or sparked a dream, then I am pleased that we have been able to share that moment." 

 Carole Berren


We Need YOUR Art!!!
and your FOOD!!!

The Festival Raffle which raises money for the scholarship fund is in need of your donations!!! We need several more pieces of art by this weekend at the latest.  Please call the gallery and bring your work by if you would like to donate a piece.  Your art will be photographed and made into a poster and many people will be bidding to win your piece!!! Great cause!!!
Also, on Friday, July 6th at the registration we are in need of food for the artists who arrive to register.  This is a very festive occasion and a grand spread is in order!! Please email me at the gallery if you are interested in helping out with this very important afternoon!!! I will have a running list so we can have a good variety of food.. Can't wait to hear from you!!  You know who you are... my favorite bakers and cooks!! 
Our popular open juried, all media show "ART OF THE OCEAN STATE" is coming up next DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER YOUR 1-3 PIECES OF ART FOR THIS PRESTIGIOUS SHOW. 
Our Juror is Sandy MacDonald  co-owner of Arnold Fine Art Gallery in Newport. http://www.arnoldart.com/History.html
We held a very successful Tea at the gallery for some of our long standing members as well as past presidents and board members.  It was a tremendous success because of the hard work of these people:
Carol Beatrice and her crew of  food makers including Marilyn McShane Levine! Outstanding job!!
Ann Bianci for all her tea-cups, linens, party favors and the list goes on, Flowers!!  left me speechless!
Sabra Park for bringing all the beautiful plates and setting up the tables and displays, helping with the floral arrangements..and all of them for being servers and tea makers!! And to Lori Jeremiah for her serving and tea making and all of these people for working all the way through to cleaning up at the end!!  And also to Chris Abbey for the making of the video and for videoing the event.. You all are the best team a person could ever hope to have to work with.  Oh yes, and many thanks to Bruce Luscome and Tim Murphy who fetched the tables and chairs for the event so spontaneously!! And Dianne Webb and Jessica Hines for making so many phone calls!!
We have a new bench honoring our founders thanks to the hard work and vision of our President, Pamela Reed Dooley!! Well done!! 3 Time past president Anne Titus Hoyle cut the ribbon in the celebration!
The bench 
The Opening at Wilson's- A huge crowd, a huge success
"The Way we Were"

 Call for art... Seeking art of birds in any medium... Any kind of birds.  The art work will be around town at the different locations where there are events.  Have photos' paintings or sculptures of birds?  Want the opportunity to seel them?  Contact:
                                                                                      Barbara Cullen
Mystic Scrimshanders 
35 Brown Street 
Wickford, RI  02852 
Bird show