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Juried Artist Member Shows
To all of our juried artist members who may be confused about the meaning of our next show, and 2 more to come this year; when the title of the show says "Juried Artist Member Show"  It is what we used to call a 3 person artist member show.  The difference is that last year the board decided to make the shows open to more than 3 members for those of you who wanted have a 6 or 9 person show.  There was no number put on the calendar because at the time the schedule was made we had not yet booked our juried artist members for these shows..  
So this week is the start of a 3 person private show.  I am sorry if you thought it was open for you.  
This being said, we are starting to book the schedule for next year and if you are a juried artist member and would like to participate in a semi-private show of either 3, 6 or 9 people please let me know soon. Email or call the gallery for more details and make an effort to go to the this coming opening reception this Sunday 1-3pm for: 
Gerry Grabowski Photography), 
Dolores (Watercolors) and Perry (Photography) Jeffries 
It is going to be a great show! 


Sarah Tallarico
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