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Call For Art!! 
Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Year!! 
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 Can you imagine a world without ART? or Music? Dance? MOvies? Theater? Literature?
I didn't think so, neither can I.  I am declaring today "Artists' Appreciation Day"... and the great thing about it is that is does not matter which day you open this it is good for the day YOU open it!!!  
Upcoming Events
Watercolor & Oil Show
Volunteer of the Year
Olive Willis
Photoshop workshop/ Saturday
Summer Classes coming

 "Watercolor & Oil" Open Juried Show
Wednesday 11-3pm & 5-7pm 
Thursday 11-3pm

Juror Bio:
Nancy Stula
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A very Special Award to be given out at this show to the artists' work that is deemed most creative. This award is being given by the family of Daphne Henderson to honor this award winning artist and past president of the Wickford Art Association.
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WAA's Volunteer of the Year!!!!
John Pitocco 
John Pitocco
 Recently John was honored at  North Kingstown's Volunteer of the Year Awards' Ceremony.   He was selected as the most outstanding 
volunteer of the year for the Wickford Art Association because of his hard work and dedication as the leader of the
 Photo Arts group.  But John's dedication to the association took another form in the last year as he was acting Vice President during the transition of board members.  John's enthusiasm is for all artists to be able to be given opportunities to grow in their art form, to show and to sell thier work.  John is a great mentor to other photographers and a great encourager to beginning photographers in his non-intimidatiing style he is a great reason the association is growing as more and more people are finding out how wonderful the photo arts group is.  
John invites all artists whether they are painters, sculpters or any other art form to come to the photo arts group because as he says so much of the what they do focuses on compostion, design and other talking points that apply to all mediums.
John also has volunteered for the Wickford Art Festival putting countless hours in over the years to get the behind the scenes work done.
"This award is long overdue!" said Pam Reed to a group gathered at the event to honor John and other North Kingstown award winners.
click below to view the photo arts group flyer for more info.

2012 May Featured Jury Artist Member of the Month
Olive Willis
Olive Willis
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1 Day Photoshop Workshop  
1 Day Intensive Photoshop Course
Composite Images in Photoshop
A 3-Hour Afternoon Workshop
This Saturday May 19th, 2012 2-5pm

(All levels of photoshop users welcome: Not limited to using photographs view flyer below)

Click below to view the flyer:



Summer Class schedule coming this weekend. Classes being offered are Pastels, beginning watercolor and drawing, a 2 day portrait workshop, 2 photography classes and a mindful painting and drawing workshop.