Issue: 204
June 4, 2015
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June 5: After School Activities End

June 7: 8th Grade Graduation

June 10: Last Day of School & End of Year Picnic at Como Park



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Administrative Information
No After School Activities Next Week

Please be reminded that next week is the last week of after school activities. There will be no activities the last week of school. 
Upcoming End of the Year Picnic!
Next Wednesday is our last day of school and End of Year Picnic! Vielen Dank to those who have volunteered to help out--we couldn't do this event without you.

Please remember to bring all dishes to share directly to the Como Park Pavilion, not to the school. Additionally, please pick up all medication at the picnic. All questions can be directed to Lauren Kalish at [email protected].
Board Recap

Please click here to find the recording of the May 28 Board Meeting, and here for the Board notes. 
Important Parent Portal Information
The Parent Portal of Powerschool is closed for teachers to enter their final grades and comments. The portal will open again on Wednesday, June 10.

For year end grading, all K-4 students will receive a certificate of promotion to the next grade level. Middle school students will receive a "Zeugnis", or report card. Certificates are being distributed by homeroom teachers.
Kinderclub Transitioning to TCGIS

Starting next year, Kinderclub will be run by TCGIS. Jeana Anderson, the Executive Director at the GAI, has written a short explanation of why the GAI and TCGIS have made this transition.
Kinderclub Registration for 2015-16

The registration window for 2015/2016 Kinderclub will be from July 15 - July 31, 2015. Registrations received during this window will be given priority. Any registrations received after this time will be accepted based on available space.

New this year: No registrations will be accepted two weeks prior to or two weeks after the first day of school. Registration materials will be emailed to current Kinderclub families and posted on the TCGIS website in July.
Exploratory Sports Meeting for 2015-16 
Tuesday, June 9, 8:00-9:00am

Attention grade 4-7 families! We would like to invite you to a meeting to explore sports at TCGIS for the 2015-16 school year. TCGIS wants to hear direct feedback from families and discuss the results of our survey.  We will be looking at options to start sports in the fall of 2015. The meeting is on Tuesday, June 9 from 8-9am.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts!
1st Annual Middle School Soccer Tournament
The end of the school year is a perfect time for another big sport highlight. 5th-8th graders participated in a "Fussballturnier" at McMurray Field. Each class could send a team to compete against the other classes. In preparation for this, shirts were made, banners painted and last, but not least, skills and tactics practiced in our PE lessons. 6A planned, prepared and ran the event with Tanja Schmitt and Matthias Schmidt as an event management project. Large efforts were spent on planning the match, concession stand, first aid stand, musical entertainment and announcements, decorations, etc.

In between spectacular games we could also cheer at students who signed up for show elements. Some 6B girls decided to interpret one of Herr Kochs songs in a dance. Another student (6B) had written her own song and sang it for us accompanied by her own dance choreography. Three fifth graders surprised the spectators with a high level gymnastics show.

In the end, eighth grade tied with 6A and won the tournament with the most points. Soon, these kids will leave TCGIS, but we'll get to keep a trophy in their memory in our trophy case! As with the Streetball tournament, the day ended with the winning student team playing the teachers and interns. Well, obviously TCGIS teachers don't only speak German well, but also know how to kick the ball like the Germans! Click images to enlarge.
TCGIS Children's Theater Festival

Herr Solakhau, Herr Turzynski and the students at TCGIS have been busy in drama class! We invite you to watch the performances and take part in the TCGIS Children's Theater Festival. Click here for a full list of upcoming performances.

PTO Announcement


Find out what's going on in the PTO. Click HERE to read more about:

  • PTO Organizational and Operational Changes in School Year 2015-16
  • Kaffeeklatsch, Friday, June 5

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