Issue: 159
July 7, 2014
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School Board Announcement
New Interns Introduction
TCGIS Featured in Park Bugle
TCGIS Soccer Fans in the News!
TCGIS Summer Art Challenge - July
New Kinderstube Opening Hours / MPLS Carpooling
Looking for Muscle Power
GAI Announcement
Volunteer Opportunities
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July 11: GAI's Craft Beer & Sausage Sampler Grillabend

July 31: GAI's 4 weeks class: Krimis und Kochen - Venezianisches Finale


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School Board Announcement

The school board appointed Dr. Denny Morrow as successor of Renee Moelders, who relocated to Texas. Please click here to read the full announcement and Denny's bio.
New Interns Introduction

Nele: I'm Nele Krebber and I am 24 years old. I'm studying English, Economics and Biology at the University of Aachen to become a secondary teacher. I'm originally from a small village 

in North Rhine-Westphalia. My hometown is called Straelen, which is located directly on the boarder of Netherlands. We often drive to the Dutch border to buy delicious vanilla pudding with chocolate sprinkles. I love traveling to foreign countries and getting to know different cultures and different people. Also, I really enjoy sports (especially handball, swimming + running), cooking, or spending time with friends. After my graduation (Abitur), I was in Australia for 7 months - it was amazing! I lived in a host family for that time and did a program called "Demipair". In the morning I went to an English school to complete the Cambridge Certificate and in the afternoon I looked after two young girls. I'm already very excited to join TCGIS and I'm really looking forward to making new experiences!


Bis bald, liebe Kinder und TCGIS!
We're still looking for 1 fall host-family and 2 back-up families! If you're interested in hosting an Amity intern, please fill out the online form here. This is only an expression of interest at this time, and not an absolute commitment or promise. For more information about our Amity program and hosting an intern, please go to the TCGIS website or contact Isabel Vollenweider.
TCGIS Featured in Park Bugle!

On June 23, the Park Bugle ran an article about the delivery of the donation from our 5th and 6th graders to the Como Zoo. Please click here to read the article. 
TCGIS Soccer Fans in the News!

FOX 9 was filming at the Glockenspiel Restaurant las week for the US-Germany soccer match and featured some familiar faces. Click here to watch the report about the world cup fever in the Twin Cities. 
TCGIS Summer Art Challenge - July!

If you are looking for ways to keep your artistic side busy over the summer, then Frau Lenburg has just the thing for you! A different set of art challenges will be published each month in the Elternbrief, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete one, many, or all of the challenges listed. For more information and the Art Challenges for July, please click here.

For more information, please contact Amy Lenburg.
New Kinderstube Opening Hours / MPLS Carpooling Opportunity

As of September 2014, Kinderstube (German Immersion Preschool) opening hours at the St. Paul and Minneapolis location will change from 8:00am to 7:30am. With the earlier opening hours it will be possible for families to drop off first the younger sibling at Kinderstube and then the older sibling at TCGIS.

The Minneapolis Kinderstube location, Mayflower Church, 106 East Diamond Lake Road, would also be a great meeting point for Minneapolis families interested in carpooling. There is a huge parking lot in front of the church that would work very well for a carpooling set up. Please sign up here if you're interested in a Mayflower Church carpooling opportunity. 
Looking for Male & Female Muscle Power!

We're looking for volunteers with muscle power who would like to help us with the move into the new annex building. It is a great exercise opportunity and we would save a lot of money if we don't have to hire a moving company. We'll provide refreshments so that you won't dehydrate! The moving action is planned for the following two weeks:
  1. Week of July 28-August 1
  2. Week of August 4-8
Please sign up here if you're interested in helping out with the move. Thank you!
GAI Announcement

Relax on the lawn on Summit Avenue and let the GAI handle the grill for you. Featuring Minnesota brews and butchers, as well as your GAI favorites, our first Grillabend of the summer follows the German tradition of keeping it local.
Krimis und Kochen - Venezianisches Finale  
Thursdays, starting July 31 from 6:30-8pm
For advanced students and fluent German speakers, this special Krimis und Kochen class will examine bestselling author Donna Leon's Venezianisches Finale. The course will focus on the characters, location, and fabric of a Krimi and, in the last session, students will cook Venetian favorites from dishes featured in the book. Taught by GAI Instructor and Director of Catering, Katrin Erdmann, this class will fill quickly -- sign up now to ensure your spot!