Issue: 150
April 24, 2014
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Volunteer Opportunities
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2012-2013 Annual Report
Severe Weather Awareness Week
Teal SEA Magazine
Poetry Olympics
Dump your Tech
Are You A First Generation Immigrant?
Lost & Found
Board Elections - Meet the Candidates
Spring T-Shirt Sale
Spring Lock In
Festival of Nations - Blumenkranz Dance Troupe
Middle School Theater & Acrobatics
Spring Library Book Sale
Kindergarten Potluck
Sing and Dance Along at TCGIS Aula
PTO Announcement
GAI Announcement
Volunteer Opportunities
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Carpool Buddy Sign Up

TCGIS Online Calendar


April 24: School Board Meeting

April 25: PTO Game Night

May 2: Kindergarten Potluck

May 1: PTO Meet-Up at the Playground

May 1-4: Festival of Nations

May 5: 2nd grade field trip to the Gibbs Museum
May 9: Poetry Olympics / Spring Lock In at TCGIS
May 14: Middle School Theater & Acrobatics
May 15: Sing and Dance  Along
May 16: Spring Library Book Sale

TCGIS MCA Schedule 2013-2014

MCA Reading: Grades 3-8 (Paper Test)
April 14/15: Grades 3-8

Make up testing:
April 16/17

MCA Math: Grades 3-8 (Online Test)
April 28/29: Grades 5,7,8
April 30/May 1: Grades 3,4
May 2/5: Grade 6

Make up testing:
May 2, and May 5-9

MCA Science: Grades 5&8 (Online Test)
May 6: Grade 8
May 8: Grade 5

Make up testing: 
May 8/9
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2012-2013 Annual Report to the Community

Spring is here, and it is a good time to share in the excitement of all the good work of the school. Click here to review the TCGIS 2012-2013 Annual Report to the community.

In addition, this is perfect time to say "Thank you" to all the supporters of the school. The generosity of parents and family members helps keep our school strong. As the construction moves forward for our new school, we wanted to share a recap of last year's 
Move to Excellence fundraising project. As a community we raised over $36,000, thanks in part to a $7,500 match gift from the PTO. From here, the Communications and Development committee of the Board was able to secure additional grants totaling $36,500, pushing the total funds raised over $72,000. As you may recall, these funds will be used for new playground equipment, landscaping, including rain gardens to capture run-off water, and support for the new parking lot.
Thank you for your part in making an excellent school as you will read about in this year's report. 

Thank you, 
The Communications and Development Committee
Are You Weather-Ready? 
April 21 - 25, 2014: Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week 2014
The Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week is a statewide information campaign to inform and refresh knowledge about severe weather threats. The campaign aims to enable citizens to be better prepared and take appropriate action when necessary. 
Take advantage of Severe Weather Awareness Week to review your own and your family's emergency procedures and prepare for weather-related hazards.  

Read the HSEM presentation about Severe Weather Awareness or visit the HSEM website under "Weather Safety". 
New Release: Teal Sea Magazine 
A magazine made by TCGIS 6th Graders
On May 5, Teal Sea, a magazine made exclusively by the sixth graders of TCGIS for students of the school and at schools elsewhere, will release its first publication. Copies will cost $1, and a 12-month subscription to the monthly magazine will cost $10.
Poetry Olympics " Be A-Muse-d"
Friday, May 9, 12:30-3:00pm at TCGIS Aula

Our middle school students will compete in our third annual poetry olympics. They will recite poems in four different categories: 
  • traditional poetry - poems by ancient or modern author
  • original poetry - poems written by students
  • mash-up poetry - altered, reimagined, or reinvented poems that have already be published
  • visual poetry - visual arrangement of text, images and symbols
Reputable judges will evaluate students' performances. Cool prizes await the winners!
This event is open to the public community.
Dump your Tech and Support the Boy Scouts

Saturday, May 17, 9AM-1PM, Roseville Lutheran Church


Recycle your electronics and appliances on Saturday, May 17 at the Roseville Lutheran Church, 1215 Roselawn Ave in Roseville. Click here for the recycling list.


For more information, please contact Susan Kocher

Are You A First Generation Immigrant and Would Like to Share Your Story?
Yesterday, the Executive Director of Green Card Voices spoke to the 8th grade class. Students "visited" their digital library in which they heard the stories of a few 1st generation immigrants. This was a powerful springboard for our discussion of immigration, dispelling myths  and misinformation regarding immigration. 
"Launched in 2013, Green Card Voices' mission is to share various stories of our nation's 40 million immigrants and put a human face to the current immigration debate. Green Card Voices focuses not only on capturing individual stories, but also on demonstrating the incredible breadth of the immigrant population."
Green Card Voices is  looking for new immigrants that would like to share their story. Next recording opportunity will be during the Festival of Nations at the RiverCenter in St Paul on May 2 (4 am - 9 pm), May 3 (10 am - 9 pm) and May 4 (10 am - 2 pm). The recording process requires a one hour commitment. To learn more please click here or  or  call Tea Rozman-Clark at 612-889-7635 .
Check Out Lost & Found by May 2

Please check lost & found for lost caps, sweaters, shoes etc. by May 2. Everything left will be removed and donated. The lost & found is located on the first floor at the Van Slyke Ave entrance.
Board Elections - Meet the Candidates

Dear TCGIS Community,


Your participation in the upcoming elections is very important to us. Meet the May 16th, 2014 election board candidates. Read their bios and meet them in person at the May 13th PTO meeting.  


At this meeting, a board member will outline the identified board skill needs as Matt Schnieder, Marcus Sheire, Gregor Adriany, and Renee Moelders depart our board. The candidates will present their skills, experiences, and interests in being on the board. The PTO meeting is also an opportunity to ask clarifying questions.


The PTO meeting if from at 6:30 - 8:00 pm in the TCGIS cafeteria on Tuesday, May 13th. We hope to see you there.

Spring T-Shirt Sale

For our Spring t-shirt sale this year, TCGIS is doing things a little differently. We will be selling shirts on a first come, first serve basis. We have ordered shirts in Adult, Youth, and Women's sizes. This year, all of our shirts are 100% cotton. Prices for shirts are as follows:  

Adult sizes: $12 (Colors: Royal Blue, Forest Green, Black)
Youth sizes: $12 (Colors: Sky Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Black)
Women's fitted V-necks: $14.50 (Colors: Sky Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Dark Heather Gray, Black)

We will accept payments either in cash, or by check made out to TCGIS. Please come by the office to buy your shirt today!
Second Chance Sign Up for the Spring Lock In
Friday, May 9 at TCGIS

The second annual TCGIS Lock in will be Friday, May 9. The administration and office staff have lots of great activities planned, so if you missed the first chance during the Maskenball Auction and would like to sign up, please come by the office or contact us the week of April 21-25. The cost of the event is $40 per child. Drop off is at 6:00 pm May 9 and pick up is at 7:00 am May 10. If you signed up during the Maskenball Auction, you DO NOT need to re-register. All proceeds for the event will go to the TCGIS PTO. There are limited spots available, so sign up soon.
Festival of Nations - Blumenkranz Dance Troupe
Saint Paul River Center, May 1-4, 2014

For over 80 years the International Institute of Minnesota celebrates America's multicultural legacy at the Festival of Nations (click here for program). 

In the last 5 years TCGIS has also been a part of this celebration. Following the school's mission, the Blumenkranz Dance Troupe committed itself to the values of global citizenship and contributes to the Dance Performance at the Festival of Nations with a German and Austrian program.

In 2014, you can see us at the World Stage on the following dates and times: 

Thursday, May 1: 
  • 11:05am Schwerttanz (Sword Dance)
  • 11:45am Emperor Waltz
  • 1:10pm Schwerttanz
  • 1:50pm Emperor Waltz
Saturday, May 3:
  • 11:20am Kerzentanz (Candle Dance) BK Jr.
  • 12:05pm Besentanz (Broom Dance) BK Jr.
  • 1:15pm Schwerttanz
  • 1:55pm Emperor Waltz
This year, the 5th & 6th graders will join the BK dancers during their field trip to the Festival of Nations on May 1. It will be a valuable academic experience for them as they will learn more about human rights, a topic they're studying in social studies.

Hope to see many of you at the Festival of Nations!

Valentin Solakhau

Middle School Theater & Acrobatics
Wednesday, May 14

It is our pleasure to present the efforts of our middle school students in PE and Performing Arts resulting in a joint showcase:

Alice in Wonderland, after the story by Lewis Carroll, performed by 7th & 8th graders (director Valentin Solakhau)
Acrobatic Journey Around the World, presented by middle school students (director Tanja Schmitt)

The performances will take place in the Aula on May 14:
1:20 to 3:00pm - TCGIS students are invited
6:30 to 8:00pm - TCGIS community members are invited, performance is open to the public

Mark the date in your calendars and join our middle school students in this journey to fantasy and imagination!

Tanja Schmitt & Valentin Solakhau
It's time again for the Spring Library Book Sale! 

Every year, TCGIS invites families to donate German books to the library. The library then holds a sale of the books we don't add to the collection. Bring in your used German books from now until May 9, and come to the sale on May 16 from 2:30-5:30 pm. This is a great opportunity to expose your child to extra German language materials that can be hard to get, and all the proceeds support the school library. If you'd like to volunteer to help with the sale, go <HERE>.
Kindergarten Potluck
Friday, May 2, 5-7pm at TCGIS Cafeteria

Current Kindergarten families are invited to a potluck to welcome next year's Kindergarteners. The event will be Friday, May 2, 5:00-7:00, in the cafeteria. Utensils and water will be provided. Look under the first letter of your last name for a suggestion of what to bring: A-C, appetizers; D-I, salads; J-O, main dishes; P-S, bread/chips; T-Z, desserts. Help our new families become part of our community! Please RSVP to Cindy Miller at [email protected] or 612-386-1436.
Sing and Dance Along - New Date is May 15
Thursday, May 16 at 6:30 in TCGIS Aula

Herbert & Nancy from the Vienna Community Arts and Valentin Solakhau with Blumenkranz invite family and friends to greet the spring with song and dance. Proceeds will support Herr Solakhau's programs and projects at Vienna Community Arts. 

For more details, please call Herbert & Nancy at 651-773-9525.


PTO Announcement


PTO GAME NIGHT - April 25, 2014, 6:30 to 8:30 pm at TCGIS

Our annual Game Night at TCGIS is coming up on Friday, April 25, 6:30 to 8:30 pm! All TCGIS families are invited! Bring a game and snack for sharing, and then play away the evening with some old and new games! If you would like to volunteer for this event (set-up, clean-up), please contact Alexandra Weeding.


Meet-Up at the Playground: Time to emerge from hibernation and meet-up with friends after school on Thursday, May 1. Weather-permitting, we will meet at the playground across Midway Parkway from Como Town. Directions:
  • West on Van Slyke toward Horton Ave
  • Left on Horton Ave
  • Right on Midway Pkwy
  • Playground will be on the left
Thank you to all who purchased strudel and plant cards in the latest PTO fundraiser! Gross proceeds were $2610! You will be contacted about order pick-up, which will be on Thursday, May 8 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.
GAI Announcement
Polka & Pils Classes & Dance Party
Kick up your heels and get in touch with your inner Polkameister with 3 polka classes at the GAI on May 21, 28, and June 4, leading up to our Polka & Pils Dance Party at the Klub Haus on Thursday, June 12. Register for classes here and get more details on the dance party with The Brass Barn Polka Band on the GAI website.
The GAI's Deutsche Tage
Join us June 14-15 for the Great GERMAN Get-Together at the GAI. Saturday kicks things off with our 5K Lederhosenlauf and Bicyclists' Biergarten. Sunday is Family Day with kid-friendly activities. Click here for more details about this free annual celebration of German culture and cuisine.

English Library Inventory Volunteer

Frau Wallace has a classroom library has a large number of books that need to be indexed into the Delicious Library system. This job requires the volunteer to use a computer to scan in a bar code for 1000's of English books, teacher resources books, and classroom book sets. Sometimes the bar coder doesn't work, so titles must be manually typed into the system. This volunteer project will provide a way to inventory, check out books, and allow teachers to search by title. This job can happen anytime during the school day. Sign up here.



Inventory Volunteers for Frau Wallace

Frau Wallace needs assistance with clean up and organization of her classroom materials that were displaced from moving, the great steam out of 2013, and not having a classroom. This job requires the volunteer to go though all sort of materials: markers, labels, books, games, etc and determine 1) if it is in usable condition or if it is wrecked from the steam, 2) place and label like items in boxes for a summer moving purposes and to be able to find them in the future 3) help move items from the current hallway English office to the main office into the cupboards for storage - this will be greatly needed more so again the last two weeks of school when the entire English student library will need to be packed. This job can happen anytime during the school day. Sign up here.



Gardening Project Volunteers

Kindergarteners in Leah Steiner Suter's class are growing flowers and vegetables from seeds. They're excited to create their own indoor garden, but what they'd REALLY love would be to have a small, raised garden bed outside in the sunshine. If there are a few adult volunteers who'd like to organize this for them (cleared area, soil added) they'd be happy to fill the new beds with baby plants and care for them until June. Sign up here.



Intern Hosting Volunteers  

We are looking for families to host Amity interns for the coming school year. The Amity intern program is a cornerstone of our school. It not only enriches our classrooms and community culturally, but keeps our adult to student ratio low and quality of learning high. Hosting a German intern is an unforgettable intercultural experience for the whole family. Enjoy typical German dishes, music, and personal conversations with your intern. Let your children benefit socially and academically from a native German speaker in your home.  


If you're interested in hosting an Amity Intern, please sign up here. This is only an expression of interest at this time, and not an absolute commitment or promise. For more information about our Amity program and hosting an intern, please go to the TCGIS website or contact Isabel Vollenweider.  



Can't Host? Support an Intern as an Uncle or Aunt!

For those of you who would love to host an intern, but your living situation or family life does not make that possible, we are also asking you to help with host family support. You would be able to provide meals or extra food for interns, or take interns out for evenings and weekends, much like an "Onkel" (Uncle) or "Tante" (Aunt).  


If you're interested in supporting an Amity Intern, please sign up here. This is only an expression of interest at this time, and not an absolute commitment or promise. For more information about our Amity program and hosting an intern, please go to the TCGIS website or contact Isabel Vollenweider.  



Library Book Sales Volunteers  

The library has an annual book sale on Friday, May 16. This is also the day of the PTO Plant Sale and the School Board Elections. Blaine Strobe appreciates help setting up, during, and after the Book Sale. Sign up for helping out with the Library Book Sales.