Issue: 145
March 27, 2014
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Volunteer Opportunities
Carpool Buddy Sign Up
2014 - 2015 Re-Enrollment
School Board Election Announcement
School Board Meeting
State of School
Tonbandgerät Concert
TCGIS Parent Survey
MCA Schedule
DSD I Written Exams
Free Gold Passes for MSP Film Festival
Winter Parking Restrictions Lifted
Scholastic Book Fair
Middle School Parliament Announcement
Capstone Benefit Picnic
PTO Announcement
Easter Egg Hunt
GAI Summer Camps
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 Volunteer Opportunities

Carpool Buddy Sign Up

TCGIS Online Calendar


March 27: School Board Meeting

 March 28: After School Activities III Registration ends

March 31 - April 4: Spring Break

April 7-11: Scholastic School Fair

April 7-21: Spring Strudel Sale

April 8: PTO Meeting

April 11, 17 & 18: Grade 5 A2 German Exams

April 13: Capstone Benefit Picnic
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Re-Enrollment Form for 2014 - 2015 School Year

Please take a moment to fill out our re-enrollment form for the 2014-2015 school year. Please fill out the form once for every child returning. Click here for the form. Thank you!


School Board Election & Appointment  Update
It's time to get on Board!!! Application due date is Monday, April 7!

This year's school board elections are around the corner. On Friday, May 16th, we will be electing three new members to our nine-member board of directors. Shortly after the election we'll appoint a Board Treasurer for the duration of one year. So far we only have two applicants. If you are considering either elections or the one year appointment, please try to get your applications in ASAP.   

All application paperwork are due on Monday, April 7. The application forms can be found hereor picked up from the school office.  

Application for Board nomination:
We are looking for applicants to our board with experience in the following fields:
  • Finance
  • Board Governance/Leadership
  • Human Resources, Coaching, Ed. Training
  • Operational Management
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations 
  • Legal


Application for one year appointment as Board Treasurer:

We are also looking for applicants who would be interested in a one-year appointment as Board Treasurer. The appointment will take place after the May elections. 


The Board plays a crucial role in providing direction, vision and continuity for our growing school community. We hope that you will give serious consideration to volunteering for this board position, or will take the time to recommend someone who you think would be willing and able to support the school in this way.


If you have any questions or have suggestions for potential candidates, please contact Michelle Wallace, Governance Committee Chair or any other member of the current board. 


Thank you for your consideration.

School Board Meeting
Thursday, March 26, 6:30pm, TCGIS Room 116

The TCGIS School Board meeting is an open event. Your very welcome to attend the meeting and to participate in the "Open Forum" to share thoughts with the School Board and the community (see agenda).
State of School Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who made it to this year's State of the School presentation. The evening addressed the construction project, accomplishments in the last year and thanked various community members. For a PDF copy of the presentation, please click here.
The Tonbandgerät Concert  Rocked!

"Tape recorder" would be the translation for the German band's name "Tonbandgerät", which the 7th and 8th graders went to see on March 19. The young musicians, sponsored by the Goethe Institute, travelled all the way from Hamburg to perform for students of the German language here in the U.S. Herr Wegener prepared the TCGIS group in his lessons by listening to the band's songs, talking about the lyrics, watching videos, and researching background information about the band members. Everybody was very excited when the day came. Together with many high school kids, we sang and danced along the songs and even though it was a morning event in a local high school, it felt like being at a real big concert. Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to meet and greet the stars. Autographs were collected in the most interesting places - even on shoes and cell phone cases. All in all, it was a very special and great experience that even prompted the 8th graders to choose their graduation song: "Ich will raus hier" (I want out of here). Thanks to Herr Wegener and the chaperones Frau Schmitt, Katharina Ludwig, Kristina Graf and Rainer Dornemann.

TCGIS Parent Survey

Each year the school board conducts a survey of parents of current students. This survey is critical to the school administration and school board in understanding your experience at TCGIS. This year, we will be conducting two surveys. This first is a pulse survey and at the end of the year we will conduct our standard year end survey. The survey will be sent out Friday, March 28.


Note that each household will receive one survey link. Please complete your household's survey at your earliest convenience, but not later than midnight on April 14th, 2014.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for your help.

Astrid Knott Johnson, Survey Administrator

Matt Schneider, Board Chair 

TCGIS MCA Schedule 2013-2014

MCA Reading: Grades 3-8 (Paper Test)
April 14/15: Grades 3-8

Make up testing:
April 16/17/18

MCA Math: Grades 3-8 (Online Test)
April 28/29: Grades 5,7,8
April 30/May 1: Grades 3,4
May 2/5: Grade 6

Make up testing:
May 2, 5-9

MCA Science: Grades 5&8 (Online Test)
May 6: Grade 8
May 8: Grade 5

Make up testing: 
May 8/9

DSD I Written Exams Took Place on March 21 
The 8th Grade students came well prepared and very focused to school. The exams consisted of three sections, namely reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and writing an essay. The papers have been sent off to Germany. We have high hopes and are waiting excitedly for the results.
Free Gold Passes for MSP International Film Festival

Condor Airlines is donating their 2 Gold Passes to the MSP Intl Film Festival, April 3-19


Condor Airlines, a German discount airline based in Frankfurt, will be servicing the Twin Cities market for the summer season, June 26-Sept 11. Condor Airlines is a main sponsor of the MSP International Film Festival and is donating their two Gold Passes to TCGIS. The two Gold Passes (each worth $425) will be given away in a drawing next Wednesday in the TCGIS office. The Pass allows you to see ANY film at the Festival during the April 3-19 duration! 

If you are interested in winning these passes, please email Isabel Vollenweider by Tuesday, April 1. After the drawing on Wednesday, you will be contacted by Lisa Erickson, a MSP Film Festival Board Member and TCGIS parent, who coordinated this donation. 
You'll find many German language films at the Festival including the kids' film Windstorm. For more information about the MSP International Film Festival, please click here
Winter Parking Restrictions Have Been Lifted
Thursday, March 27   

Winter Parking Restrictions have been lifted in Saint Paul at 10 a.m. Thursday, March 27. Parking is allowed on both sides of all streets unless otherwise posted. 

Visit stpaul.gov/snow for details and spread the word!

Scholastic Book Fair
Week of April 7 - School Book Fair
Week of April 14 - Online Book Fair

School Book Fair: Week of April 7, Floor 2 Elevator Lobby 

The Scholastic Book Fair is around the corner! Come and shop books for all levels, picture and chapter books, pencils, rulers, all you need for your child's enhanced learning experience. 


Our schedule:

Mon, Apr 7: 3:00-5:30

Tues, Apr 8: 3:00-6:30

Wed, Apr 9: 3:00-6:30

Thurs, Apr 10: 3:00-5:30

Fri, Apr 11: 7:50-8:30


Online Book Fair: Week of April 14

If you are out of town or can't make it to our Book Fair, you can also help support our school by shopping online. Shop the online fair if you missed the fair, or, if you want to add to what you already have!!

Click here for more information about the Book Fair.
Kindergarden B is preparing to hatch chickens in the classroom this Spring! 
Frau Scholtz will
 be picking up an incubator and supplies this weekend. Thank you to the various people who've responded with good suggestions! Thank you to Elle Chandler's family for covering the cost of the incubator, food, and lights! If you have fertilized eggs (lying around the house) or the desire to lend your expertise in guiding us as we hatch and care for the little buggers, we'd still appreciate your help. Please contact Heidi Scholtz for any tips or help around hatching chicks.
Middle School Parliament Announcement

The parlament is discussing the idea of having school sports teams that compete in different competitions. Our study hall project has been a success this past week. Mr. Horton proposed the idea of having students help with crossing guard duty and many people seemed willing to participate. We have also been asking students if and how to improve the playground. We appreciate students' feedback!
Let's Ring in Spring - Capstone Benefit Picnic
Bring your picknick blankets and deck chairs and enjoy an open air festival indoors. 

Please join us for the third annual Capstone Benefit Event on Sunday, April 13th from 2:00- 5:00pm in the Aula of TCGIS.
Our fantastic TCGIS teachers, students, their families and other members of the TCGIS community have come together to provide an afternoon of musical entertainment ranging from classic to rock while you and your family can enjoy a cup of coffee, delicious cake and more.

In March of 2013 the first graduating class of TCGIS went to Germany for a two week Capstone Experience. The Capstone provided students with the opportunity to integrate and apply what they've learned during their time at TCGIS and experience Germany first hand. It is the culmination of the education at TCGIS and is planned for all 8th grade classes at TCGIS. All proceeds from this event will go directly to the Capstone Fund and support our German Exchange program.

Our program features:
* Dance performance by Blumenkranz
* TCGIS band 
* TCGIS strings students
* GDB (German Dad Band)
* Performances by TCGIS parents, students and their siblings
* Performances by TCGIS teachers Scot Stephenson, Hunter Goetzman, Margaret Sims and Thomas Wegener
* German story time
* Children's games
* "Flohmarkt" with Arts and Crafts 
* Cakes, coffee, kids' drinks ... 

Hope to see you there. Don't miss it!!! 

Please contact Sylvia Oxenham or Gina Vader if you have any questions or are interested in participating in the program.

Thank you,
The Capstone Committee
PTO Announcement


The Spring Strudel Sale is fast approaching--just in time for your Mother's Day celebrations! 


We will have savory and sweet varieties to choose from, carefully crafted by Ruhland's Strudel Haus.


Expect an email from the PTO with the sale site URL on Monday, April 7. The sale will run until April 21, with pick-up on May 8.


Remember, the PTO keeps 30% of the proceeds from the sale. By purchasing strudel, not only are you supporting the TCGIS community, but you also get to enjoy a delicious treat made by a small, local business.


Teacher Appreciation Week Volunteers Wanted! The first week in May is national teacher appreciation week. The PTO plans to celebrate our wonderful teaching staff during this week, however, we are looking for visionaries with great ideas to get the ball rolling. We also need some implementers to put the plan into action. If you would like to be involved, please contact [email protected]. Thanks!


Be sure to follow us on Facebook!

GAI Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 19
Join us Saturday, April 19 at 10am for an Easter Egg Hunt for kids ages 10 and under. After finding candy and coin-filled eggs, families can purchase fun items at our Osterladen (Easter store). The event will be conducted in English and German and is a great opportunity for kids to use their language skills, while helping us raise the $8,000 needed for new playground equipment at the GAI! Cost: $10/child. No pre-registration is necessary and more details are available on our website.
GAI Summer Camps Are Filling Up!

If you haven't already registered your child for the Germanic-American Institute's summer language camps, remember that space is limited!  The GAI offers 10 themed camps on topics like art, travel, and history, which run Monday-Friday mornings with afternoon care available until 6pm. TCGIS families can register under the GAI Household Member rate ($100/camp).

Registration is available online or by calling GAI Language Services at 651.222.2979.

Library Book Sales Volunteers  

The library has an annual book sale on Friday, May 16. This is also the day of the PTO Plant Sale and the School Board Elections. Blaine Strobe appreciates help setting up, during, and after the Book Sale. Sign up for helping out with the Library Book Sales.



Book Fair Volunteers

Michelle Wallace is looking for volunteers helping out with the Book Fair coming up in April (Monday, April 7 to Friday, April 11). Sign up for helping out with the Book Fair.
Recycling Volunteers

The TCGIS Green Team has started a more comprehensive recycling program. Our crew collects recyclable items from the school and cafeteria every Monday after school. The work is far from glamorous, but we're working hard to live our mission of global citizenship.

How you can help: We have some recyclable materials that cannot be recycled in St. Paul. If anyone has some room in their trunk and room in their Minneapolis recycling bins, we have bags of milk cartons and yogurt containers that could easily be picked up and placed in their household recycling bins. Sign up to become a Recycling Volunteer.

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Help

Morning: 7:45 - 8:15: for/with Michelle Wallace on VanSlyke

Duty includes: greeting students, and supervising their entrance from the cars to the door. 

Sign up for helping out with drop off.


Afternoon: 3:10 - 3:30: for/with Michelle Wallace on VanSlyke 

Duty includes: watching for carpool(s) and/or family pick up. Collecting the student(s) from the class line and delivering the student(s) to the carpool.

Sign up for helping out with pick up.