Issue: 131
November 21, 2013 
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Boy Scouts of America
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Dear TCGIS Parents and Community: 

It has been a little over a year since I took the director's job at TCGIS. I remember back then posting on social media to my friends, "the most unexpected and best part of my new job is the 'mob love' I get from the kindergarteners". Today, the 'mob love' from kindergarteners is still one of the best parts of my job. I love the pureness of their love for life and the brightness of their curiosity. When I talk with them and they ask me, "What does a principal do?" I say my whole job is simply two things: 1) to make sure they are safe and 2) to make sure that they learn. These two principles are at the heart of every choice I make and I deeply care for every child and every family here.
One tremendous gift at TCGIS that truly helps students learn are our Amity Interns. Ina Elliot, Darcy Rindelaub and Nicole Grenz put many hours into recruiting families and seeing to home placements and intern happiness. Huge thanks go to these three women and all of the families who take interns into their homes. We also cannot forget to thank every community member who donated to Give to the Max 2013! This money is designated to support the visas and stipends to guarantee an intern in every homeroom class.

As we wrap up this week and look forward to a well earned week-long Thanksgiving holiday, I am wishing you all tons of family love and good cheer. Here's hoping you eat lots of family-tradition foods, take in a football game, play cards with grandma, or simply relax and do nothing.

Vielen Dank!

Ann Jurewicz, Executive Director
PTO Announcements
Why, yes, I'd love to click here and read more about the following PTO happenings:
  • Winter Strudel Sale Closes TONIGHT at 10:00 pm!
  • Kaffeeklatsch Reminder for November 22
  • Meet Me at the Pizza Arcade on November 25
  • PTO Website Now Updated
  • Craft & Bake Sale Totals
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Trick or Treat for Unicef
A Record Breaking Fundraising Year

The final count is in! TCGIS families raised $635.77 during this year's Trick or Treat for Unicef campaign. That's over $175 more than last year! Funds raised for Unicef help to provide food, water, medicine, and other basic needs to children around the world. We're proud that our school can contribute so much to children in need.  
Boy Scouts of America, Northern Star Council

Friday, November 22 at Black Bear Crossings from 2:30 to 3:15, representatives from the Boy Scouts of America will be present to speak with parents about starting a scouting program at TCGIS! The representatives will be there to answer questions, take input, and help facilitate the launch of a great new scouting program that students can be involved in. During and following the informational meeting, they will be available to sign new families up for the scouting program that will be starting at the school. The Northern Star Council has an open stance on diversity of all types in their troops. Please read this article for more on how the Northern Star Council's policies are different from the BSA at large. Here is your opportunity to have a hand in instituting a great new educational program at TCGIS that will give children and families alike wonderful new experiences and opportunities to help them grow and learn. So mark it on your calendar and we will see you there!
GAI Update

On Sunday, December 7, the Germanic-American Institute's kids' playgroup will be hosting a German Christmas program. Please join us for this family-friendly holiday event. For more details, click here.

Lost and Found
Please Check the Lost and Found for Your Lost Items

Please check the following images to see if you may have an item in the lost and found. Items should be picked up as soon as possible. Items left at the end of the semester will be given to Goodwill.