Issue: 128
October 31, 2013 
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Letter from the Director
Student and Family Handbook
No After School Activities Nov. 7
Parent Teacher Conferences
PTO Announcements
Library Volunteers Needed
Special Ed Advisory Committee
Parent Portal Access
St. Martin's Day
Free Pea Gravel
GAI Update
Substitute Teachers Wanted
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Dear TCGIS Parents and Community: 

As Halloween approaches, I have been thinking a great deal about student safety, while having fun. We are very excited to create a Halloween this year that encompasses every individual student and keeps the playful spirit alive with our end of the day parade. We are also really looking forward to having parents participate in our school community by coming to see the festivities at the end of the school day.

It has been a difficult start to the school year for all of us. The construction project has taken an enormous amount of energy, and I am so grateful for the parents who have provided their expertise and given their precious time. I particularly want to thank Rob Hennelly for leading the facilities team; Kim Koempel, Karin Spencer, and Molly McKinney for hours spent on designing the building, and Matt McKinney for his playground leadership.

As I especially reflect on safety this week, I want to express my apologies if the administration did not communicate enough that our new policy about "students only" in the building during school hours is first and foremost for student safety. It is so much easier to spot an adult who does not belong in our building, when that person cannot be confused with the adults who do belong to our community. The administration is committed to building opportunities for community connection as we continue to find our sense of home in our new school.

As always, the administration is proud to be part of the team of parents, staff, and community members that give so much together for what is good for our TCGIS kids.

Danke schön and Happy Halloween!

Ann Jurewicz
Executive Director

Student and Family Handbook


TCGIS has updated the Student and Family Handbook for 2013-2014. Please click here for the new Handbook, and thank you for your patience!



After School Classes Cancelled Due to Parent Teacher Conferences

There will be no after school activities on Thursday, November 7th. Teachers will be contacting their students to either reschedule or will reimburse families for missed class. Please contact Molly Kalda with any questions. 
Parent Teacher Conferences 
Thursday, November 7 from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Friday, November 8 from 8:10 am to 3:30 pm

Please do not forget to sign up for conferences. Go to the following website:
pasword: tcgis2014


Before you log in, we suggest that you have the following information on hand:
  1. A list of all the teachers you would like to see. The online conference system will not tell you the names of your children's teachers, but the PowerSchool Parent Portal is a useful tool to see a list of all teachers your child sees throughout the week. It is located here: https://twincitiesgerman.powerschool.com/public.
  2. The times you would like to have conferences. The system will tell you the teachers' available slots. If the teachers you wish to see are not available, contact them to schedule an alternative time for a conference.
If you have any questions, please call the office at 651-492-7106 or send an e-mail to Stefanie Berres at sberres@tcgis.org.
PTO Announcements
Click here to find out more about: 
  • The Craft and Bake Sale
  • "Meet Me at the Movies" Meet-Up 
For the latest information, be sure to like our Facebook page!
Got a Knack for Numbers?
Fancy finances? Sweet on spreadsheets?

The TCGIS Finance Committee needs you! The committee is responsible for the financial oversight of the school. While financial experience is highly valued, the most important thing is your interest and commitment to the school's financial future. The committee meets monthly on the second or third Monday at 6:30pm, and meetings last between one hour and 2 ½ hours. Your responsibilities outside the meeting are minimal. If interested, contact Board Treasurer Renee Moelders at 651-332-0495 or rmoelders@tcgis.org.

Library Volunteers Needed
Help Students Access German Language Materials

childrens-bookshelf.jpg The library has settled into its final location for this school year. We are looking for volunteers to supervise library visits, as well as to assist students and teachers with book checkout. Volunteers generally serve for at least an hour on a specific day during the week. Classes are scheduled for 30 minute visits once a week. The volunteer uses the computerized card catalog system to help students and teachers find the books they are interested in checking out, and then assist the patrons in checking out the materials. No experience is necessary. Please contact Blaine Strobe at bstrobe@tcgis.org, if you are interesting in volunteering.
Special Education Advisory Committee 
Attention: Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services 
The Special Education Advisory committee is meeting Thursday, November 7 from 6:30 to 7:15 pm. We look forward to seeing members of the community with an investment in the ongoing education and support of our special education students.

Thanks for your support.

The Special Education Team 

PowerSchool Parent Portal Access 

Thank you for your continued support as we roll out our PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you have any problems gaining access to the site, please check the instructions on how to log in, then contact Stefanie Berres with any further questions or problems as they arise. 
St. Martin's Day at TCGIS
TCGIS Invites You to the Yearly Celebration of St. Martin's Day
Sunday, November 10, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, at the Landmark Center, St. Paul

St. Martin's Day, or Martinstag, is one of the most popular German holidays. In November, when it becomes dark in the world, we light colorful lanterns in the hope that it will be brighter and warmer in people's hearts. Children in Germany come together with their lanterns, sing traditional St. Martin songs, and walk in a parade after St. Martin who is riding on his horse with a sword and a red cape. Lanterns became an indispensable attribute of this event, and St. Martin is definitely a celebration of light and hope. It is also an opportunity to spotlight the problems of the disadvantaged who may need our help.

Because of St. Martin's personality and his story, this day became a celebration of charity and sharing. People in Germany celebrate St. Martin on November 11, and this date marks one more event: The beginning of the Carnival season. 

In cooperation with the Landmark Center and the Germanic-American Institute (GAI), our school celebrates St. Martin's Day at the Landmark Center yearly in the beginning of November. This event is a part of the series Sundays@Landmark (more online at http://www.landmarkcenter.org/programs/calendar.htm#nov10).

TCGIS will feature 2nd grade with traditional German songs as well as 4th grade, TCGIS Band, and Blumenkranz Dance Troupe. The second grade and middle school students will perform scenes about St. Martin.

In the attachment you can find the texts of the St. Martin songs. You can also find these texts and more information about St. Martin's Day online at https://sites.google.com/a/germanschool-mn.org/music/stage/st-martin.

We hope to see you at the Landmark Center!
Pea Gravel 

Thanks to Gregor Adriany, Renee Moelders, Paul Kile, Simon Kile, Michael Hayes, Brett Engelhardt, Nicol Phillips, Ashton Madigan, Ahmisa Cuadros, Andy Nesset, Daniel Bond, Matt McKinney, Lola Rubens, Karsten Grenz, and Tarek Alkatout who came to school last Saturday and helped relocate some of our excess pea gravel to the construction zone. There is now less gravel overflowing on the playground and being tracked into the school. There is still enough pea gravel to go around, and parents are still welcome to come take what they can carry.
GAI Update

The GAI is presenting a Fall Culture Series. For more information about this and other GAI-sponsored events, go to www.gai-mn.org/events.

Substitute Teachers Wanted! studen-teacher-sm.jpg

Interested in helping out at school? Why not try substitute teaching! German fluency is preferred, but not required. Candidates must have a four-year degree. If you are interested, please contact Molly Kalda at mkalda@tcgis.org for more information. Thank you!