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December 1st, 2015

Did you know...
that Jesus Was Homeless is dependent on your generosity and grants only?  It's because of people like you that we are able to see so many lives changed. 

Did you know....
that 55% of our Jobs for Life students that started the program homeless or in a motel have moved to permanent housing?

Did you know....
that through the collaboration of area agencies and non-profits, our "Meet the Doc" program has saved an estimated $660,000 in one time emergency room visits?

Did you know....
that through our partnership with Gateway Church out of Austin, Texas we have had 106 baptisms?  People that were once far from God, addicts, alcoholics, thieves and prostitutes coming to faith and now have a relationship with Jesus.

Did you could make our dream a reality
Imagine a place where broken, hurting and messy people can find a safe haven, where they can have their brokenness restored. 
Imagine a place where they can find healing and they become the masterpiece that God created them to be. 
Imagine a place in Branson turning our community upside down, by connecting God's people to jobs, restoration and hope.  
Imagine God's plan extended beyond our community, God's people; Mission teams, churches & community leaders coming to Branson to learn and replicate the process of healing and restoring brokenness.
Imagine the families lifted up, who become the givers, not just receivers. 
Imagine this dream becomes your dream.  

This is your opportunity to create this hopeful world right here in our community, based on proven successes. You don't have to go to Africa or St. Louis or Honduras to make it happen.  It's a dream fueled by God's power, passionate volunteers dedicated to this cause, and your donations of treasure and time.

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