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Bryan Chef - 6th Annual Love Your Neighbors Thanksgiving Day Dinner  
Volunteer for the
6th Annual "Love Your Neighbors" Thanksgiving Day Dinner
November 28th, 2013

So you might ask me the question, why volunteer at the Jesus Was Homeless Thanksgiving dinner?


I would tell you that this is a great opportunity to serve those that are hungry, homeless and hurting in our community by sharing hope, love and compassion. I would tell you about past Thanksgiving dinners when I met a man that only had $5.00 to his name and that by walking alongside him with love and encouragement after Thanksgiving, he is now gainfully employed. I would tell you about a family that did not have anything to eat and a Jesus Was Homeless van showed up with "Happy Meals" and through that, hope in "church people" has begun being restored and they will be   volunteering. I would tell you about a recovered drug addict that found hope in God, was baptized and is now using his life experience to help others. I would tell you about a man that was hopeless and could not find work and then graduated from our Jobs for Life class and is now employed and holding his head higher than ever before. I would tell you about a man that had a drug addicted mother and a biker gang father who is now volunteering as much as he can with us. I would tell you about a once homeless woman that now leads over 75 volunteers each week. I would tell you story after story about hope being restored. I would tell you story after story about people that were far from God now exploring faith and getting baptized. I would tell you about broken, hurting families and relationships being restored.


But I don't need to tell you about these things because you have an opportunity this year to volunteer at the 6th Annual "Love Your Neighbors" Thanksgiving Day Dinner and hear these stories for yourself. For more information visit www.jesuswashomeless.org or call 417.335.9915.

Donations Needed

We need the following items for our free thrift store:


Coats, Hats, Gloves, Blankets, New Socks,

Toilet Paper, Deodorant, Razors, Shaving Cream,

Shampoo, Tooth Paste & Tooth Brushes

(No clothing please)


You can drop items off at:

 The CenturyLink store - 2001 Hwy 248

 Comet Cleaners - 800 Hwy 248

Brokate Janitorial - 2005 W Hwy 76

Jesus Was Homeless - 2005 W Hwy 76

Can't be here this Thanksgiving?

Can't make it this year but still want to help?  As you can imagine it is quite an undertaking and one of our largest expenses of the year to provide a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner for over 800 people.  Your donation will help us with those expenses.

70% Income Tax Credits Available

If your business pays quarterly or annual Missouri income tax, then you are eligble to make a donation to Jesus Was Homeless and receive 70% Missouri Income tax credits.

How do they work?

For example, make a $10,000 donation to Jesus Was Homeless and receive your normal tax credit for donating to a not-for-profit PLUS receive an additional $7000 (70%) to be applied to your Missouri income tax amount owed. And best of all you can carry the tax credit over for an additional 5 years.



$10,000 Donation     Normal Tax Deduction

$  7,000 Tax Credit   Applied to Amount Owed $5000


$ 2,000 Tax Credit   Can be applied over next 5 years

Who can receive tax credits?

An Individual:

              with income from a farm operation

              with income from royalties or rental property

              with income from a sole proprietorship,

              s-corporation, partnership or LLC


A Business that is a:




                Limited Liability Corporation

                Financial Institution

                Insurance Company

How many tax credits are available?

Jesus Was Homeless received

$237,359 in tax credits.


When they're gone...they are gone!!!

More Information and Forms
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