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Essie and Angelo - Jobs For Life
Essie and Angelo - Changed Lives through Jobs For Life
Did You Know...?

Over 26% of children in Taney County now live in poverty according to the Taney County Health Department.


Branson area schools have over 65% of their students in need of free and reduced meals.  


Hollister area schools have over 75% of their students in need of free and reduced meals.


Taney County poverty rate is 16.5% compared to the Missouri poverty rate of 14.5%


In Taney County it takes 89 hours of a minimum wage work week to afford a 2 bedroom apartment at fair market rent.


The living wage in Taney County is $8.11 per hour.


There are over 1200 working poor living in Branson area motels, including 200-300 children.


The number one quality companies look for in their employees is character.

There is a way out...with your help!

 The Jobs for Life program consists of 16 sessions that teach men and women timeless biblical principles concerning the value of work and the ways those principles are applied in the marketplace. By focusing primarily on character development and confidence, participants finish the program with the core work readiness skills and attitudes needed to succeed in work and in life.


Our Jobs for Life program has had 14 graduates, 10 are currently employed  and 38 Volunteers have given 992 volunteer hours to help make that happen.

What is a Champion?

A champion is a volunteer mentor who is willing to enter into a one-on-one relationship with a  Jobs for Life student. The champion helps the student reach his/her God-given potential by encouraging the student during the class and maintaining support once the student is employed. Ideally, the champion and the student will develop a lifelong relationship with one another so that each will be blessed by experiencing life's journey together.


Jobs for Life classes begin Wednesday, October 23rd. For more information about how you can help please contact Ashley Lauer at 417.337.8103 or email ashley@jesuswashomeless.org.

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Jobs for Life
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