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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Man Fishing In March, we announced our plans to bring a national program called Jobs for Life to the local area.  We are so excited with what can happen over the next couple of years with this incredible program.  We will truly be teaching our friends and neighbors how to fish and pull themselves out of poverty, while benefiting our local businesses and the tourism industry, a real win-win for the community.  
Program Information:

* The number one quality companies look for in their employees is character, and yet many of our neighbors who struggle finding and keeping employment do not exhibit character or have access to community support systems to help them experience success in the marketplace.


* 80% of Jobs for Life graduates stay employed for a year or longer.  This is a HUGE cost savings to any business that experiences high turnover rates.


* Jesus Was Homeless will train individuals in basic life and work readiness skills through Jobs for Life's 16 session training course teaching timeless biblical principles concerning work and the ways those principles are applied in the marketplace.  Covering topics such as: 


*  Understanding my life journey and my value

   as an employee

*  Overcoming roadblocks to success

*  Perseverance, positive attitude and conflict


*  Succeeding through adversity

*  Integrity in the workplace

*  Effective communication skills and customer


*  Developing a vocational plan and a stellar


*  Managing employer expectations

*  Being responsible for my actions

Community Support:
In addition to the training, every JfL student has a JfL champion (a mentor or a group of mentors) who provides the student friendship and support both during the training and following graduation. To become a Champion (mentor) or to learn more information about becoming one contact Doug Lay 417.527.5769 or doug@douglay.com

Requirements to Graduate:

Students must:

Complete all of the lessons in the curriculum

* Complete their vocational plan and resume

* Not have missed more than three classes

* Must make up any class that was missed by

  completing the lesson and demonstrating

  knowledge of the material

* Embody the principles taught in the class

* Have the approval of the Site Leader, Class
  Leader,and his/her Champion that he/she is
  ready to go to work.

Why should a business look to Jesus Was Homeless for potential employees? 

* Screened: 

Each student has participated in the 16 session JfL course and has been observed and evaluated by the course leaders during that time frame.


* Qualified:

In order to graduate from a JfL class, students must fulfill all requirements to demonstrate they are ready for work. Therefore, businesses can be assured that a JfL graduate has proven that he or she has the character and values necessary to be a quality employee.


* Supported:

JfL graduates receive ongoing support and encouragement from their JfL champions to help them over-come any barriers impeding their progress. 

What are ways businesses can get


* Participate in a class: 

Serve as an interviewer during mock interviews or as a part of employer round tables.


* Provide funding: 

Become a Partner, Investor, Sponsor.


* Hire a student: 

Make a commitment to put JfL graduate applications at the top of the stack.


Through Jobs for Life, Jesus Was Homeless will be able to continue to engage members and volunteers in purposeful outreach to transform lives beyond temporary hand out assistance.  

Jobs for Life Business Partners will gain qualified employees while leading transformation in their communities and Jobs for Life Students will address their core heart issues and roadblocks to achievement while developing a solid character based on biblical principles. 


With your partnership in Jesus Was Homeless you will be investing in our community and together we will turn it upside down!  For more information about Jesus Was Homeless and Jobs for Life please contact Ashley Lauer, Jesus Was Homeless Community Relations at 417.337.8103 or email ashley@jesuswashomeless.org.


Together we can change lives one meal at a time! 



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Classes Start
in May!!

Be a JfL Student


Classes begin May 1st on Wednesdays & Fridays from 6:00-8:00 pm.

To become a Jobs for Life student fill out the application here:

For more information about becoming a student or for general Jobs for Life questions please contact: Ashley Lauer at 417.337.8103 or ashley@jesuswashomeless.org
Change a Life!
Champion Help
You can transform lives by coming alongside those in our community and providing assistance with Jobs for Life.  For more information on the role of a "Champion" click here:



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