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Training Term
calorie: the amount of energy required to raise one gram of water by one degree Celsius.
When talking about food energy we use the term Calories (note the upper case C). One Calorie is equal to one thousand (lower case) calories or one kilocalorie (k/cal). Food labels list nutritional content in Calories. So, those two Tagalongs you just ate from that box of Girl Scout cookies containing 140 Calories actually contained 140,000 calories! Don't worry though about having to workout 1000x more. Today's modern training devices (such as a Garmin) will give you an estimate of energy expenditure in Calories. But be careful with those Girl Scout cookies, they add up quick no matter what calories/Calories you're talking about.
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With short days, unpredictable weather and few bike related events to speak of, many cyclists find it tough to stay motivated to train this time of year. Sometimes the motivation to ride can come from the smallest things. If you're in need of a kickstart, try some new handlebar tape, a fresh pair of bike shorts or a new pair of gloves to rev your engine.

Don't fret too much, there's a light on the horizon. Get set to spring your clocks forward on March 10th! 
~The OES Team 
Annual OES Mountain Bike Skills Clinic - Sun, April 14th

Join the OES Mountain Bike Team and our coaching staff for a free MTB skills clinic on Sunday, April 14th. Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us to work on their fat tire skills. We'll cover bike handling, cornering, and obstacle clearance among other things. Bring your questions for the experts!


For further details, and to RSVP, please visit our...OES RIDES CALENDAR

Early Season Weight Loss

As cyclists, we're a weight obsessed bunch. After all, we have to fight the force of gravity a lot with all of the beautiful hills we have here in Colorado. We lust over the latest and greatest in modern technology, always counting grams. Often, we're willing to plunk down a lot of cash on something that will save only a trivial amount of weight off our already light bikes. Then we turn our attention to the rider in the mirror and how they could stand to lose a few pounds. But how do we go about tackling such a monumental task?...READ FULL ARTICLE

Searching for a Ride or Race in 2013? Look no further. The following sites are great resources for what's going on in Colorado and beyond: 

USA Cycling - National event calendar and cycling resource - Running, Cycling and Triathlon Events

Warriors Cycling - Rocky Mountain Endurance MTB Series

Bicycle Racing Assc. of CO - Road and Cyclocross Racing in CO

Epic Singletrack - Winter Park MTB Series

Sand Creek Sports - Comprehensive CO MTB Race Calendar

CO High School MTB League - Get the kids involved or volunteer

Leadville Race Series - MTB & Running race series including the Leadville Trail 100 & Silver Rush 50

Bicycle Colorado - Event Calendar and Bicycle Advocacy

Don't forget to check the OES RIDES CALENDAR for training rides, events and volunteer activities!
Mount St. Vincent Home Bike Maintenance Day - Sun, April 7th
Join the OES family for the 2nd Annual Mount Saint Vincent Home Bike Maintenance Day. This group home for children has a large number of bikes that need tune ups. We show up with stands, tools, supplies, donated bikes, etc. to help get the kids rolling for spring. 

Join in on the fun and put a smile on a child's face...RSVP HERE
Optimize Endurance Services Mountain Bike Team is proud to be supported by local, cyclist owned businesses in 2013:

Excel Roofing & Exteriors
OES Mountain Bike Team member J Bretz founded Excel Roofing in 1993. Celebrating their 20th year in business in 2013, Excel Roofing & Exteriors has established themselves as the preeminent specialists in residential remodeling. Since the 1990's, many things have changed in the roofing business (the same can be said about bike fashion!). In the early 90's Cedar Shakes were King, now it's a rare person who installs a cedar shake. Excel has also evolved over time. In addition to Roofing, they now install Windows, Siding, Insulation, Solar Panels and Rain Gutters. Some things haven't changed though, such as; "you don't pay a cent until you're content". We have made other contractors mad over the years with this practice. Whenever I get the anonymous call from a mad contractor regarding my advice to consumers to not pay any money until the job is finished it makes me feel good. Excel's focus has always been on educating our customers so they can make the best choice of products and services, whether it is for an investment property or your Dream Home. If you would like more information about Excel Roofing & Exteriors please visit our WEBSITE, or to schedule an appointment by phone give us a call at 303-761-6400Ride Hard! - J
Upcoming Optimize Endurance Services Training Rides: 
-March 17th (Sun) Road Ride: Highlands Ranch-Denver
-April 6th (Sat) Road Ride: Morrison-Evergreen-Conifer-City View-Indian Hills
-April 7th (Sun) Mt. St. Vincent House Volunteer Bike Day
-April 14th (Sun) Annual OES Mountain Bike Skills Clinic
-April 28th (Sun) Road Ride: Bergen Park Loop
Please see the OES RIDES CALENDAR for further ride details. 
Note for 2013: Rides will occur every three weeks and will have both a race (fast) ride leader and club (no-drop) ride leader.
Thanks again for spending time reading the OES newsletter and for your continued support of Optimize Endurance Services. Don't see what you need? Let us know.

Happy Training!
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Quote of the Month: 

"While handmade bicycles can't remotely be considered mass-production items, it's important to remember that when you purchase a handmade bicycle, you're supporting not only American ingenuity and creativity, but American quality."


-Wrap-up from the 8th Annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show which was held for the first time in Colorado, Feb. 22-24.