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-- NanoGlobe secures unmatched partnerships for our international clientele. 


-- NanoGlobe connects with business and technology leaders around the world opening doors of unprecedented opportunity for our clients.


-- NanoGlobe develops its clients' business reach into Asia.

expertiseOur Area of Expertise 


Micro-Nano Materials, Devices &

Manufacturing Technologies

- Nanocarbon

- Printed Electronics

- Nanoimprint Lithography


- Electronic Devices & Instruments


Energy and Green Technologies

- Batteries

- Photovoltaic(PV)

- Lighting

- Water/Gas Filtration

- Power Electronics

- Bio-inspired Nanostructures


Nano Medicine 

- Targeted Drug Delivery

- Diagnostics

- Envronmental Health & Safety

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MeetUsMeet Us


10th Asia Nano Forum Summit   

January 27, 2014, Tsukuba, Japan  


Nanotech Japan 2014
January 29-31, 2014, Tokyo, Japan


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FREE Nanotech
Capability Reports:  

Suzhou, China Nanotech Capability Report (Updated) 


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Warm greetings from NanoGlobe! 
We continue our global efforts in promoting nanotechnology towards sustainability In this year end newsletter we feature 3 themes in 2013 plus our education initiative through offering a new module at National University of Singapore:
                                                            - From the NanoGlobe Team
 triumConnecting Executives to China: An Emerging Innovation Hub
NanoGlobe continues to provide executives with insights and business support on the ground worldwide. As part of the TRIUM executive MBA program, Nanoglobe provided the executives from around the globe with insights to the rapidly evolving R&D and innovation ecosystems in China, and tours to meet entrepreneurs on the ground in China. These are important opportunities for global executives as they are quite eye-opening to see how dynamic, energetic and fast the Chinese entrepreneurs are pursuing high-level R&D and innovation. These can be seen as threats by some, while others are more intrigued by the opportunities and possible more )


GrepheneGraphene - Enabling Next Generation Multi-functional Electronics  

Graphene is known to be strong and flexible, 200 times stronger than steel at only one quarter of its weight, conducts heat 10 times more effective than copper and can carry 1,000 times the density of electrical current of copper wire, and surface area is twice that of carbon nanotubes. These amazing properties have been utilized by scientists and engineers in realizing multifunctional materials such as conductive and strong plastics for ESD protection and thermal dissipation; fast charging and long cycle life supercapacitors and batteries; and flexible and transparent electrodes used in touch screens, OLEDs, thin film solar cells and the emerging flexible printed electronics industry. However, all these graphene enabled amazing applications are still at lab scale and not yet adopted in the marketplace. There is hype and overselling for graphene and it is actually taking more time to commercialize and market adoption barriers are yet to be overcome. ( Read More)
IDBNanotechnology Enabling Sustainability and Innovative Economy: A Report from the Middle East 

Dr Lerwen Liu, our managing director was invited as a technology expert by the Islamic Development Bank to present at its annual Expert Group Meeting on "Innovation for Economic Development in IDB Member Countries" during 18-19th Feb. 2013 in Saudi Arabia. She highlighted the nanotech innovation impact in industries related to IDB member countries and provided recommendations to IDB for adopting nanotechnology in its economic policy. 

With the benefits Nanotechnology promises, it is critical that the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) member economies are able to adopt nanotechnology innovation and solutions in industry sectors such as transportation, construction, security, oil & gas, water, renewable energy and agriculture to enable sustainable economic development. (Read more)  

EducationNanotechnology for Everyone - From Smart Phone to Entrepreneurship:Shaping the Future
Launching a new general education module at National University of Singapore starting Jan. 13th, 2014 titled "Nanotechnology For Everyone -From Smart Phone to Entrepreneurship:Shaping the Future"

With smart sensors built in, it will provide telemonitoring of our health and environment. We guide the students exploring the world of na  notechnology by going through the making of a smart phone including:
a) self-cleaning coating on the phone surface,  
b) display,  
c) touch screen,  
d) core chips (memory and processors),  
e) smart sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, microphone, camera image sensing) 
f) battery.

Nanotechnology will also open up artists and designers imagination and allow them to create novel art forms and architecture. Nanotech innovation will also bring game changing business opportunities. This is much more than a technology introduction, we will discuss and debate on social implication of nanotechnology and its enabled products towards sustainability of mankind on earth.  (More Information


PresenceOur Global Nano-Presence     

Oct.1-10, Serpong, Indonesia
We helped designing the camp program, coordination of participants of top young scientists in Asia and lectured at the camp 
CHInano Conference&Expo 2013
Sep. 24-27,Suzhou, China

Dr. Lerwen LIU chaired the international round table on nanotechnology 2013(IRN2013)
Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, Tokyo, Japan

Oct. 2-5, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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