The Nanopolis' ecosystems and platforms are attracting nanotech ventures, as well as an ideal base for international partners.

"The Nanopolis Suzhou team is a great help in finding partners and support, and are essential for making connections on the ground"- VTT, Finland


Suzhou's display ecosystem has been strengthened by the creation of the Suzhou Nano Touch Industry Alliance to ensure that the next generation touch materials will come from Suzhou.

Ventures NanoGrid & UC Nano are also highlighted.


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Warm Greetings from Suzhou!


We thank those who participated in the recent CHInano 2013 Conference & Expo in Suzhou and for making it a hotbed of nanotech commercialization.


As highlighted below, the Nanopolis Suzhou is attracting a dynamic array of companies and institutions, and is also an ideal location for international partnerships. We would be happy to assist you in identifying potential business partners in Suzhou and China. We would like to also show you the world class nanotech R&D capabilities, as well as the ancient gardens of Suzhou.




We look forward to seeing you in Nanopolis Suzhou!


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About Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd.

Nanopolis Suzhou Co. Ltd. is the most progressive government owned organization that leads the planning and executing of strategies to promote nanotechnology R&D, commercialization and adoption as well as providing leadership in China nanotechnology development.

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article1Nanopolis - Open for Business
After opening in January 2013, the Nanopolis Suzhou is filing up with corporate R&D institutes, nanotech ventures and international partners. The Nanopolis is a 1sq km 'mini-city' designed to drive nanotech commercialization by providing an ideal ecosystem for nanotech R&D, incubation of venture companies, and a smooth and rapid ramp-up to pilot production. Areas of focus include functional materials, energy and environment, display technologies, MEMS, power electronics and nano medicine.



DynamicDynamic Venture Environment

The many nanotech ventures in Suzhou are also setting up in the Nanopolis, including putting in prototyping and pilot production.

Companies include: MEMSensing Microsystems (MEMS), SiMEMS Micro/nano System (MEMS), Suzhou Jingzhan Semiconductor (semiconductors), LEED-PV Nano (PV), Polynova Technology (materials), Boshi Robotics (equipment), Suzhou Dina Precision Equipment (equipment), Suzhou Tiny Sanjia Ionic Silver (materials), Dade Carbon Nanotechnology (nano carbon) etc.


platformStrengthening Platforms

The Nanopolis actively helps build ecosystems and platforms for key industries. For example, a comprehensive semiconductor Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) foundry ecosystem with, prototyping and pilot production line, is being ramped up. It includes an integrated service called MEMSMART to support your MEMS development projects.


Another industry of focus is on batteries and energy. Long Powers Systems Co. Ltd., a dynamic high-tech battery company in Suzhou, will set up a lithium-ion battery research center in the Nanopolis. Long Powers is unique in that it covers the whole value chain from cathode, anode, electrolyte, separator materials to battery cells and battery packs. The new research facility will deepen the battery value chain in Suzhou even more.


internationalInternational Partnerships

The Nanopolis Suzhou is also a great base for international partners to drive development in China. One of the first groups to set up in the Nanopolis was the 'China-Finland Nano Innovation Center', whose goal is to promote co-operation between Finnish and Chinese companies and universities in the development, application and industrialization of nano innovations on a global scale. Such a base helps Finnish companies, like Picosun, a leading atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment company, to enter China and connect with local partners/customers from the get-go. Picosun will use its base in the Nanopolis Suzhou to drive the adoption of ALD technology in China.



The value provided by the Nanopolis is illustrated in the comments of Mr. Jyrki Poikkimaki, Chief of the Shanghai Representative Office of VTT- Technical Research Center of Finland, who says, "The Nanopolis Suzhou team is a great help in finding partners and support. They also give us quick feedback on questions, and are essential for making connections on the ground".


The Holland High-tech Center China has also set up in the Nanopolis, helping companies like Boschman and APC enter the Chinese market.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic and Nafigate are planning nanofiber development in the Nanopolis Suzhou, and another base to help Japanese companies is also being set up in the Nanopolis.


The reasons they are setting up in the Nanopolis are not just the nanotech ecosystem and help finding Chinese partners, but also incentives such free rent, and Suzhou's pragmatic, international and business-like style.


The Nanopolis Suzhou is continuously evolving and improving the ecosystem to support your needs to rapidly take your nanotech innovations to commercialization.

So please come and see for yourself this dynamic nanotech environment in Nanopolis Suzhou!

article2Suzhou : A Hub for Display Technologies

The display industry is always looking to nanotechnology to go to the 'next step' for higher resolutions, lower power consumption, interactive touch, and flexibility etc.


As much of the display industry has moved to China, Suzhou companies are adding innovative technologies to their manufacturing prowess. Innovative companies in Suzhou working on display technologies include Mutto Optronics, SVG Optronics, UC Nano, NanoGrid, PIXCIR, Halation, Nano-Micro Technology, Hanano, Nuovo Film, etc.


Such companies are covering the whole value chain from transparent conductive films for touch screens (to replace ITO), sensors, ICs, touch panels, to manufacturing equipment.


touchNano Touch Industry Alliance
To strengthen the ecosystem even more, recently the Suzhou Nano Touch Industry Alliance was formed to help drive new ideas quickly to market by bringing together material, IC, component, display and equipment companies.
The Alliance aims to bridge the gap between research and commercialization by bringing the value chain players together. This will accelerate the adoption of new nano technologies, and position Suzhou to be the leader in next generation materials for touch panels.
As Qiang-jun GU, General Manager of the touch panel company, GeneSys, explained, "setting up this industry alliance serving as a strategic platform is a must as it connects the industry value chain nicely fitting with the demand and supply. Most importantly it strengthens the regional industry advantage".

So far 40 members have joined the Alliance including:

Mutto Optronics Corp., O-film, GeneSys Technology, iVTouch, Jin-Fu, Nanopolis Suzhou, PIXCIR,  Delphi Laser, SVG Optronics, as well as research institutions such as the Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics ( SINANO).

It is backed up by the Nanopolis and Suzhou government's commitment to building up the ecosystem, R&D platforms and support for display technologies.

companyCompanies to Watch
Within the display ecosystem in Suzhou, one of the interesting companies to watch is the venture company NanoGrid which is rapidly ramping up transparent conductive film products for touch displays. 
Started by Prof. Zheng Cui, NanoGrid is using an innovative nano-imprint process, providing a more efficient roll-to-roll manufacturing process, and also using the new material of nano-silver ink. They are already shipping product to mobile phone and PC markets.
NanoGrid's Nano-imprinted nano silver mesh 
Touch screen film  
A roll-to-roll production process  

UC Nano's touch sensor films come in large sizes
UC Nano's touch sensor films come in large sizes
Another dynamic company in Suzhou is UC Nano . They sell their large-scale touch films and systems worldside. They use a printing process of nano-silver onto film.                                       

Suzhou companies such as these are using innovative, and their own proprietary, materials, processes and equipment to provide products with superior performance and at lower cost. As the above examples hint, there are very interesting and innovative developments in Suzhou around printing technologies and printed electronics.
Come to Suzhou to see these rapidly developments and partner for innovative display technologies. For further questions or insights contact us at