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The excitement of the Holy Family Bilingual Students was extreme when the Senior Class 2014-2015 arrived the first day of classes in firefighting trucks from the city of San Pedro Sula. With applause and cheering, the children enjoyed the triumphal entry of future professionals who were the center of attention of the school. Congratulations to the Senior Class and especially congratulations to OLRM girls: Leily, Katherine and Bianca!



Holy Family Bilingual School had the blessing and inauguration of the Richard Schilling Computer and Science Laboratory on August 25th.



Pre school girls and teacher Kathy



Elementary School girls



High school girls



Minda Cox volunteers for three weeks at OLRM to share her gifts of art, theater and communication. Minda became an immediate hit with the news media and people of Honduras  from her arrival at the airport in San Pedro Sula where she was warmly received with roses by some of the girls who happily translated for the different medias that were waiting for her. She has been invited to share her story of hope for all who want to learn how to overcome obstacles that turn into blessings in life. 


Minda Cox at the Sunday Eucharist with Bishop Frade.  After the Eucharist, Bishop Frade interviewed Minda and explored possibilities of inviting her to the Diocese of Southeast Fl. to address the youth of the Diocese.



"My relationship with OLRM dates back 26 years ago when I landed in San Pedro Sula to serve as volunteer at an Episcopal School, then I became the first volunteer to work at OLRM with the first two girls, in the blink of an eye there were 20 girls".  


"Twenty years later, I had the opportunity to visit again OLRM where I was received with open arms; the red carpet was rolled out for me and more than that, I was met with JOY!" The OLRM's girls have played a significant role in who I have become as an adult, how I parent, how I teach and how I view the world.  Landing in San Pedro Sula over the verdant hills 26 years later with a group of my church, St. Mary's By The Sea, relinked my passion of working with the girls". Said Kirsten Matsumoto in her last visit to OLRM.

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deserves a chance to live, to dream, and to be loved.


Honduras' high poverty rate puts children at extreme risk of neglect, abandonment and abuse. It also makes the country especially attractive ground for human traffickers, creating enormous opportunities to exploit people's desperate need for money. Children--especially girls--are a prime target.

For just $2 a day you can help save a girl's life--less than a cup of coffee a day.


Our Little Roses Ministries provides the opportunity for a childhood that all girls deserve -- protection from harm; a safe, healthy and loving home; a chance to learn; the dream of a future, and a foundation in faith. With your support, girls who once only knew fear and hunger are raised in a Christian environment of love, faith and respect to be engaged and productive members of their community, living their life to its fullest as God created them to be. 

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