May 2014 
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Our Little Roses celebrates
Heather Patricia Hertz


For Heather's accomplishment of being the only student in her class who graduated from the National University of Honduras as an Electrical Engineer.


On the 8th of May, Heather stood alone when her name was called to receive her well deserved diploma. 15 other classmates in the same field of engineering were unable to graduate because they either had not completed their field practice or all of their courses.


Electrical Engineering is one of the most difficult career choices and for a woman, it is an unusual choice.

Today, Heather is employed by Energia, Potencia y Desarrollo a company that specializes in hydroelectric plants and other electrical energy sources. The company where she is working is the same company where she did her Field Practice. Because of her outstanding performance they asked her to remain as a full time employee.


Heather is planning on gaining experience as an electrical engineer before applying for a grant to obtain a Master's degree in alternative forms of energy.


Congratulations Heather, you are an exemplary model for all girls of how perseverance and focusing on your goals can turn a dream into a reality. 


With Love,


Our Little Roses Ministries
Written by:  Mayra Arguelles
Edited by:  Dr. Diana Frade
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If you sponsor a girl, you will receive a certificate and a photo, and you are welcome to correspond with the girl you sponsor. 


Or you may wish to sponsor the educational tuition for one of our girls attending Holy Family Bilingual School, a special needs private school or university. Education is vital to transforming their lives. 




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