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Transforming and empowering the girl child of Honduras
May 2014  
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You still have time to help OUR LITTLE ROSES receive a $100,000 matching gift -- YES, A $100,000 MATCHING GIFT through a 4 to 1 Mother's Day Match.
By helping us raise $25,000 in NEW contributions by Mother's Day, Our Little Roses will receive a $100,000 challenge gift.



This means that for every $1 in new support that Our Little Roses receives, WE WILL RECEIVE ANOTHER $4 to provide the girls at Our Little Roses a safe, secure and loving home.


The challenge is to raise $25,000 in NEW GIFTS by May 11th -- Mother's Day.


I know we can count on you to help us with this incredible opportunity to turn $25,000 into $125,000.  Invite your church, your family and your friends to join you in supporting this amazing opportunity. You can make your gift directly online at  www.ourlittleroses.org. Just be sure to write:  MOTHER'S DAY MATCH!


Or simply mail a check directly to:  

525 NE 15th St, Ste 100
Miami, FL  33132-1411 


What matters is that you make a gift now.


Make a special gift in honor or memory of your mother, grandmother or someone you love. Become a sponsor, or encourage a friend to become a sponsor. Or just make a special gift -- which will multiply 4 times over!


A 4 to 1 match does not come along often. Every dollar you give helps save a life.  And every dollar you give right now means 4 additional dollars go toward saving the lives of these girls. Your gift matters!


I know we can count on your support to meet this goal. I know the girls can count on your support. So join me right now in making a special Mother's Day gift -- a gift that will keep on giving 4 times over!


God's peace,

Cheryl D. Chapman, PhD

Acting Executive Director



P.S.  Please share this with your church, friends, family and co-workers and ask them to join you in turning $25,000 into $125,000 to give new life to these girls. 

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Sponsor A Child   

There are many ways to support Our Little Roses, but one of the most valuable is to sponsor a girl. This gives the home an assurance of a steady source of support for a girl for several years -- hopefully until she becomes an adult. Sponsorships are $720 per year, which paid quarterly is only $180 and monthly is only $60 per month.


When you sponsor a girl, you receive a certificate and a photo, and you are welcome to correspond with the girl you sponsor. 


Or you may wish to sponsor the educational tuition for one of our girls attending Holy Family Bilingual School, a special needs private school or university. Education is vital to transforming their lives. 

For more information, please contact the OLRFMS office at 305.401.0378  or 1-800-849-9252 or email OLRFMS@ourlittleroses.org. OLRFMS is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax-deductible in accordance with the law.