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Hello and welcome to The Rose Garden Newsletter! Please be sure to forward this newsletter along to any who may be interested so they may sign up to receive the Newsletter. Happy New Year to all!



"The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes," Mark 12:11. This is the reading on the plaque that was placed on the brick building of Our Little Roses when the ribbon was cut in April 1992 for the blessing and inauguration of the new building that was going to host the 26 residential girls who formed the Our Little Roses family at that time. Our Little Roses was formally founded on Jan. 25, 1988 and operated out of a three-bedroom rented house until the Mayor of San Pedro Sula donated a piece of land at the end of 1990. After much work and dedication of Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Diana Frade, unfailing support from Bishop Frade, and the commitment of many individuals and groups who have walked side by side with the girls and staff, Our Little Roses Ministries has made a dream come true: to provide a real home to girls rescued from abject poverty, abandonment, abuse and risk to enable them to transform their lives and make themselves successful.


The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Our Little Roses began on Wednesday, Jan. 23, with a Sports Day with students and teachers from Holy Family Bilingual School and the girls from Our Little Roses Ministries. The next day, Jan. 24, a walk was planned, but the weather did not cooperate, which made it necessary to go to Plan B. A caravan of buses and cars filled with staff, teachers and parents from Holy Family Bilingual School made a celebratory caravan through the ring-road around San Pedro Sula, called The Circunvalacion. The girls and staff were able to honk their horns and wave to people on the streets to let them know about the celebration.  



The big celebration was on Friday, Jan. 25, when the basketball court was transformed into an elegant space with chairs and tables finely decorated. The girls and special guests enjoyed a program that included songs sung by the girls, typical dances performed by girls from Holy Family Bilingual School along with three of the boys from the school, plus three testimonies: our first university graduate, a transition student in the university and one girl who is currently in Our Little Roses. Local authorities and special guests were able to enjoy and be part of such an emotional and well-organized event. A group of 20 little girls participated by singing the song, "God is good." 



"IF I HAD THE CHANCE TO REWIND TIME AND GO BACK, I WOULD CHOOSE AGAIN TO BE PART OF OUR LITTLE ROSES FAMILY," said Heather when she gave her testimony of her life experience. She also said that Our Little Roses is not just any home. "Our Little Roses...is a real home where we live in a loving environment, where we live as a family. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to make my dreams a reality because, God willing, very soon I will fulfill my dream to get a university degree as I always wished." Heather is a residential girl in the Transition Program and is studying to be an electrical engineer. As she, and the other girls know, she has in her hands many choices. The other girls in the transition program continue studying different careers, including psychology, chemistry and pharmacy, law and preschool education.



"I WAS PREPARED AND EQUIPPED TO FACE CHALLENGES IN LIFE," said Aurora, the first alumnae of OLRM, who graduated from business administration. With huge determination, Aurora stood in front of the special guests, alumnae and girls from Our Little Roses to share her experience. "It was not easy for us at that time to compete in a society where we were discriminated against because we lived in a home for girls. Education was a privilege for wealthy people. But we were taught to be brave and to keep our heads up and keep going on.  I have faced many difficulties in life," said Aurora, "but I was taught to overcome all obstacles and never let myself down. I was taught to stand up for myself and keep going on." Aurora also mentioned that she and her two sisters were rescued at the same time, but her two sisters decided not to continue in the program and, sadly, neither of them finished high school. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity she had to go beyond and complete her career education, which now gives her the opportunity to work with hundreds of poor women in rural areas to help them transform their lives. Aurora is an example of the women who OLRM seeks to create -- women who can also make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to their country. 



To close the program, the alumnae surprised the Founder and President, Dr. Diana Frade, with a beautiful gift of 25 red roses symbolizing the 25th anniversary. The alumnae walked through the basketball court and up onto the stage where they presented the roses and words of thanks to Dr. Diana Frade and Our Little Roses for transforming their lives. "I remember when I was rescued from the street, I was a beggar child," said Tirza. "Thanks to Dr. Diana Frade and Our Little Roses Ministries, my life is transformed. I have many opportunities in life and today I want to express my gratitude to those people who have made this program a reality and where many girls can find the opportunity to transform their lives." 


The evening was sweetened up with an anniversary cake, where all the girls and staff gathered around it with Dr. Diana Frade and Bishop Leo Frade to sing happy birthday in honor of twenty-five years of incredible accomplishments -- and everyone wishful for many more blessed years to come.


Our Little Roses is a joint effort of  Dr. Diana Frade and many loving people from throughout the United States who have been great supporters, committed to making a difference in the lives of those girls who once were homeless, abused and abandoned.


Today Our Little Roses wants to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to making this ministry a reality. Every one of you who are receiving this newsletter are part of our extended family. The girls and staff of OLRM say: 




 "The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes"

With Love,


Our Little Roses Ministries
Written by:  Mayra Arguelles
Edited by:  Dr. Diana Frade
Newsletter designed by Melissa Kip, Graphic Designer

Sponsor A Child   

There are many ways to support Our Little Roses, but one of the most valuable is to sponsor a girl. This gives the home an assurance of a steady source of support for a girl for several years -- hopefully until she becomes an adult. Sponsorships are $720 per year, which may seem like a lot, but paid quarterly ($180) or monthly ($60) is quite manageable.


If you sponsor a girl, you will receive a certificate and a photo. You are encouraged to correspond with the girl you sponsor, and she will reply. 


Another possibility is to accept responsibility for tuition for one of the girls at Holy Family Bilingual School or at university.

For more information please call the OLRFMS Office at 1-800-849-9252; (540) 832-5141 or email to olr@ourlittleroses.org. OLRFMS is recognized as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service and contributions are tax-deductible.