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The Quinceañera 

Saturday the third of December 2011 was a memorable day for 8 of the Our Little Roses girls. Dressed in colorful dresses, smiles on their faces, accompanied by many illusions for the future, the girls walked down the aisle
of Holy Family Chapel to celebrate their Quinceañera
(15 birthday).  


The Quinceañera is a celebration in Latin-American culture where girls coming into womanhood are able to make a promise before God, their parents, peers and in our case, Our Little Roses, sponsors and friends, to be responsible for their own actions and to live a Christian life that honors God and their parents.  




Rev. Gustavo Galeano, the chaplain for Our Little Roses, celebrated the Mass. With the sound of a musical march, the Quinceañeras walked through the chapel's gate. All the girls who attended were beautifully dressed and dreaming of when they would someday be Quinceañeras too. Friends, many from the United States, came to celebrate this important once-in-a-lifetime event, escorted each Quinceañera.


The Priest blessed each girl and encouraged them to always have God as number ONE in their lives. Beautiful hymns were sang by the girls, staff and visitors who were part of the celebration. A delicious dinner was served after the Holy Service.


Our Little Roses thanks all the visitors, sponsors and staff who made the celebration possible. A special thanks to St. Luke's Cathedral in Orlando, Florida for sending dresses for each one of the girls. 


A musical celebration with choreographies made by the girls was the final touch of the evening.   



Graduations & Congratulations!






Raquel and Maricruz earned their Diploma as Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras at Instituto Primero de Mayo and they have been enrolled already at college. Raquel will study Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Maricruz will study Psychology. Both passed their admission exams. Raquel got one of the highest scores!


Paola, Wendolin and Maryuri completed their 9th grade at Escuela Francisco Morazan. They will continue their education at Instituto Primero de Mayo and will start their 1st year of Bachiller en Ciencias y letras.     


Abigail graduated from the sixth grade at Escuela Francisco Morazan. Rescued from object poverty and a severe malnutrition, Abby, started school at CREER, a school for kids with learning disabilities. It has been quite an accomplishment for Abby to reach the needed level of maturity and academics to be moved to a normal school. Go Abby!


Eduviges graduated from Sixth grade at IHER.


Vanessa and Suyapa graduated from Preparatory. 


This past December 15, Jensy received her diploma from the School of Dentistry at the Autonomous University of San Pedro Sula. She received her degree as Doctor of Dental Surgery along with 39 fellow students in the same career. Our Little Roses is very proud of her accomplishments and now the girls have their very own certified dentist to take care of their needs. Jensy will begin studies on a specialty in 2012. Go Jensy! 


Cati graduated December 8th from the Teacher's University in Pre-School Education. She feels great satisfaction that she was able to reach her goal of obtaining a college degree and that all of the hard work and sacrifice was well worth the effort. Congratulations Cati!  
The holidays are upon us and we wish each and every one of you the happiest Christmas season. 


With Love,


Our Little Roses Ministries

Sponsor A Child   

There are many ways to support Our Little Roses, but one of the most valuable is to sponsor a girl. This gives the home an assurance of a steady source of support for a girl for several years -- hopefully until she becomes an adult. Sponsorships are $720 per year, which may seem like a lot, but paid quarterly ($180) or monthly ($60) is quite manageable.


If you sponsor a girl, you will receive a certificate and a photo. You are encouraged to correspond with the girl you sponsor, and she will reply. 


Another possibility is to accept responsibility for tuition for one of the girls at Holy Family Bilingual School or at university.

For More information please call Beverly Allison at 1-800-849-9252; (540) 832-5141 or email to OLRFMS is recognized as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service and contributions are tax-deductible.