League City United Methodist Church
Celebrating 120 Years

September, 2015

Well, hello!

I don't know about you, but with school started and fall activities in full swing, lots of things have kept me running over the past few weeks.  Figuring out schedules, getting one kid off to college and another back into the swing of high school, and watching the full scale of ministries and activities at the church gear up again has been pretty exciting. But there's one thing we've been talking about for nearly a year, and it is upon us!  Our 120th Anniversary and Homecoming is just around the corner!

September 19th and 20th are going to be fun and exciting days with friends and former pastors coming back to celebrate over a century of ministry at LCUMC!  Be sure to invite your friends to come back for this time.  If you don't remember the schedule:
  • Saturday, September 19 @ 6:30pm - Talent Show, Fashion Show of Cakes, and Ice Cream in the FLC.
  • Sunday, September 20 - Special services at 8:30 and 11:00 with Rev. Joe Fort bringing the message at both services.  Following the 11:00 service will be a continued time of fellowship with a shared meal in the FLC.
Just to give you a heads up on a couple of other things not related to our 120th Celebration:
  • Our DS has set our regular Charge Conference for November 11 at 7:00pm.  Beginning in a few weeks, we will begin the process of making various nominations for our church committees.  My hope is to have this process completed by the middle of October.
  • Finance is in the process of working on the 2016 budget, and our annual stewardship campaign will kick off in a few weeks.  As of today, we're in pretty good shape financially, and I want to thank everyone who has been so faithful in giving to the church as well as the folks on the Finance Committee who have done such a remarkable job for us in helping ministry possible at LCUMC.
  • Be watching for new Bible study opportunities coming your way! 
  • As of September 2, there are only 113 days until Christmas!
See at church this Sunday!

PS - On a personal note - to "The Little Church Mouse", thank you.  You made my day last Sunday.

Financial Update

Hi All,

A quick update on the financial health of the church.  Through August 23rd, our sacrificial giving is actually ahead of last year by over $30,000, a seven percent leap!  That's an amazing improvement, and it helps not only in ensuring the financial health of our church, it also tells us that we are seeing our church family remain committed to the ministry of Jesus and the community we serve. 

However, our expenses continue to challenge us.  In years past, by July, we've generally had to let our apportionments, the financial commitment LCUMC gives to the district to support the Methodist church as a whole, to lag behind, and in several instances, we've actually had to leave these ministries underfunded in order to make our financial ends meet.  This year we've taken a different attitude and remained committed throughout the year to ensure none of our financial commitments fall behind, including our apportionments.  This dedication has challenged us a little bit in ensuring our receipts meet all our expenses through the year. 

Overall, I think we'll be in good financial shape by year end, and all we need to succeed is for our giving to remain strong.  Please continue to give sacrificially to our church and its ministries by remembering your pledge.  If you feel lead to put another $5 or $10 in the plate, that will help too.  We do make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.


Jim Downs, Finance Chairperson 

Children's Choir and Chimes registration begins Sept 6.
You MUST register by turning in a registration form.
Forms can be found at welcome tables, Andrea's office and Sunday School classrooms.
Children's Choir grades Kindergarten-5th
Chimes grades 3rd-5th ( slots may be available for 2nd graders with at least one year of piano lesson experience).
Please see registration for for more details.

Acolyte Recognition
Sept 13, Both 8:30 and 11:00am Traditional Services
Acolyte Training
Sept 13, Following 11:00am Traditional Service in Sanctuary

Contact:  Tammy Ridgway

September  26, 2015
All 4th and 5th grade students invited!
Contact:  Andrea Pritchard.

Parent Night Out
Sept 26,  6-10:00pm
Ages 4-10 invited
Cost: $20 for first child and $5 for additional siblings.
Contact:  Andrea Pritchard
Mission Opportunities

Food Truck Ministry Schedule 

September 11 & 25; October 9 & 23; November 6 & 20; December 4 & 18 

To volunteer contact:  Terry Worthy  

LCUMC Mentoring Partnership


We will team up with Ross Elementary to provide one on one mentoring to kids in need for the 2015-2016 school year.


Being a mentor will mean spending one hour a week during school hours with the same child doing various activities, reading, playing games, helping with homework, etc. 


Training will be provided prior to mentoring relationship.


If you are interested please email Jennie Urban