Article #3 in the Servant Leader Series at 
League City United Methodist Church

Have you met Steve Shelton?

Steve joined League City United Methodist Church in 1987.  He has served God here at LCUMC in Missions, Council on Ministry, as Director of UM ARMY, Ushers, Sunday School Teacher and more.  He has made three international mission trips and preached twice on Lay Sundays.  He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 


He is the Director of the Texas AHEC East (Area Health Education Centers) and Assistant Vice President for Community Outreach for UTMB.  He is a P.A. in Family Medicine.


His friends are here and that matters to him.  Serving the under served, helping others express their faith and being able to express his faith are things he holds dear.


Steve says one of his most memorable experiences at LCUMC is when he jumped out of a ditch just moments before a back hoe hit a line and a white cloud of gas was released.  Trustees get involved in lots of great projects.


Mission trips, UM ARMY and helping people serve others are significant parts of his life.


League City United Methodist Church