League City United Methodist Church
February 18,  2015
Ash Wednesday Service @ 7:00pm tonight.

Lenten Daily Devotional
You are invited to join us in reading a daily devotional during the Lenten season.  Just click on the Lent image below or go to http://www.lcumc.org/about-us/lenten-daily-devotional.
It is written by our own Richard Prather.  

Richard is a native Texan from the San Antonio area, with an education in the physical sciences and an industrial chemistry career of twenty-two years.  After retirement from that career, Richard entered Perkins' Houston-Galveston program, leading to ordination in the United Methodist Church.  After thirteen years of serving in East and Central Texas churches, he and his wife Rebecca retired from the appointed ministry cycle in 2014 and have joined forces with League City UMC to minister to God's children near and far.

From Richard's entry today:
Tomorrow we begin the Lenten daily devotionals.  You are invited to join with me in the reading of Scripture, meditation on the meaning of the reading, reflecting on how this applies to our lives today, and then praying for the strength and courage to make the changes needed to walk more closely with Jesus

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