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Vol. 3 - No. 18- April 11, 2014

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3rd USA Science & Engineering Festival Latest News

14 days to the USA Science & Engineering Festival Finale Expo! The Expo Map is now available! Be sure to check it out and get familiar with the layout of the Convention Center and Pavilions, find where particular booths are located, and plan your visit! Also, invite your friends and colleagues to the Festival by clicking here.

Girl playing with robot Latest Festival News: 
Bring Your Robot To The Expo! Do you have a robot that you would like to showcase at the largest celebration of STEM? The USA Science & Engineering Festival is hosting our first ever "Robot Zoo" at the Expo Finale at a premiere location inside the Washington, D.C. Convention Center! Click here to sign up!
The Festival Expo Finale is just two weeks away and NOW is the time to start planning your weekend! Visit our FAQ section on our website for all of your Expo related questions. And as a reminder, we strongly recommend you take the Metro to the Expo as parking is very limited.  
Kavli Video Contest Vote for the Kavli Science Video Contest "People's Choice" Award Winners! With the theme of "Science in Fiction", over 200 student teams submitted videos exploring wormholes, time travel, love, zombies and more! Visit the top 15 finalists by clicking here. Great job students!
Hurry! The deadline to reserve X-STEM Extreme STEM Symposium tickets is TODAY!  Teachers & Students: join us at the Symposium on April 24th and be inspired by presentations from top innovators and
Reserve your tickets today! 
Have you visited our merchandise store with all of your Festival gear including t-shirts, onesies and phone covers? Follow this link to show your Festival support and remember that proceeds bring more kids to the Festival Expo! 


Northrop Grumman Foundation Gives a Unique Look at NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
The James Webb Telescope, the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, is NASA's top science program in development, that will allow us to peer ever farther into the Cosmos to explore the formation of the first stars and galaxies. In a must-see presentation by Festival sponsor Northrop Grumman Foundation, you'll meet and hear two Northrop Grumman leaders who are at the heart of ushering in this telescope that will transform our understanding of the Universe. Read more 
Discover the STEM Power of Walmart -From Farm Production and Fleet Truck Design to Energy Efficiency and Skilled Trade Employment!
You readily know Walmart as the world's largest corporate retailer, but at Festival Expo 2014 you'll discover that Walmart is also a leading innovator and employer in STEM! Be there to learn how Walmart, a major Sponsor of the Festival, is impacting STEM frontiers ranging from farm production and energy sustainability to skilled trade employment. Don't miss the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience -- a fascinating high-tech fleet truck prototype that stands to revolutionize the corporation's product delivery capability -- and dynamic demonstrations of skilled trades by students from SkillsUSA chapters made possible by the Walmart Foundation! Read more 
Author and Visionary Michio Kaku Takes You Inside the Frontiers of the Human Mind! 
The human mind and consciousness are often considered one of science's last great frontiers to understand. You'll discover why when noted physicist and visionary Michio Kaku brings his futuristic insights into neuroscience and other daunting realms to the Festival Expo this month in an unforgettable stage show! Be there when he discusses his current bestseller, The Future of the Mind, in which he foresees a time when it will be possible for our dreams and thoughts to captured on video and distributed via a neuro-internet for use in new forms of entertainment -- plus other predictions! Read more 
Discover STEM's Impact on Everything From Big Data to Superheroes at X-STEM! 
We are nearly sold out so register by TODAY to reserve your attendance at our X-STEM Extreme STEM Symposium set for April 24th at the Festival Expo in Washington, D.C.! Presented by Northrop Grumman Foundation and MedImmune, this unforgettable all-day hands-on symposium will bring you up close and personal with innovators at the forefront of ushering in some of the most inspiring advances and programs in STEM today. Our X-STEM speakers include: Melissa Rhoads, data analytics strategist at Lockheed Martin who will shed light on how harnessing big data is helping to improve cybersecurity, disease detection and other frontiers, Parag Chordia, Ph.D., one of the first researchers to establish a link between music and science-math performance among students and more! Read more 
Breaking the 'Math Nerd' Stereotype  with Actress-Mathematician Danica McKellar!
Noted mathematician and actress Danica McKellar (star of the hit TV series The Wonder Years and The West Wing) is on a mission to encourage more girls in math and to break the "math nerd" stereotype among such students who succeed in this field. Be in the audience this month when she brings her inspiring message to the Festival Expo in a dynamic stage show! The author of poignant math-motivational books for girls will also reveal how her bestselling books mesh effectively with her direct (but always fun and entertaining) approach to appealing to young girls. Read more 
Dynamic, Hands-On Exhibits Are Sure to Wow Young Learners!
Dynamic, hands-on learning experiences -- in and out of the classroom -- are powerful ways to enhance motivation and discovery in STEM among students. Get ready this month at the Festival Expo as we prepare to unleash an exciting array of these interactions through dynamic world-class exhibits-- ranging from piloting the Orion Human Space Flight simulator to exploring the mysteries of our senses -- that are sure to wow young learners and others. Don't miss exhibits by such noted organizations and institutions as: Lockheed Martin (founding and presenting host of the Festival), AAAS, GoldieBlox, Activity Rocket and more! Read more 
Celebrate National Volunteer Month by Joining Our Volunteer Outreach Team! 
Did you know April is National Volunteer Month? Celebrate with us by joining our Volunteer Outreach Team! Take a day off work and join us behind the scenes of the X-STEM Symposium and see the Festival before the general public at Sneak Peek Friday! During Sneak Peek Friday, exhibits will be in full operation, and we need VOLUNTEERS immediately to ensure everything runs smoothly for this important stage of the Festival! Click here to sign up!
Read more
Stories of Inventors to Pop Bottle Science -- Discover It All With STEM Authors at the Book Fair! 
It's been said that good books are "medicine for the mind and soul." At the Festival Expo's Book Fair hosted by Anderson's Bookshops, you'll meet some of the nation's top authors whose books are in this genre -- works which are inspiring readers, young and old alike, in the wonders of STEM. Don't miss the chance to experience such authors and books as: Basketball icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, astronomer David A. Aguilar, Emmy-award-winning writer Lynn Brunelle and more! Read more 
DC Metro STEM Event: Developmental Biology, Birth Defects, and Diseases
The Society for Developmental Biology is sponsoring a D.C. Metro STEM Event Developmental Biology, Birth Defects, and Diseases on Wednesday, April 23 from 6 - 8 pm at George Washington University. This free public lecture, features scientists-including 2008 Nobel Prize winner, Martin Chalfie-who will discuss how studying development in model organisms gives us clues to origins of human birth defects and diseases that manifest later in life.

Read more

Introducing our newest festival sponsors!

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Our Sponsors are essential in reaching our mission to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers! We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our very special Sponsors who have signed up to support the 3rd Festival to date. 

By participating as a sponsor in the upcoming Festival, your organization will be aligned with the nation's leading science and engineering institutions that recognize the importance of STEM education and its impact on our country.

Read More

Smithsonian magazine Presents: The Future Is Here: Science Meets Science Fiction 
Join the Smithsonian Magazine for a 3-day event in Washington, D.C. (May 16-18), bringing world-renowned experts in the fields of science, science fiction and technology together. Produced in tandem with Smithsonian magazine's May issue of the same name, the 2nd annual event combines cutting-edge science with the power of imagination. Read more 
Do You Run A Citizen Science Project? Connect With SciStarter!

Do you run a citizen science project accessible to residents in the D.C., MD or VA areas? Festival Exhibitor, SciStarter wants to help connect people in the D.C. area to your citizen science project! 

Read more 


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Science Spark is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization responsible for creating the USA Science & Engineering Festival and several regional Festivals including the San Diego Science & Engineering Festival, Bay Area Science & Engineering Festival, Boston Science & Engineering Festival, Los Angeles Science & Engineering Festival, Chicago Science & Engineering Festival, Houston Science & Engineering Festival, Miami Science & Engineering Festival and the Philadelphia Science & Engineering Festival.