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November 4-9
Monday through Saturday
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 Thanksgiving Holiday - School is Closed Nov. 28-30
Recital 2013 Preparations

topThe falling leaves and the nippy breeze remind us that winter is around the corner.  This is the time to keep our children especially warm before and after their classes.  If taking immunization shots keeps your family healthy, let this be a reminder to have them soon.  Don't wait for the wintry weather and the seasonal flu to sneak up on you.  We want them healthy and happy for dance, especially for the upcoming shows they are preparing for.    


 Here are a few practices your little dancer can do to keep the winter 'colds' out where they belong - wash the hands before and after dance class; stay warm while waiting outside for class and make sure to cover up when moving from one class to another; no sharing of drinks; eat healthy fresh salads and fruits, make sure to have carbs for energy and protein for muscle strength, avoid greasy food, and drink lots of water.   


A Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!  WSPA is grateful for all the talents in our school.   We are committed to nurturing these talents so they can continue to bring incomparable joy to people's lives.

Sharing our love for dance always,

Malu Rivera-Peoples
School Director 
BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE  and Treat your Family!

Preparations for the Nutcracker production intensifies today.  Click on the NOVEMBER SCHEDULE to check it out.  If you don't have your tickets yet, visit http://www.aimbayarea.org to purchase your tickets online.  Tickets are no longer available in the office.


Every child should watch this endearing story of the kind-hearted child "Clara". She journeyed to the Kingdom of the Sweets with a young prince who once was trapped as a Nutcracker.  It was Clara's love that saved him.


Watch the sensitive portrayal of Clara and the gallant young princes.  While Andrea Pineda, Mia Fuerte, and Jonacy Montero will be tackling their roles for the first time, Ian Debono,has played the young prince for several years now.  Learn a little about the first timer's own journey in dance.

Andrea Pineda - Saturday Evening Show
Mia Fuerte - Sunday Matinee Show

Jonacy Montero - Sunday Matinee Show

A production featuring the award-winning students of WSPA. 
Over 150 student performers on stage. 
This production is made possible by the Artists in Motion Bay Area.


WSPA's Holiday Shows - December 22, 2013
Featuring the musical theater program and the beginning students ages 3-7 in a holiday revue!

The holiday shows remind us teachers and advanced students that dance is fun.  We get excited to watch the performances of our pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.  Our teachers enjoy preparing our students to perform a simple song and dance without inhibitions and fear.

They bring so much joy and laughter on the stage with their unpredictable display of innate talent.  They remind us of how we once were, a beginner with an innate love for dance. In this very competitive world  where perfection is key to success, the joy in dance is sometimes lost as dancers, teachers, and choreographers focus on self expression and technique.    Preparing the very young brings back the joy in what we do.  Through the holiday show, we are given a chance to give and receive.

Our very strong musical theater program will be leading the shows with their powerful voices filling our hearts with the Christmas spirit.

Join us and be delightfully surprised!  There will be 3 shows in one day.  You will be receiving more information on tickets and show line-up soon.  Click on Holiday Show Schedule for rehearsal and show day/times.
A beginning ballet class performing a simple ballet routine.

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simbangSimbang Gabi at the Church of Our Lady of Mercy
December 17, 2013

Once a year, our WSPA families get to enjoy and participate in a holiday Filipino tradition - the Simbang Gabi.  Simbang Gabi which means 'night mass'  is held from December 16 to December 24 and is usually done as early as 3 to 5 o' clock in the morning. On the last day of the Simbang Gabi, which is Christmas Eve, it is called Misa de Gallo, which literally translates to "Rooster's Mass". 

At OLM, they hold the simbang gabi at 7PM.  WSPA will be co-sponsoring the mass on December 17th along with St. Vincent de Paul, a Bible Study group, and Charismatic group.  Sponsors usually provide the ushers for the offertory, the lighting of the candles, and the food for the reception.  WSPA's musical theater students will be singing as the choir and will present for the first time a Nativity parade.

Please save the date to join the community in the spirit of sharing and giving this Christmas season.  We will be soliciting for food donations to feed the hundreds of church goers.

WSPA musical theater students will present a Nativity parade at the start of the Simbang Gabi on Dec. 17th.

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debbierecital2013 RECITAL PREPARATIONS

"We will assume all the students in a routine class will be participating in the recital and therefore will be ordered a costume." 

Our office manager, Debbie Knutson along with Brigette Guldbech, Morgan Chang, and Barbara Rozzano-Keefe will continue taking measurements until the end of November.  They began making rounds in every class in October to take measurements. Please bring your child to the office if you think she has not been measured.  Hip Hop students will not be measured as they will be asked to purchase their costume on their own.  A Hip Hop costume is usually color-coordinated street clothes.  Your teacher will let you know what colors to buy.

We will assume all the students will be participating in the recital and therefore will be ordered a costume.  You must let the office know before December if your child will not participate in the recital because of vacation plans.

The office will be allowing room for growth in sizing the costumes, however, if you think your child has a high growth rate, please let them know so they can adjust the sizing accordingly.  A $50 down payment for each costume will be collected together with your November tuition. The balance of the payment may be paid after the holidays in January. Costumes will be ordered in mid-December. 


Keep in mind that costumes are NOT REFUNDABLE once ordered. Late orders are nearly impossible to receive by recital time and may cost you expensive shipping fees. A costume book showing a picture of your child's costume will be displayed in the office in January.

For more information on WSPA's Recital Policy, refer to our Parent/Student Handbook.  You can also visit our website www.wspadance.com.


Andrea Pineda as Clara and Ian Debono as the Young Prince
AndreaAndrea Pineda, Saturday Evening's "Clara"

"My inspiration in dance is that I love dancing . . ." 

My name is Andrea Pineda, and I am 12 years old. I am a 7th grader at

St. Veronica Catholic School in South San Francisco. I have been dancing at WSPA since I was 4 years old. I now take ballet and lyrical classes for a total of 15 hours per week. I like both styles of dance, but if I had to pick one favorite, it would be lyrical.

In this year's Nutcracker, I will dance the roles of Clara, Snowflake, Rose, and Russian Maiden. During the audition for Clara I felt excited but also nervous. One of my favorite parts in the Nutcracker is "Waltz of the Snowflakes". A role in the Nutcracker that I aspire to doing is "Snow Queen". My inspiration in dance is that I love dancing, and I want to be the best dancer that I can be. The advice I would give other students is to work hard and never give up on your dreams.


Mia Fuerte as Clara and Jonacy Montero as the Young Prince
MiaMia Fuerte, Sunday Matinee's "Clara"

"Getting the role of Clara made me realize that anything is possible if you trust yourself and work hard.


My name is Mia Fuerte. I am eleven years old. I go to Holy Angels School and I am in 6th Grade. I take ballet with Ms. Tina, Ms. Lauren, and Mr. Viktor. I also take lyrical with Ms. Tina. I dance at least 17 hours a week. My favorite style of dance is contemporary because I can express myself with my body. This year I am very thrilled to have the role of Clara in The Nutcracker. During the auditions I was very nervous because it was my first time to audition for any lead role. When I found out that I got the role of Clara, I was so overwhelmed. I was not expecting something this big. Getting the role of Clara made me realize that anything is possible if you trust yourself and work hard. When I am not performing as Clara, I am part of the Russian Dance and Waltz of the Flowers as a Geranium. In the future I would like to see myself as a Butterfly or the Chinese Lead, perhaps even Princess Flora and Sugar Plum Fairy. I am inspired by my fellow dancers because of their hard work and dedication to dance. My advice to other dancers is to not be afraid to try something that looks scary and to never doubt themselves. I can't wait to perform in this year's Nutcracker! It will be one of the most important performances of my life.


 JonacyJonacy Montero, Young Prince


"I think all boys should try some kind of dance - it's a great sport that's a lot of fun and keeps you healthy and fit!"  


My name is Jonacy Montero and I am 11 years old.  I am home-schooled and am in the 6th grade.  I take many types of dance at WSPA and dance over 15 hours a week.  I take classes in ballet, tap, jazz, Polynesian, and musical theater.  I don't really have a favorite style of dance - I love them all!
This year, I will be the Young Prince in the Nutcracker.  I am also a child in the Party Scene, a tapping soldier, and a Russian boy.  During the auditions, I felt a little nervous, but also excited that I might have the chance to play the role of Prince.  Ever since I was in my first Party Scene 7 years ago, I wanted to become the Prince.  I'm finally getting to do it.  My next goal it to someday be the Cavalier in our production of the Nutcracker.
My sister, Jonalyn, has always been my inspiration in dance.  I wouldn't have started dancing at all if it wasn't for her.  She always encourages me to do my best and I admire how much hard work and effort she puts into her dancing.  I'm glad I have a sibling to share my love of dance with.
My advice to other students is to always work hard, but to always remember to have fun when you're dancing on stage.  Also, I think all boys should try some kind of dance - it's a great sport that's a lot of fun and keeps you healthy and fit!