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Westlake School for the Performing Arts

"Get on the Floor" 


topFirst off, I hope to see you on Sunday, June 2, for our Student/Parent/Teacher Appreciation Day.  If you have not picked up your FREE meal tickets, you can do so today.

Recital tickets are going fast and so are the good seats.  Make sure you come and visit the office to secure yours.

WSPA is celebrating it's 22nd anniversary in two Galas
on June 9, 7PM, and on June 14, 6PM at the Skyline Theater in San Bruno.  An Absolute Must See for all WSPA families.  Treat yourself to two beautiful shows that will be showcasing all the top levels in the school featuring Award-Winning Classical/Modern/Contemporary, Hip Hop and Tap competition routines on the 9th and the "Swan Lake Act II" ballet production and "Into The Woods" musical theater production on the 14th.

On June 15 and 16, the entire school culminates the year in 5 different shows of "Get on The Floor".  Each show features a balance of beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, in different dance styles.  Visit our website for the entire line up of each show.

Whether it's the Gala or a recital, we ask that you plan on watching the entire show and let your child enjoy watching other classes and students as well.  No child should experience the audience leaving while she/he performs.


Help make it a stress-free event by abiding by the rules (keep your video cams and cameras in the car) as stated in our recital handbook.  Practice the theater etiquette of respecting your fellow audience and the performers on stage (don't be late and don't leave in the middle of a dance).   Show your appreciation to our students by being a captive audience (refrain from chatting).


Plan on sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the show.



Malu Rivera-Peoples, School Director




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outstandingOutstanding Student Award

The "Outstanding Student" award recognizes the student for his/her hard work and exemplary conduct in and outside of classes.  Students and teachers submit their nominations for this recognition award.   


The qualifications of a nominee are:

    1.  A Junior nominee must be between 9 and 12 years of age, and a Senior nominee must be 13 and 20 years of age.

    2.  A nominee must be a student in the performance program and takes at least 4 classes a week.

    3.  A nominee is one who has attended all the classes and rehearsals diligently;  shows  unwavering commitment and dedication in every class and rehearsal; is respectful of the staff, teachers, and other students; and displays undeniable talent and potential.

    4.  A nominee actively participates in community service as a performer or a volunteer for the school or YPI.


To be nominated by your peers and teachers is by itself an achievement.  The nominees are:


Ian Debono
Jadyn Rozzano Keeffe
Jasmine cruz
Jonalyn Montero
Madison Chang
Peony Chung   

Alisa Bowen
Hannah Hapin
Isabelle Rabelas
Jessica David
Samantha David 

Jocelyn Chu 


Congratulations to all the nominees.  The "Outstanding Student" will be announced at the start of the Gala.     


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The Island Festival was a huge fundraising success, thanks to all the parents and students who participated, performed, volunteered, donated, and supported in big and small ways.  We appreciate your attendance and support.

Relentless efforts of John and Desarie Chang along with Cylene Montero on weekly sales of lunches and merchandise made a huge contribution to the sum of funds being raised specifically for Te Orama's participation of San Jose Fete.  Thank you to all the parents who donated the food and helped man the table.

Our gratitude goes out to Te Orama director, Kumu Anthony for being the master of ceremonies for the entire day, DJ Rick Viray for the music entertainment, Lily Edralin for spearheading the Dance-a-thon, and teachers Katie Kerwin, Jason Rillera, Matthew Montenegro, Camille Edralin, Jessica Angeles, and Morgan Chang for preparing their students to perform.

Last but not the least, a special thank you to our guest performers - the Nemenzos and Tatiana Manaois for their beautiful performance that added luster to the festival.

An informal tally of funds raised so far totaled to a ball park amount of $14,000.00.  We eagerly await for the actual amount from the Artists in Motion for their accounting.

Meanwhile, here is the schedule for Te Orama rehearsals leading up to the fete.

Rehearsal Schedule for JUNE - TAHITI FETE

Tuesday, June 25th , Wednesday,  26th , and Thursday, 27th,

@ Balboa High School , San Francisco GYM 4p - 8p

Saturday, June 29th , Sunday, June 30th

@ Westlake Parking Lot  10 AM till Sunset

Monday, July 1st , Tuesday,  2nd , Wednesday 3rd
@ Balboa High School , San Francisco GYM 4p - 8p


July 4th - San Jose Tahiti Fete - Solo Competition Eliminations - schedule TBA

July 5th - San Jose Tahiti Fete - Solo Competition Finals - schedule TBA

July 6th - Fresh Flowers Arrives / Distribute Fresh Flowers / Fresh Costume to be started:   10a

@ Otea Api Fremont - 42285 Osgood Dr. Ste-D Fremont , Ca. 94539

July 6th - San Jose Tahiti Fete - Group Competitions begin

Fresh to be Completed / Rehearsal

@ Otea Api - Fremont Time: 5p

July 7th - San Jose Tahiti Fete - Group Competition

San Jose Event Center - Competition Day for Te Orama - schedule TBA

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Taking Home Top Over-All Awards - Spotlight Recap
Michelle Abuyaghi's first choreography competition entry "Soldier of Love" earned the highest score in NYCDA and Spotlight.  Shown above are the company modern students during their studio photoshoot of Soldier of Love.

It was another successful weekend of competition for the Performance Program.  All the programs from classical/modern/contemporary ballets, hip hop, jazz, and tap performed their best.  Students earned mostly Diamond High scores, a few Rubies and Emeralds, validating the judges' appreciation of the classy choreography and strong technique of WSPA students.  We have all the teachers to thank for doing an amazing job!!!

Above all trophies won and awards of recognition received, the biggest win for me was seeing the students perform with so much passion, commitment, and control.  With very little time provided between dances, they were forced to change costumes in a hurry, switch gears for the dance style at hand which meant changing the quality of their attack and musicality, stepping up to the technical challenge of the choreography, and dancing their hearts out like there was no tomorrow.  Before stepping on stage, they made time to huddle, hug, pray, wish each other luck, and remind each other of sudden changes and of slippery spots on the floor.

Nearing the end of the entire competition with the seniors performing last,  I regrouped the company students for my piece "Organic", giving them last minute instructions on staging, and finally leading our customary prayer together.  It was then that I was overcome with emotion and while overwhelmed with so much appreciation for them I turned my prayer into praise and said  "Thank you, Lord, for all these beautiful students!"  As we  huddled in a group hug and with tears in our eyes, I knew then that our journey in dance has reached new heights.

Bringing home the Diamond Trophies earning the highest score in their age group and division are:

"Belle"  Jr. 1 Ballet - Future Gems Petite Large Group age 5-11, by Ms. Tina

"Daddy's Money" Tap Jr. 1 - Future Gems Small Group age 5-11, by Ms. Amy

"Kodomo" Jr. 4B Ballet - Junior Gems Large Group age 9-11, by Ms. Malu

"Young Rebels" Apprentice Lyrical/Modern - Teen Gems Large Group age 12-14, by Ms. Tina

"Soldier of Love" Company Modern - Senior Gems Large Group age 15-19, by Miss Michelle

"Organic" Company Modern - Senior Gems Production age 15-19, by Ms. Malu

Jasmine Cruz and Tristan Brosnan - "Flames of Paris" - Junior Duet/Trio coached by Mr. Kabaniaev

Hannah Hapin and Erik Debono - "Broken Strings" - Senior Duet/Trio, by Mr. Kabaniaev

Jasmine Cruz - "Harlequinade" - Junior Solo coached by Mr. Kabaniaev

Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales - "Pixie in the Forest" - Petite Solo coached by Ms. Tina

There are numerous category winners and Spotlight Awards given for technical skills and choreographyClick here for the Complete Spotlight San Jose Regional Results.

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Jasmine Cruz, age 10, and Tristan Brosnan, age 11, receive multiple scholarship awards

Jasmine Cruz and Tristan Brosnan are YAGP Hope Awardees.  Jasmine is also a Gold Medalist of World Ballet Competition in Florida.  It is not a wonder why the dynamic duo placed at the top of every competition when paired together in a pas de deux.  "Flames of Paris" provided each of them a platform to show off their outstanding technical ability and talent.   Coached by Viktor Kabaniaev, they placed Third in the duets and trios category amongst senior students
 in YAGP, earned a perfect score at the New York City Dance Alliance and took First at the Spotlight Dance Cup. 

Jasmine is every teacher's  ideal student - hard working, passionate, focused, disciplined, and totally understands and embraces the work that needs to be done to become a dancer.  Both her classical and modern solos - "Harlequinade" coached by Viktor Kabaniaev and "Dahil Sa Iyo" by Tina Fargas-Newell placed her at the top of her age division. 

Tristan is highly musical and gifted with an ability to transform from one character to another with ease and intelligence.

Both received multiple scholarship offers to train this summer.   Jasmine will be going to Next Generation Ballet at Patel Conservatory under Peter Stark in Tampa, Florida, while Tristan will be joining the Canadian National Ballet School under Deborah Hess in Toronto, Canada.

WSPA will miss both of its virtuoso dancers this summer but wishes them luck and all the success in their summer schools.


Flames of Paris with Jasmine Cruz and Tristan Brosnan at the NYCDA Regional
Tristan's English teacher required him to write for his independent study assignment on his  before and after New York experience.  Click on the essays he wrote  to read his perspective on his expectations and the subsequent outcomes.

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NYCDA NY Finals participants
After having a huge success at the regionals, dancers of Soldier of Love, Young Rebels, and Epaulement are attending the NY Finals.  Several students are going under individual scholarships they haved earned from the regional workshop.  Several are entering their solos as well.  We wish all the students who will be traveling to NY City a safe and memorable trip. 

Click here for your class and rehearsal schedule in preparation for NYCDA.
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Our recital will run from Sunday to Sunday with daily rehearsals and 7 performances to do.  It is very important for dancers to stay nourished with a healthy diet to get them fueled for maximum performance. 

Julie Brosnan reminds us of the importance of good nutrition on these articles she wrote recapping the lecture of nutritionist Kristin Wood during her visit in WSPA which was sponsored by Artists in Motion.

Part 1 - Kristin Wood talks to dancers about Good Nutrition

Part 2 - Continuation of Good Nutrition for Dancers

For further reading on what your dancer needs, CLICK HERE.

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California State Talent Competition by Katie Kerwin

On May 18th we had several musical theatre vocal students compete in the California State Talent Competition in San Jose. Every singer looked and sounded their best! I could not have been prouder of their tremendous growth, poise, and stellar performances. Below are the results of our wonderful vocalists! Congratulations on a job well done!





Greatest Love of All

Jilliyn Acosta

Grand Champion in Novice Vocal Popular

A Whole New World

Jilliyn Acosta

3rd Place in Novice Broadway


Annabel Jones

1st Place in Novice Vocal Popular

Cruella de Ville

Annabel Jones

Grand Champion in Novice Broadway

Talking to the Moon

Evan Tomas

2nd Place in Novice Vocal Popular

Make You Feel My Love

Sophia Hapin

1st Place in Novice Vocal Popular

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Marcella Arriola

1st Place in Novice Broadway

So in Love

Alysia Beltran

Grand Champion in Novice Broadway

You Lost Me

Diana Dominic

Grand Champion in Vocal Popular


Erin Friedman

Grand Champion in Vocal Popular

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Alyzza Marquez

Grand Champion in Broadway

Music of the Night

Christopher Edralin

2nd Place in Broadway

Alto's Lament

Camille Edralin

Grand Champion in Broadway

Adelaide's Lament

Amanda Nguyen

1st Place in Broadway

At Last

Gwynette Oller

Grand Champion Vocal Performance