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 May 11, 2013
 Grand Finale Rehearsals!



Tap, Jazz, and Musical Theater Students of the Performance Program will be preparing for a Finale, which will lead to the end of the show's Grand Parade.  All General School students will be participating in the parade. 


You should check your child's stage rehearsal schedule and make a note of when you need to be at the theater for the Grand Finale rehearsal. 


Meanwhile, the selected classes of the Tap, Jazz, and Musical Theater programs will start learning their segments during regular classes right after the Spotlight competition.  Everyone will come together to rehearse as follows:   (If you are unable to make it to ALL the rehearsals and performances, 

Fridays, May 31 and June 7
  5:45-7:15   WSPA
Monday, June 3
  6:15-8:15  WSPA
Sunday, June 9
 10 AM-12 Noon

Stage Rehearsals in Skyline
Sunday, June 9
2:30 PM
Monday, June 10
6:10 PM & 7PM
Tuesday, June 11
6PM & 6:45 PM
Wednesday, June 12
6:20 PM

 May, June, July, August Calendar of Events!

May 15 - 2013-2014 Registration Packet to be mailed out to everyone

May 17-19  Spotlight Competition and CSTC (MT Vocalists)
May 21 Recital Tickets go on sale to Backstage Volunteers

May 21, 22 & 23 - Audition for Acceptance to the Perf. Program/Prof. Division

May 22 Recital Tickets go on sale to the General Public
May 24-27 School closed - Memorial Day
June 1 - First day of registration for the Year 2013-2014

June 2 - Year End BBQ

June 9-16 - Year-end Recital Week

June 11-26 - Rehearsals for NYCDA Finals

June 25-July 3 - Te Orama Rehearsals for Tahiti Fete

June 29 - July 6 - NYCDA Finals, New York City

July 4-7 - San Jose Tahiti Fete

July 8 - Aug. 2 - Three and Four-week summer camps
July 29 - August 16  Second Session of MT Camp
August 19 - Upper Level Ballet Perf. Program Fall Classes Begin

September 3 - Fall Classes begin

Take a look at some of the shining "Stars" in our recital

top Greetings!

Congratulations!   Chauffeuring your child to class each week for almost 10-months is nearly over, and it's time to celebrate.

I just finished a week long of mini-shows where I got a sneak preview of all the students' work that will be gracing the stage.  I am so proud and happy with what your child has accomplished and I am excited for you to watch your child shine on stage. 

Please take the time to read all the important information below.

2013 RECITAL - Show line-up, technical rehearsals, showtimes, etc.


The line up of shows and stage rehearsals are now posted in the office.  This line-up is still subject to change as deemed necessary.  Please let the office know if your child's multiple dances have been inadvertently placed back to back.


There are 7 fabulous shows again this year.    


22nd ANNIVERSARY GALA, Programme I
June 9, Sunday -  7:00 PM
Showcasing the award-winning routines of the Performance Program

22nd ANNIVERSARY GALA, Programme II 
June 14, Friday - 6:00 PM  
"Swan Lake Act II" and "Into The Woods"
WSPA's premiere presentation of
a musical theater production directed by Katie Kerwin, and
a ballet production staged by Mayo Sugano, featuring Mayo Sugano and Aaron Orza as Guest Principal Dancers.  This is co-sponsored by AIMBA.
June 15, Saturday - Showtimes at 10:00 AM, 2:00 & 6:00 PM  
June 16, Sunday -  Showtimes at 1:00 PM AND 5:00 PM
Five shows in a flurry of songs and dances to be performed by the General School featuring some of the Performance Program competition works. 
Watch our little stars "Get on the Floor" and dance their way up high into the sky!!!!
Click on each show below to find your child's class: (Scrolling down the file to find your child's teacher is the easiest way to find your child's class.)


Gala - Programme 1- Anniversary Gala  Stage Rehearsal Schedule 


Gala - Programme 2 - Swan Lake Act II and Into The Woods includes Rehearsals

Show 2 - Saturday, 10 AM - Get On the Floor  Stage Rehearsal Schedule

Show 3 - Saturday, 2 PM - Get On the Floor Stage Rehearsal Schedule

Show 4 - Saturday, 5 PM - Get On the Floor Stage Rehearsal Schedule

Show 5 - Sunday, 1 PM - Get On the Floor Stage Rehearsal Schedule

Show 6 - Sunday, 5 PM - Get On the Floor  Stage Rehearsal Schedule


 We are also in the process of preparing some instructional videos to assist you with preparing your child's hair and make-up.  These links will be emailed to you shortly.  




AUDITIONS for the Performance Program and the Professional Ballet Division - May 20, 21, & 22  

Do you think your child is ready for the challenge and commitment of more performances through showcases and competitions?   The Performance Program in tap, ballet, jazz, musical theater, hip hop, or lyrical/modern may just be right for your child.  You'll never know unless she tries.  The auditions for acceptance to these programs will be held on May 20, 21, and 23.  Audition for the junior level will be held like a regular class.  Your child's readiness will be based on her ability to stay focused while following very simple instructions.  Your child will have fun!

 Click here for the schedule of auditions

Click here for the Parent and Student Commitment Agreement in the Performance Program and Ballet Professional Division.

Every Student will be Evaluated
General School - Each child will receive an evaluation prepared by the teacher showing the child's accomplished strength in skills as well as areas that need improvement.  Student Evaluations for the General School will be handed out in the next couple of weeks. Though it isn't mandatory to have a parent-teacher conference, we advise you make an appointment with the teacher to discuss the recommendations stated in the evaluation to better understand your child's progress.

Performance Program - Evaluations for the Performance Program will be handed out the week after the Spotlight Competition.  Please be sensitive to others and keep your child's evaluation in confidence.  We do not encourage our competition students to be in competition with each other but to be in full support of each other's journey in dance.  A parent conference with the teacher is not mandatory, but you may make an appointment with the teacher in the office at any time.

Professional Ballet Division - Professional Ballet Division parent conferences will be on May 29, Wednesday. Please be reminded that this division offers world-class training that will enable your child to have a professional career in dance.  In preparation for the parent conference, we advise you speak to your child and discuss her/his goals and intentions in dance.  We understand that not all will pursue a career in dance, but the level of proficiency attained and the journey they go through will no doubt prepare them for the life ahead.


We have planned an exciting summer for all the students in ballet, tap, jazz/contemporary, musical theater, and hip hop.  Use the three weeks in the summer to explore other dance styles for your child, or use them to help your child get ahead with her technique.      


Click here for the Schedule of Classes for Beginners this Summer 


A roster of master teachers as well as WSPA current and past faculty will be teaching the intensives for the serious students in our Junior, Apprentice, and Company Levels.  Lauren Main De Lucia and Lou Fancher are returning as guest teachers while Karen Chuang, Laura Bernasconi, and Sam Weber will be teaching in WSPA for the first time.   


Click here to learn more about the new Guest Faculty 


 New this summer is the Emerging Young Choreographer (EYC) program, where company members who would like to hone their skills in choreography are given the chance to do so.  For the first time, too, WSPA will be holding a tap workshop for the Jr. Apprentice, Apprentice, and Company levels.


Click here to learn more about the intensives and the EYC.  




We are weeks before WSPA's biggest event, our Year-End Recital!  It will be a wonderful display of everyone's achievement over the year.  But before we get there, I request you take a moment to think about your child's plan for next year.


We are approaching next year's schedule with great care making sure our teachers, students, and studios, achieve the utmost productivity. It is in this regard that we ask everyone to register early for the programs they intend to attend and save your child's spot. Tuition does not need to be paid until September, however, registration fees must be paid by June 8, the last day of classes before we go into our recital week.  Registration will begin on Saturday, June 1, 2013.


With this early registration, we are hoping to serve our parents and students better by forwarding the dance schedule early enough for families to plan around it with sports and other interests your child might have.   I encourage students in the General School to register and save your spots as classes in the General School do fill up fast.


 Outstanding Balance on Accounts 

 This is a friendly reminder that May and June tuition is now due.  Parents with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to purchase recital tickets.   



Below is an invite to our traditional Year-End BBQ in the courtyard.  It's free and it's fun for all the children.  Do plan on joining us.
Meanwhile, enjoy the great weather, dance, and be merry!!!  Party with us tomorrow the island way and attend the fundraising event "Island Festival" in our courtyard.


Malu Rivera- Peoples

 School Director 


 We thank you for a wonderful year and we invite you to join us for a fun-filled family day!!   



 Sunday, June 2 - 12:00 - 4:00 pm
hosted by WSPA AND AIMBA


Year-end Picnic
Family Fun Day!!!!
Thank you to all our devoted staff, faculty and families for the continued patronage and support for the children and their aspirations in dance. It has been a rewarding
year for all and it is time to party and celebrate the success, the fellowship,
and the wonderful memories.
Bring your lounging chairs and blankets, enjoy the sun, play games, have some burgers and hot dogs, and just chill.

Meal Tickets - Our Treat!  Parents and the enrolled student will be given a free meal
ticket each.  Other guests such as siblings, family and friends can purchase
meal tickets in advance for $5.00. Your meal tickets are available
in the office starting May 21.  Please pick up your meal ticket as soon as possible so we can plan on the number of people coming. 

Save the date and join us, it will be FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!

Save 10%
Enroll in two summer intensives and enjoy the 10% savings on tuition.  Offer expires on June 1st.
 Offer is not applicable to Mr. Kabaniaev's 4-Week Intensive.


Offer Expires: June 1, 2012