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February/March 2013
Part 1 of 2 - Recap by Julie Brosnan on the Nutrition Workshop sponsored by Artists in Motion Bay Area
Kristin Wood, R.D. Talks to Dancers about Good Nutrition

"Dancing takes a lot of energy and so does growing," says Kristin Wood, a registered dietician and former dancer.

She spoke with WSPA dancers ages 11 to 16 about good, nutritious eating habits that fuel the body and enhance sports
performance. Having a balanced meal plan is key to making sure dancers get the
proper nutrition which ensures energy, strength, power, endurance, safety, and overall well-being.

Water was her first topic. Dancers know the importance of drinking water before and during training or classes. Staying hydrated keeps muscles and the brain at peak performance, but then after an hour of working out, rehydration is needed so
as not to deplete the muscles or focus. She suggested that some milk or coldpressed, no sugar added coconut water can refuel the muscles more efficiently post training because of the added carbs and electrolytes.

A good way to monitor if a
dancer is getting enough water, besides thirst and headache ~ both signs of
dehydration~, is to look at the color of the urine to make sure it is a very pale yellow
or almost clear. She recommends a daily intake of 2.3 liters of water for our young athletes.

Vitamins and Minerals were Kristin's next topic. She emphasized the importance
of calcium, Iron, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 for teen athletes. Calcium is so
important for growing bones and properly functioning nerves and muscles; she told
the kids to get calcium from milk, cheeses, tofu, seeds, nuts and dark leafy veggies.

Getting enough iron is a big concern for dancers to keep up their energy and for girls
to maintain a regular menses. Iron is found in animal products such as red meat, fish, and poultry. She reminded the vegan eaters that tofu does not have iron, but that dried beans and dark leafy vegetables do. Iron absorption increases with the intake of foods containing vitamin C.

 Kristin talked about vitamin D which foggy,
Daly City dancers inside studios don't get a lot of. Your best sources of D are fish 2 to 3 times a week and dairy products, like 3 glasses of milk daily, but she
recommends a daily vitamin D supplement, especially if you drink almond or soy
milk ~ both of which do not have vitamin D.

This sums up the first half hour of Kristin's nutrition workshop. Look for next
month's continuation of her important comments on fiber, whole grains, protein,
EFA's ~ essential fatty acids ~ and meal plans.

Her strong opinions on skipping and skimpy meals, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and the 10 worst breakfast cereals will
also be included in March's newsletter.

We hope our WSPA dancers learned helpful
information and great tips about good nutrition. Feel free to contact her for an
individual consult:
Kristin Wood, RD kwoodlove@gmail.com
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topWish our students their best as they enter the season of competition and performances, starting this weekend at the Youth America Grand Prix, San Francisco Regional.  We have a total of 3 ensembles, 3 duets/trios, and 24 solo entries in classical and modern divisions.  We invite you all to come and support our students this weekend at the Bayside Theater in San Mateo.  Admission is free to audience age 21 and under.  The schedule of competition can be downloaded from the YAGP website, or  
 Click here for a printable file.

To get our students all fueled up for competition, read Julie Brosnan's recap on Kristin Wood's talk on good nutrition on the left side bar.

Here are the upcoming events this March.  Click on the highlighted for more information.

On the same weekend,  The Company/The Camp in the annual
Urban Paradise Hip Hop Showcase in the Chabot Auditorium, Hayward.

WSPA modern, classical, jazz and tap students will be competing in the New York City Dance Alliance and at Showstoppers in the month of March and Hip Hop APT will be traveling to World of Dance in April for a hip hop competition.

Meanwhile, our solo vocalists will be presenting their annual solo voice recital on April 21st.

Make plans for an exciting summer in WSPA.  Sign up for summer classes and intensives, click here.  Bring a friend and receive $25 credit on your account.

For your viewing pleasure, below you can check out our very own Jasmine Cruz in her most recent competition last June of 2012 where she won the Gold Medal at the World Ballet Competition in Florida;  Miko Fogarty who received the Best Swiss Dancer at the Prix de Lausanne, and  The Company's performance at Vibe

WSPA's Jasmine Cruz 10yrs. old at 2012 World Ballet Competition(WBC) - Classical
WSPA's Jasmine Cruz 10yrs. old at 2012 World Ballet Competition(WBC) - Classical "Le Corsaire"

March and April at a Glance
"click on the event to learn more"

March 2 5:00pm Teachers Meeting

March 2 7:00pm We Love You Nene party

March 3, 10 & 17 - additional Sunday Rehearsals for Ms. Tina's
Lyrical Juniors 9:00-10:30am
Lyrical Jr.Appt 10:30-12:00

March 3 and 10 - additional Sunday Rehearsals with Ms. Malu and Ms. Amy
9:00am-11:00am - Malu working with Company Modern
11:00am-2:00pm -  Amy working her soloists

March 4 - 9 Group Shots

March 9 NYC/Showstoppers Precomp (starting at 2:30)
March 22-23-24 - NYCDA
March 29 - April4 -- School Closed for Spring Holiday

April 2 and April 3 - Amy working with her classes & soloists

April 4 - Tina working with her lyrical
4;15 Juniors
5:45 Jr. Appt

April 5, 6 7  - Showstoppers

April 12-18 YAGP New York  Finals

APril 21 - Voice Recital (at Serramonte)

up Urban Paradise Hip Hop Showcase
Urban Paradise Hip Hop Showcase, Buy Your Tickets Now!
Click on the image to buy your tickets now.
labayen Viktor Kabaniaev's Broken Strings and Malu Rivera-Peoples' Organic to premiere in Enrico Labayen's 18th Anniversary Gala

Labayen Flyer
Watch our students perform with the professionals.
Labayen Dance SF is a celebrated contemporary ballet company founded in 1994; it is dedicated to nurturing the artistic activities and the choreographic work of multi-award winning choreographer, Enrico Labayen. [more...]

What a great opportunity this will be for WSPA students.  We encourage you all to support the endeavors of Filipino artist Enrico  Labayen. 
  mikoMiko Fogarty in Prix de Lausanne
Who's on today? - Video Blog Day 1 - 2013 Prix de Lausanne
Who's on today? - Video Blog Day 1 - 2013 Prix de Lausanne
16 Year old Miko Fogarty competed in a week long competition in  the 42nd International Ballet Competition in Prix De Lausanne on January 26 through Feb. 1.  Congratulations Miko for receiving the prize for the Best Swiss Candidate plus multiple scholarship offers to John Cranko Stuttgart Ballet and Hamburg Ballet in Germany, Zurich Dance Academy in Switzerland, English National Ballet School, and Queensland Ballet in Australia.  WSPA is very proud of Miko and thankful to all the teachers that prepared Miko for this competition, last but not the least Viktor Kabaniaev who has trained Miko since she was 5 years old.  Watch her first day in Prix de Lausanne above.
theco The Company in Vibe Competition
Vibe XVIII 2013 | The Company
Vibe XVIII 2013 | The Company
With a high score of 94, the Company got cut from the top 3 of the Vibe Competition that happened on Jan. 27 in UC Irvine's Bren Event Center.  Nevertheless, their performance makes us proud and we congratulate The Company members and their leaders Jason Rillera and Aggie Loyola for a job well done.  Watch their awesome performance again at the Urban Paradise Hip Hop Showcase , alongside top Northern and Southern California Hip Hop Crews.


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WSPA students get first priority in placement. Audition on March 2
We encourage all those who have intentions of attending the Summer Intensive with Viktor Kabaniaev to audition on March 2, at 11:30.  There are several requests from students from other schools in and out of state to join the intensive, however, we are giving WSPA students first priority in the very limited available spots.  Tuition is $1,500.00 for the four weeks of training and a deposit is due by the end of March.  After March, we will be accepting students from other schools.

Below are the many options for all ages and levels.

Students will be learning songs and characters from these musicals.
Your child must experience this fun workshop at least once!

Have a great day!  Remember that we keep an open-door policy.  If you have any concerns or requests at all, please come to the office so we can be of service to you and we can work together in bringing out the best in your child.

Malu Rivera-Peoples, School Director
Westlake School for the Performing Arts
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on  tuition 
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