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February, 2013- Vol 2, Issue 1
Message from John Mabry, President of the Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council

Hello, and welcome again to the Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council (MBREC) newsletter! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our organization and the strides being made in the world of renewable energy and sustainability.


As you will see from the links included below, both the United States as a whole and Mississippi in particular are making serious contributions to the area of renewable energy. From cutting-edge technologies producing electricity and transportation fuels from biomass resources to new technologies raising the awareness of renewable energy in the popular consciousness, Mississippi is playing a vital role in this growing industry. Efforts in this area encompass the public and private sector, from research and development up to commercial opportunities.


As Mississippi's oldest member-driven organization for sustainability, MBREC holds great potential for helping spread the word regarding the possibilities of renewable energy, energy efficiency and biomass-based resources. I encourage you to join MBREC and make your voice heard. Additionally, please consider attending our February 27, 2013 meeting in Jackson, Mississippi, where we will discuss future plans for the organization. Thank you again!


John Mabry
President, MBREC


P.S. - Be sure to visit the newly updated MBREC website in order to learn more about sustainability related events and news! 

Energy Policy Activity in Mississippi
The 2013 session of the Mississippi Legislature has seen an abundance of energy-related measures brought to the consideration of the state's senators and representatives.  A list of these legislative pieces includes:
  • HB 1296/SB 2792: The Mississippi Energy Sustainability and Development Act   
  • HB 1181/SB 2564: Energy Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund
  • HB 793: Refundable credits for the purchase and installation of solar electric energy systems
  • HB 1591: Refundable credits for the purchase and installation of solar energy systems or energy efficiency services 
  • HB 297: Credit for the purchase and installation of solar water heater systems 
  • HB 1134/SB 2755: Mississippi Public Utility Rate Mitigation and Reduction Act 
  • HB 894: Authorization for the Mississippi Public Service Commission to establish a multi-year new generation rate recovery plan  
  • HB 329: Authorization of a credit for new alternative fueling property 

In addition to legislation listed above, two dockets exist before the Mississippi Public Service Commission related to sustainability.  They are:

  • Docket 2010-AD-2: Order establishing a docket to investigate the development and implementation of energy efficiency programs and standards
  • Docket 2011-AD-2: Order establishing a docket to investigate the development and implementation of net metering programs and standards 
USDA Grant Funding Biofuels Research at Mississippi State University
Part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant is funding research at Mississippi State University that will help develop a process to create a clean, renewable energy source. Click here to read more.
Solar Panel Manufacturer Stion Participates in Super Bowl Activities
Hattiesburg solar panel manufacturer Stion recently teamed up with Solar Alternatives, a New Orleans-based solar design company, to install solar panels at a New Orleans playground as part of the city's Super Bowl festivities.  Click here to read more.
New Biomass Energy Makes Third Shipment of Torrefied Wood Pellets to Europe
New Biomass Energy, LLC recently announced its third shipment of torrefied wood pellets to Europe from its facility in Quitman, Mississippi.  Click here  to read more.
Southeast Diesel Collaborative Leadership Awards
The deadline for submitting nominations for the Southeast Diesel Collaborative (SEDC) Leadership Awards is March 8.  These awards go to recognize companies, individuals and organizations that have helped reduce the impact of diesel engines and emissions.  Click here  to read more.
Mississippi Settles Suit With Solar Panel Company Twin Creeks
The state of Mississippi has settled a lawsuit with Twin Creeks, a California solar panel company that went out of business after the state spent $27.7 million to construct a building for the business in Senatobia and buy equipment.  Click here to read more.
Event NewsMeeting
MBREC Annual Meeting, Jackson, Mississippi

The Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council will hold its annual meeting Wednesday, February 27, 2012, at the offices of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings in Jackson.  This is a general meeting of the MBREC membership, and we hope you can attend.  For planning purposes, it is necessary to reserve a spot at the meeting.  Please click here to register.  Please email Joseph Linton or call 601-960-3623 if you have any questions.

Second Annual Clean Power Summit, New Orleans, Louisiana

Strategic Biomass Solutions (SBS), the managing organization of the Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council, is serving as a supporting organization for the Second Annual Southeast Clean Power Summit.  The meeting will be held February 20-21 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Join us as we engage in open conversation with utility commissioners, Entergy, Georgia Power, Tennessee Valley Authority, Florida Power & Light, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and other energy experts.  As an associate of SBS and MBREC, you are eligible to register at a 15% off discounted rate for this information packed event.  Use discount code SBEC02 (case sensitive) when registering.  Click here for more information.
Are you interested in joining the state's oldest member-driven organization dedicated to providing a voice for sustainable industry?  MBREC membership provides you with the opportunity to network with other interested renewable energy stakeholders, as well as take part in renewable energy education and outreach events.  To learn more, click here or contact Joseph Linton.
Senator Thad Cochran Assumes Ranking Position on Senate Agricultural Committee
Thad Cochran, the senior Senator from Mississippi, has been selected as the Ranking Republican member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry.  Cochran's position is considered a victory for southern agricultural producers, and may have implications for renewable energy efforts covered in activities related to the 2013 Farm Bill.  Click here for more information.
MegaWatt Ventures Cleantech Business Competition: Deadline March 8
The deadline for MegaWatt Ventures, an annual clean energy business competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, is quickly approaching.  An interest meeting for the competition will be held at 10 a.m., February 22 in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  Click here to register for the meeting, and click here for more information on MegaWatt Ventures.
Mississippi Energy Institute Releases Mississippi Strategy for Energy Based Economic Development
The Mississippi Energy Institute recently released the Mississippi Strategy for Energy Based Economic Development, a report prepared by Battelle Technology Partnership Practice.  The report includes several major technology platforms, including the state's abundant biomass resources, that present areas of opportunity for Mississippi.  Click here  for more information.
KiOR Reaches Production Milestone
In early February, KiOR announced that gasoline had been produced from lower-grade biofuels at its Columbus, Mississippi, facility.  Click here for more information.
U.S. Department of Energy Allocates $6 Million for Biomass Supply Chain Technologies
The U.S. DOE has made $6 million available for projects focused on developing and demonstrating supply chain technologies that will enable delivery of commercial-scale lignocellulosic biomass feedstocks to U.S. biorefineries.  Click here  to read more.
Mississippi Moving Forward on Stronger Energy Efficiency Initiatives
Karen Bishop, director of the Mississippi Development Authority's Energy and Natural Resources Division, recently wrote about state efforts to incorporate energy efficiency initiatives that will bring about improvements to the state's economy and benefit manufacturers and consumers.  Click here to read more.
Silicor Materials Exploring Additional Sites in Mississippi
After the nullification of an incentive package offered to Silicor Materials for a proposed silicon metal purification facility in Columbus, Mississippi, the company has announced that they are continuing to work with strategic investors and international partners to bring its silicon manufacturing process to Mississippi.  Click here  to read more.
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For more information about joining MBREC, visit www.ms-biomass.org or contact Joseph Linton at 601-960-3623 or [email protected].  
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