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December, 2012- Vol 1, Issue 5
Message from John Mabry, President of the Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! This is a joyful time of the year and it allows us to review what we have accomplished across the last 12 months.


The Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council (MBREC) has made great strides in the advancement of our organization. This year, we hired Strategic Biomass Solutions (SBS), a program of Innovate Mississippi (formerly the Mississippi Technology Alliance), to help administer our organization. With the help of a dedicated staff at SBS, we have been able to expand our presence by organizing quarterly meetings at various locations in Mississippi, such as Jackson, Hattiesburg and Starkville. These meetings have included presentations regarding various renewable energy and sustainability projects in Mississippi, as well as showcasing facilities and resources used by our research institutions. We at MBREC want to thank the speakers and attendees for these meetings, and we look forward to working further with you.


MBREC partnered with Mississippi State University to host the Southeast Biofuels and Renewable Energy Conference in Jackson, Mississippi, this past August. The theme of the 2012 conference was "Networking for a Sustainable Energy Future," and it was aimed at disseminating information regarding renewable energy to a wide audience. By all reports from the attendees, it was a huge success. Thanks to everyone for their contribution. It was truly a team effort!


MBREC members set up the portable booth at various trade shows this year. Our members represented the organization at events such as the Southern Section Air and Waste Management Association meeting on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, as well as the Mississippi Development Authority's Renewable Energy Day in Jackson. These important events not only helped spread information about MBREC, but also helped educate Mississippians, from school-aged children to professionals, about renewable energy and sustainability, and the opportunities these areas present for the Magnolia State. Thank you to the members that took time off to "man the booth."


As we prepare for 2013, we are looking forward to the opportunities the New Year presents. 2012 saw multiple renewable energy and energy efficiency related bills and dockets come before the Mississippi Legislature and the Mississippi Public Service Commission. Additionally, Governor Bryant presented the Energy Works Road Map, which details how important energy is to the state. MBREC is closely monitoring the possibilities for these policies in Mississippi, and we want to hear from our members regarding how best to serve you as the upcoming legislative session begins.


In 2012, MBREC gained new members from various sectors, including academia, economic development, consulting firms and more. As the state's oldest member-driven organization dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency, MBREC has much to offer for this developing sector, and I encourage you to visit the link below to learn more about the organization and renew your membership.


This has been an exciting year for MBREC; I want to thank the board of directors, officers and members of the organization for their hard work, without which none of this would be possible.


Happy Holidays


John Mabry
President, MBREC


A Review of Proposed Mississippi Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency Policies in 2012policies
Renewable energy and energy efficiency policies were put before both the Mississippi Legislature and the Mississippi Public Service Commission during 2012.  Here is an explanation of those policies and their fates as the year draws to a close. Click here to read more.
2012 Mississippi Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Report
Strategic Biomass Solutions, the managing organization for the Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council, has recently released the 2012 Mississippi Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Report.  The report highlights the work being done by sustainable industry in Mississippi.  Click here  to read more.
Stion Wins $2 Million Research Grant
The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced that Stion will receive a $2 million research grant as part of its SunShot Incubator 7 program.  Stion, which is based in San Jose, California, has a manufacturing facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Click here to read more.
Are you interested in joining the state's oldest member-driven organization dedicated to providing a voice for sustainable industry?  MBREC membership provides you with the opportunity to network with other interested renewable energy stakeholders, as well as take part in renewable energy education and outreach events.  To learn more, click here or contact Joseph Linton.
Event NewsMeeting
The Mississippi Biomass and Renewable Energy Council will hold its annual meeting during the first quarter of 2013. Please be sure to monitor your email for further announcements.
Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi Exploring Micro-Algae for Fuel
Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi are participating in an international research project aimed at turning marine micro-algae into fuel.  Click here for more information.
Adams County Supervisors Approve Infrastructure Spending for Biofuel Site
Adams County supervisors have approved a $522,673 to relocate a sewer line on the former Belwood County Club property, the future site of KiOR's Natchez alternative fuel production facility.  Click here to read more.
MBREC Officers
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MBREC Board of Directors
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Kengro Corporation                 Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP           Renewable Fiber Resources, LLC
Todd French                       John Kasbaum                              John Logan        
Mississippi State University       Kior Inc.                                         Eagle Green Energy Inc.

Jeffrey Rupp                       Robert Thompson                          Frank Yang
Mississippi State University         Mississippi Polymer Institute                     Stion      

For more information about joining MBREC, visit www.ms-biomass.org or contact Joseph Linton at 601-960-3623 or jlinton@innovate.ms.  
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