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9000 Needles Official Trailer 
9000 Needles Official Trailer
Join us for a free showing of


Friday, July 26, 2013 
at PIHMA College & Clinic
301 E. Bethany Home Rd. 
Suite A-230, Room E
Phoenix, AZ 85012
After suffering a devastating stroke at just 40 years old, champion bodybuilder Devin Dearth is faced with the frustrating limitations of the U.S. health insurance system. In a desperate search for recovery, he travels to Tianjian, China to participate in an affordable and promising rehabilitation program. 9000 Needles is a story about how people can become bigger than themselves when they're willing to open their minds. Don't miss this inspirational documentary! 


"Riveting. An inspirational story - brilliantly told."  - Bob Weinstein 

A challenging and rewarding career awaits you in the growing field of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine! 

Contact Admissions today at 
(602) 274-1885 x 111 or admissions@pihma.edu
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Classroom A
$10 Treatments    (walk-ins only)
The Center for Professional Education was developed to bridge the gap between Asian and holistic medicine and western, conventional healthcare by offering a wide variety of affordable training in Asian and other holistic topics. With a special offering of continuing education for acupuncturists, nurses and other healthcare providers, many of these classes are also open to the public for their own interest and education.  
For a list of upcoming classes, visit www.pihma-cped.org. 
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New Patient Referral Program

This program encourages our existing patients to refer new patients to our community clinic. For every new patient an existing patient refers, the referring patient will receive one free acupuncture treatment. The new patient will be on their way to optimal health. It's a win-win situation!

Be sure new patient informs the front desk of who referred them. 
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Live the Medicine  

Serve Compassionately

Act with Integrity

Be Innovative

Grow Thoughtfully

Practice Gratitude

Commit to Excellence



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We're Bringing QiGong Back (Yeah!) 
Meet Kat Myers   


We are thrilled to bring QiGong back to PIHMA's Community Movement Class schedule! PIHMA Student and Acupuncture Intern, Certified QiGong Instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher, Kat Myers now teaches both Acu-Yoga and QiGong on our campus.

Move your qi, unwind, center and relax with either, or both, of these powerful mind and body fitness classes!
Mondays 11am-12pm 
Summer Drop-in Rate: $5 
Blending of gentle stretch,  
accupressure and sound 
Fridays 3:30-4:30pm 
Drop-in Rate: No cost 
(Donations will be accepted to 
support local AZ charities.) 
Blending of gentle stretch,  
foot fitness and QiGong 
  PIHMA's FREE Summer Movie Series continues with BARAKA
Baraka - Official Trailer [HD]
Baraka - Official Trailer [HD]

Friday, August 16  

at PIHMA College & Clinic 
301 E. Bethany Home Rd. 
Suite A-230, Room E

Reserve your seat!

 Achieving WellnessWellness  
August 23, 2013 
at PIHMA College & Clinic 
301 E. Bethany Home Rd., A-230 
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Achieving wellness using Mind-Body Modalities fits into any schedule and any pocketbook. Find the time and resources to soar into better health, better opportunities and better life. This mini-seminar is designed for nurses yet open to anyone.
Seminar fee: $39 (2.75 RN Contact Hours) 



Herbal Spotlight - Watermelon

Watermelon Chinese medicine describes summerheat as a condition caused by overexposure to excessively high environmental temperatures. As residents of Phoenix, we are exposed to these extreme elements every summer. Similar to a sun stroke, summerheat can present itself in our bodies as thirst, sweat, dizziness, fever, nausea, diarrhea, or even sudden collapse. Xi gua, or watermelon, can help us beat the heat. Literally. Watermelon is a delicious fruit that generates fluids, is a great source of Vitamin C, beta carotene and lycopene, has a positive effect on the liver, and clears summerheat. Unlike most raw herbs, it is not necessary to consult with an herbalist prior to using this effective Chinese herb.  
PIHMA's Herbal Dispensary  


If you've been to PIHMA's campus lately you may have noticed some changes. We have expanded our academic offices, are currently in construction adding new patient rooms to our clinic, and our Herbal Dispensary has moved to a new suite just a short walk across the courtyard. We welcome these changes and attribute them the growing popularity of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM). The expansion of PIHMA's full service Herbal Dispensary will create a better experience for our patients. This bigger, revamped and redesigned space will allow for individualized attention as it includes a private consultation room.     

  Herbal Dispensary
Sneak Peek at PIHMA's New Website    
Hand holding green globe
Coming soon to a browser near you is a new and improved website for PIHMA College & Clinic. We are working on creating a well designed, user friendly site to better inform prospective students and patients of the products and services we offer.
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Show your support and promote this amazing medicine by purchasing a PIHMA t-shirt.

On sale now at the front desk for only $10! 


301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Ste. A-100

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