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About Nomi:
Ms. Bachar is a self actualization expert, psychotherapist and a coach.  She works with individuals, couples, groups, and has been in practice for over 25 years

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Child Immigration Crisis

Watching the news in the last couple of days has been disturbing. Thousands of immigrant children are pouring across the nation's southern border from Central America to arrive in the United States. These children's families are trying to provide them with a better life by sending them to the US in hopes of fleeing the poverty, crime, and drugs they were born into. These children are left alone, vulnerable, and without their families at a crucial development point in their young lives. It is heart breaking. I have to admit that in the last few years the news has been consistently troubling. It seems as if we have lost the right direction as a species. Where are we going or, better said, where are we taking ourselves?


We have created a tremendous ecological and environmental imbalance and we're paying a very high price for it. We are creating a social, political, and economical imbalance. Why and how did it happen? The answer is a lack of regard for the earth and our human family. Greed and a culture of addictive consumerism driven by materialism has brought us here. Even though the writing is on the wall a lot of us are in denial going on our merry way of acquiring, abusing and hoarding more and more.


It seems like we're making decisions without consulting our soul's wisdom and guidance. We're following our physical and emotional desires, many of which are based on a sense of lack and fear.


Let's contemplate the three levels of being: the Spirit, the Soul and the Personality. The Spirit is the divine spark which emanates and gives life to everything in the universe. It is the loving fabric of all that exists. All individual souls are directly connected to Spirit. Each one of us can receive guidance insight and wisdom, from it if we choose to. The personality is made of our Emotional Self and Defensive Self. These two parts of us should be guided by our Expanded Self and not vice versa. Our soul encompasses all three aspects.


The actions of greed, destruction and corruption happen when people are not consulting their soul's wisdom. When we operate from negative desires and impulses, driven by our defensive and emotional limitations we destroy not create. We are not isolated beings; we are all connected and woven together. If some of us are being destructive we are all affected.

Take a minute to look at your life, the decisions, and choices you make. What is driving you? Is it your Expanded Self or is it your defensive desire to look good or gain status and power. Are you coming from love or are you busy controlling and manipulating? Are you living like you are one with others or are you immersed in your needs and desires without considering others. We all have a way to go to become more attuned with the right direction. The first step is admitting to ourselves when we are off and committing to our innate desire to create love and contribute. 

33,000 Children Flood the U.S. Border
33,000 Children Flood the U.S. Border





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