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About Nomi:
Ms. Bachar is a self actualization expert, psychotherapist and a coach.  She works with individuals, couples, groups, and has been in practice for over 25 years. 

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About Gates of Power®

Gates of Power® is a revolutionary method for self healing and self actualization.

It guides and empowers you through a unique combination of processes, concepts, and excercises to go beyond self limiting patterns and discover your power, your expression, and fullfillment.


Love: What's Beyond The Feeling? 



Is it enough to feel love or is it not love unless it is expressed in actions? Shouldn't the feeling of love actually affect and impact positively the person who is loved? 


I am reminded of a great love I had in my 20s, we were both "crazy" about each other, he would write me love notes and leave them all around the house. His poetry journal was filled with poems about his love for me. This was all beguiling and flattering but his actions did not match the passion of his words and feelings. He was always late to dates, he did not think that it was a big deal to say that he would call at seven and call three hours later, he would almost always be very busy when I needed practical help, and the list goes on. Ok, he was young and inexperienced with the actions of love. I was too, and I am sure that I frustrated him out of my ignorance and anxiety.


Unfortunately this type of behavior and even much more destructive is not only typical to the young. We have to admit that many much older folks make the same mistake of not matching their love feelings with their love actions. If your loved one does not feel nurtured, respected, and considered, check your love actions, they are somehow not registering as loving in your loved one's heart. 


Loving feelings are wonderful but we all must learn to match them with loving actions. True love looks for ways to enhance the emotional and physical well being of another, to support their desires, needs and dreams. If we are not looking for ways to enhance a loved one in a tangible, consistent manner, our love feelings are seeds but they are not baring fruit. Love is powerful; it can save a loved one's life, literally, emotionally or spiritually. As we mature we hopefully learn to find the ways to impact, each other positively and generously. 


Happy Valentine's Day, what is happening in your love life beyond the gifts, the chocolates, the dinner, etc?  

- Nomi






The Book

Gates of Power® Book: 

Actualize Your True Self



Nomi Bachar's much-awaited book 
Gates of Power®: Actualize Your True Self
 is being published by Findhorn Press,
 available May 13th
This book is your practical guide to reaching your potential and maximizing your life. What are you waiting for? 





Gates of Power

Gate of Emotions

Level 5


Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

10am - 6pm, Peekskill, NY






Introduction to the Gates of Power® Method  
taylor seeingthroughtheveil 
Nomi will introduce the Gates of Power® method through a combination of lecture, discussion, and experiential exercises. We will start with a short brainstorming session using the four grand questions: 


1) Who am I? 
2) Why am I here? 
3) What's in my way? 
4) How do I come to fulfill my life? 

We will follow with an explanation about the seven Gates of Power and the three aspects of the self. Then, though experiential exercises (meditational, expressive, or creative), we will experience each Gate and its potential for healing and actualization. We will conclude with a short sharing about the importance of unifying the three aspects of the self.

Where: The School of Intuitive Arts, Peekskill, NY
When: Thursday, February 27th, 7-9pm
Note: This is a free class.

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    "Nomi helped me to create a path from the knowledge of my brain to the experience of heart."

    - Jessica Zane


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