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December 2013




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About Nomi:
Ms. Bachar is a self actualization expert, psychotherapist and a coach.  She works with individuals, couples, groups, and has been in practice for over 25 years. 

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About Gates of Power®

Gates of Power® is a revolutionary method for self healing and self actualization.

It guides and empowers you through a unique combination of processes, concepts, and excercises to go beyond self limiting patterns and discover your power, your expression, and fullfillment.


Spirit Within Matter


The two holidays that we celebrate this month, Chanukah and Christmas, honor the dominion of spirit within matter. In the story of Chanukah, a handful of Jewish warriors are able to defeat an enormous Greek/Roman army. Their victory stems from their passion, belief and connection with spirit. In the story of Christmas, we're celebrating the birth of a spiritual master whose message is love and oneness with the Father, which to me means oneness with the universal consciousness. Both traditions celebrate the ability of us humans to unite and work with spirit.

The times we live in are violent and turbulent. We can observe two extremes within mankind's consciousness and manifestation. On one hand: greed, commercialism and materialism are accelerating. The source of this phenomenon is disconnection to self and others, and inner emotional and spiritual hunger. On the other hand: healing and unity consciousness is gathering momentum and with it the flowering of teachers, scientists and light workers who are the vehicle of transformation, and the wave of the future.

Many of us are caught in the in-between, the gray space that is neither this nor that. It is time to take a stand as to which camp we are in. Are we going to be the takers/users, or the givers/creators? We all have some gray shades, or undecided little corners, but we are called to make choices in our personal and collective life to create the present and the future. It looks like we must wake up, gradually or not so gradually, and align ourselves with the forces of constructive creativity.

I try to take an honest look at my choices and actions on a daily basis, and I would like to invite you to do the same. There are two ancient questions that human beings have asked since the beginning of time. These can help us stir ourselves in the right direction. The questions are: who am I? And, why am I here? If you ponder these deeply and sincerely, you will keep unraveling the layers and reach interesting insights about your true nature, your gifts, and your lessons. This inner quest will put you in the camp of the builders and creators who are dedicated to shaping the future.

- Nomi





The Book

Gates of Power® Book: 

Actualize Your True Self



We are very pleased to announce that Nomi Bachar's much-awaited book Gates of Power®: Actualize Your True Self is being published by Findhorn Press. It will be available to all by Spring 2014. We hope you will enjoy reading the book and continue to stay inspired by the philosophy and technology behind Gates of Power®!  



Meditating Through the Levels of the Mind  

The Healing Power of Meditation

Led by Nomi Bachar





In this course, we will explore deeper the 3 levels of the mind: the Obsessive Mind (the Monkey Mind), the Creative Mind, and the Zen Mind. In each session we will practice meditations to explore each level. We will practice 1. Sensory/Energetic meditations, 2. Emotional meditations, 3. Creative meditations, and 4. Visual Meditations. The goal of this course is to quiet the Monkey Mind, utilize the Creative Mind for healing and relaxation, and reach the level of the Zen Mind, which is pure awareness.
  • December 7th -  Exploring creatively what is underneath through writing, moving, and sounds.
  • December 15th - Practicing how to empty the mind, let go of thoughts, and experience the Zen Mind.

When:  Saturday, December 7  

              Sunday, December 15

Time4:00- 5:30 pm

Cost: $20 per class

Where: Energy Movement Center, 925 South Street, Peekskill,NY 10566


Pre-registration is requested




Gate of Knowledge

One Day Workshop, Level 4





Gates of Power Level  4 is culminating this level with a day long workshop exploring the Gate of Knowledge. Participants will each present a subject they have chosen and engage the group in a discussion and/or creative process. Our theme for the day is Spirituality In Our Daily Life. 



When: December 8, 10am-6pm

Where: Peekskill, NY 


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    "Nomi helped me to create a path from the knowledge of my brain to the experience of heart."

    - Jessica Zane


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