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September 2013




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About Nomi:
Ms. Bachar is a self actualization expert, psychotherapist and a coach.  She works with individuals, couples, groups, and has been in practice for over 25 years. 

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About Gates of Power®

Gates of Power® is a revolutionary method for self healing and self actualization.

It guides and empowers you through a unique combination of processes, concepts, and excercises to go beyond self limiting patterns and discover your power, your expression, and fullfillment.


Love And Destruction




Sometimes I wake up saddened by the situation of the world. Different places to my mind, such as Syria, Egypt, Sudan, the Philippines, and even on our own home front of Chicago. We have forgotten that despite our many differences, we are one people. I feel that the root cause of this estrangement is our tendency to stray from each other, as we have drifted away from the Love Source within ourselves.

Many of us live without a real intimate relationship with the Universal Love within us. Our violent and destructive history as a race has been a painful learning process of growing and evolving. One of the most important lessons, maybe the most important one, is to realize our union with the Infinite Consciousness that lives within our hearts. It has many names - the "I Am," the Eternal Self, the Divine Soul, the One Mind, God, the Creator, etc. When we don't take time to cultivate an intimate relationship with the Source of Love within our being, life becomes confusing and frustrating.

We tend to seek a sense of gratification and validation from external sources in an effort to receive a sense of strength and connection. Doing that, we are operating from our defensive tendencies rather than from our Expanded Self. All the unnecessary strife and destruction originates from fear and defensiveness. Heartfelt sense of unity and compassion cannot be present in the face of defensiveness. When we project our fears onto others and see them as the enemy, we are driven to be defensive. We get attached to "being right," having power over others, controlling life, people, and situations...

- Nomi



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Gates of Power 

Level IV

 The Gate of Life Path


Level IV participants are working on gold for this year for each of the seven Gates.


The central theme for Gates of Power Level IV is learning commitment to the self and commitment to others. They will cover the process of manifestation with these seven steps. 


Positive Inner Paradigm


Road Map


Committed Positions

Forward Motion

Celebration of Victories


Sunday, September 22nd, 10am to 6pm. Peekskill, NY.


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Gates of Power® promotes the actualization of our talents, skills, and the awareness of living as a contribution to ourselves and others.

The People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards recognize individuals who are dedicated to the human family, and have been a force in changing the world for the better.
As a member of the awards committee, I would like to extend an invitation to help celebrate the 10 extraordinary unsung heroes who have impacted the lives of many. 

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An Introduction to the Gates of Power®
A Revolutionary Method to Achieve Balance, Fulfillment, and Empowerment

Created and led by Nomi Bachar
Long Island City, New York
 Event Info:
Transform your life by learning how to strengthen all seven facets, called 'Gates' that make up your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Through an interactive and experiential session including instruction, dialogue, gentle movement and writing, you will learn how to liberate, energize and heal every aspect of yourself. This process will empower you to achieve inner balance, reach your fullest potential and enhance your overall quality of life. Click here to learn more
Sunday, October 6, 5-7pm
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    "Nomi helped me to create a path from the knowledge of my brain to the experience of heart."

    - Jessica Zane


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