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April 2013




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About Nomi:
Ms. Bachar is a self actualization expert, psychotherapist and a coach.  She works with individuals, couples, groups, and has been in practice for over 25 years. 

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About Gates of Power®

Gates of Power® is a revolutionary method for self healing and self actualization.

It guides and empowers you through a unique combination of processes, concepts, and excercises to go beyond self limiting patterns and discover your power, your expression, and fullfillment.


Spring: Transformations in Nature
and Ourselves




Every Spring (and I have been around for many of them) I am struck with awe and child like joy when the magic of bare to crown of flowers happen, almost from one day to another. It seems like the trees are celebrating their passion for life with bursting brilliant colors. "Did you ever wonder how does this magic happen?", the total transformation from brittle and gray to glorious and beautiful.


The magic of Spring demonstrates the power to transform, that resides in nature. It takes us from night to day from hatred to love and from sickness to health. The same power resides in the soul of each one of us. The soul yearns to shed its suffocating cloaks and claim its brilliance, a state of freedom, joy and creativity. Our defensiveness, fears, pain and distrust keep us imprisoned. Consciously or unconsciously we know it. We feel like we're not fully alive...something is missing. We feel inner emptiness and a sense of loss and, in a way that is true.


The fact is that we, ourselves, are the roadblock to our transformation, a natural process that moves life in constant cycles of evolution...




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Gates Of Power® Level 4


Two of our Level 3 groups are coming together to create the Gates of Power® Level 4 group.
I want to congratulate your commitment to your self and to becoming the leader in your personal affairs and in life. When you reach your potential, everybody around you benefits.



Travel from the Chattering Mind
into the Peace of the Soul




The workshop is led by Nomi Bachar, creator of Gates of Power ® Method. Nomi has been a meditator for the last 35 years and has developed many different meditation techniques. These help to drop the compulsive obsessive thinking mind and ground oneself in the energy and breadth field. This allows the mind to witness, expand, and be in the moment.


Event Information:

Energy Movement Center

925 South Street,

Peekskill, NY 10566


Sunday, April 21, 2013

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM





 Radio Interview: Nomi Bachar




Nomi will be appearing on Al Cole's radio show,

People of Distinction, featuring individuals who make a difference.  



Stay tuned!


The show will air on May 5 from 2-6pm.
Listen in at Live365!
Nomi Bachar and Al Cole discuss what the positive outcomes there are for people who self-actualize to themselves and to society. In turn, they also discuss the far-reaching implications of self-actualization to our society, our culture, and the human condition. 
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Programs at White Cedar


The White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living offers a wide array of programs dedicated to self-actualization and empowerment. Each one can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Individual Coaching
  • Couples Counseling
  • Weekly Group Sessions and Workshops
  • Gates of Power® Training for Psychotherapists

    We also offer lectures, courses, and workshops for organizations and corporations. 






    "Nomi helped me to create a path from the knowledge of my brain to the experience of heart."

    - Jessica Zane


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