"Create The Optimal You"

An Introduction To Gates Of Power® Method


Don't compromise for anything other than a great life

and a fabulous you!

Journey to the center of Me - Part I      

You want to actualize your dreams and desires!
You want to become the best you!

You want to create fulfillment and meaning!


The Gates of Power® Method hands you the keys to open the door to your potential! 


We posses 7 facets or portals that compromise our total self (They are called Gates). The Gates include:


·The Gate Of The Body ·The Gate Of Emotions ·The Gate of Dialogue

·The Gate Of Creative Expression ·The Gate of Life Path ·The Gate Of Silence

·The Gate of Knowledge


In order to have an empowered and meaningful life, all these facets must be unblocked empowered and synchronized.

When we examine our lives, openly and honestly, we each find certain areas that are not working in the way we would like them to. This kind of misalignment can show up in our relationships, career, finance, health or emotional stability. What it means is that there is an imbalance, a blockage, or a lack within us and it manifests itself in our daily lives. I call these manifestations, symptoms.


There is no need to drag through life in a state of chronic imbalance and lack of fulfillment. Gates Of Power® Method provides you with the tools, guidance, and insights necessary to create the optimal you and the life you want.


Take The First Step Now!


Workshop Details:

Energy Movement Center

925 South Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
Saturday, June 30th, 2012, 10am-12:30pm


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