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From Our Members

Reach Out to Kids Where They Are - On Their Phones - New York Times 

Bhupendra Sheoran, the executive director of YTH, an NCSH member, discusses the importance of using technology to teach children about sexual health.


Sexuality and Aging Consortium to Host Professional Development Institute - Widener University 

Two NCSH members, the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, are partnering to host a training institute at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit on Friday, August 14, 2015, in Alexandria, Va.  

This Week
A new Johns Hopkins Medicine study that looked at over 10,000 people who attended an STI clinic in Baltimore has found that the occurrence of gonorrhea or chlamydia in extragenital areas like the throat or rectum is also significant in women, particularly younger women.

SparkLife, the teen blog from SparkNotes, asked its readers questions about sex ed to better understand their experience with intimacy and the ways they're learning about it. Based on the results, most young people learn about sex outside the classroom.


Should I Get A Copper IUD Or Hormonal IUD? Here's What You Need To Know About Why Women Choose This Long-Term Birth Control - Bustle

Many sexually active American women are now selecting the IUD as their preferred method of long-term birth control. Bustle talked to both women and practitioners to provide some basic information about reasons women choose the IUD, the benefits of both hormonal IUDs and copper IUDs, and the side effects that can occur.


Stopping HIV in Its Tracks: New Subdermal Implant Delivers Potent Antiretroviral Drugs - Science Daily 

A novel, subdermal implant delivering potent antiretroviral drugs shows extreme promise in stopping the spread of HIV.

The Future of Sex: It Gets Better - Wall Street Journal

Sex and relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman says that the future of sex includes robots, virtual reality and drugs to address women's sexual function. 


A Minority of Women Seek Health Care After Military Sexual Assault - Science Daily

A new study suggests that female service members who experience sexual assault are unlikely to seek post-assault health care, at least in the short term.


8 Of Your Embarrassing Sex Questions, Answered With Science - BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed reached out to sexual health experts and scientists to answer some of their readers' most common, embarrassing questions about sex.


The Big Battle Over a Little Device - National Journal 

In Colorado and Iowa, a pilot program shows that IUDs and implants can dramatically reduce teen pregnancies and abortions. But policy results and politics don't always mix. 

10 Questions You Should Definitely Ask About Birth Control - Seventeen

Here is the most important information all teens should know about contraception and the various options.


Sexual Dysfunction: A Need for Difficult Discussions - The Columbus Dispatch

Sexual problems are common and can arise and change throughout a woman's life, but many women don't bring up their sexual troubles. And not all doctors are stellar at starting the conversation.

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