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June  2015 

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Summit Introductions Continue
Andrea Shumate
Larry Kopsa
Pamela Will
David Velasco
Misael Aponte
Gary Gerard passes
Deposit only Comparison
ABCH 2014 Exam Dates
ABCH Mentoring Workshop
Color Forum- Guy Tang on the panel
Lowlights from the Editor

15th Annual ABCH Energizing Summit
June 28-29, 2015 
LAX Marriott Hotel  
Los Angeles, CA


 Summit registration has increased over previous years  

Sign up soon as classes are filling quickly!


Continuing Introduction of our Summit Educators:  

Long Hair Color Trends
Andrea Shumate, ABCH
Sunday: 11:00am
Monday: 9:30am 2:00pm


Learn creative techniques that allow even your most low maintenance color clients to look fabulous for months! Long haired guests may not come in as often as short, but they are LOYAL and they REFER their long hair friends. So whether you want to achieve a head full of healthy looking highlights, soft sexy "sombre" looks or tiny sparkles of interest woven thru their curls, this is the class for you! Andrea will discuss and demonstrate several different coloring techniques especially designed with long haired clients in mind, like the tortoise shell - ecaille technique. Don't be afraid to tackle long hair ever again. Embrace it and unleash your creative talents!
Keep Uncle Sam Out of Your Pocket! 
                                      Larry Kopsa
Sunday:  11:00 am
Monday:  9:30 am

By working with 100's of salons and spas, Larry Kopsa CPA has
found that many salon owners are overpaying on their taxes because they don't realize the deductions they are missing. In this program, Larry, will teach you the basics of taxes, what deductions you may be missing, and how to keep more money in your pocket. Because of his knowledge of the industry and the tax laws he will show you easy legal steps that you can take home to keep more money in your pocket by understanding the moonshine.

Financial ABC's
Larry Kopsa 
Monday: 2 pm

How do you recognize what really drives the bottom line and what you
can do to maximize these triggers and unleash profits? A fascinating, 
fast-paced session that will greatly enhance your ability to read, analyze, 
and use financial statements to manage, drive, and stay on top of your 
company's growth. 
* Understand the specialized language of finance- vital terms like sales, revenue, costs,
   income, profits and more. 
* Get a firm grip on your company's lifeblood- cash flow. 
* Quickly scan a financial report and pick out the numbers that matter. 
* Detect variances while there's still time to take corrective action. 
* Appreciate key financial analysis ratios and tools. 
* Recognize when numbers look questionable. 
* Uncover hidden expenses.
Transitional Haircolor
Pamela Will, ABCH  
Sunday: 11:00am
Monday: 9:30am,  2:00pm
Lecture Demonstration

In this lively class you will learn how to successfully master going from light to dark to dark to light. You will fully understand the importance of replacing pigment and negating unwanted tones while performing these haircolor services. In today's haircolor market change is often requested. For clients who change their haircolor frequently, sometimes to extreme levels, knowing fundamentals so you can successfully achieve their desired results is critical. There is much to be learned in this class by observing swatches that have been colored. Pamela brings years of experience and real salon scenarios. 

Secrets of a Haircolor Expert

David Velasco

Sunday:11:00 am

Monday: 9:30 am,  2 pm                                                     

This class will cover the most important aspects of coloring hair
from a veteran of haircoloring. David Velasco is a haircolorists'
haircolorist. That is to say he speaks to you in a language you can
understand. There are very few haircolorists who have the ability to
write what they do. David has written a series of books on all aspects of haircoloring. He is truly a haircolor expert. You can take what he says and put it in the bank.
Come to this class with any question you have about haircolor and he will answer it for you in a clear, concise manner.

The Art of Color and Movement    


        Misael Aponte 

Sunday:  9:30am,  2:00pm 
Monday:  11:00 am,  3:30 pm

Lecture Demonstration


Misael Aponte has thrilled audiences far and wide with his exciting and creative stage and classroom presentations. His keen eye for composing haircolors
 makes this class very special and Misael's unique approach to advanced color placement makes dimensional haircolor more understandable.
Using color to accentuate or defuse features of the face requires the eyes of an Artist, and he can teach you this! You will leave this class excited to go back to the salon to use his methods for coloring hair. Don't miss Misael's class!

Mourning the loss of a Summit educator...



After a courageous battle with cancer, Gary passed away on June 1st. Beauty shows won't be the same without the presence of Gary. 

If there was a beauty show anywhere within reach, he would be there. He loved the beauty business and enjoyed being with his peers.  He was the first to arrive and had a way of getting the space he wanted. It was an amazing watching him setting up his booth and classroom and cajoling with the person in charge of the show. His audience loved to watch him cut hair and enjoyed his corny jokes. His classes were both educational and entertaining. Everyone, particularly his audience who he enlightened with his haircutting skills, will miss him. He was never happier than when he had standing room only in his class, which was most often.    

Rest in peace my friend.  



After toiling for what appeared to be hundreds of hours, the deposit only haircolor comparison is completed. The comparison is a display of 35 different haircolors and the effects shampooing and the sun has on the hair.

Each Summit attendee will receive a synopsis of the results of the comparison. The actual swatches will be on display at the Summit. The four printed pages of the comparison have all of the information learned in making the swatches. We even included Second Nature, the Clairol color that was discontinued, as it would help the users of that color to find a similar color. Some of the brands suggested using a lower volume peroxide to make their colors deposit only. There are a few surprises you will find when you check out the statistics.

We will include an article with details of our results in a July newsletter after the Summit.




According to the Beauty Industry Report, there are some important salon tends taking place. 

  • No appointment needed salons, where you drop in and you get a single service at a reduced price and leave. We know about blow dry bars, but now there are extension bars and haircolor bars, as well as co-washing bars. 
  • Co-washing is a trend where you wash the hair with a conditioner instead of shampoo.  Although it only netted 1% of total conditioner sales, the trend is growing. 
  • Another strong trend is "granny trend" coloring the hair with silvers and grays haircolor sales with in the silvers and grays were up 46% and 14%. Think about it-- in one year we are covering the gray and the next year we are making people gray.
  • There is bad news for the oils whose sales are dropping 6% in chains and 5% for independents; some say the segment, which was pioneered by Moroccan oil, has reached maturity. 

Trends come and go but roots go on forever. There are enough roots out there to keep us all busy.  None of Andre's clients are requesting silver and gray; they're already there.

                 2015 ABCH Examination Dates

Los Angeles, CA..
July 12
Boston, MA.....
August 23
Sarasota, FL....
September 20
Washington, DC .....
October 18 
Atlanta, GA.....
November 8  
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  ABCH Certification Exam Registration     



If you want to take and pass the ABCH examination there is no better way to prepare than to take the ABCH Mentoring Workshop. Two days of hands on training will guide you through the examination step by step, foil placement by foil placement. The training is supervised by some of the very best haircolorists who have evaluated hundreds of exam candidates. They know exactly the mistakes made when someone failed and what you have to do to overcome those same mistakes. 
Visit ABCH to register.
2015 Color Forum at Summit - Guy Tang!

The  Sunday  afternoon Color Forum is a popular event and a  special  feature  of  the Energizing  Summit. Tony  Fanelli,  the  Forum  Narrator,  has  selected  a  panel  of industry  experts  made  up  of  a  cross  section  of  the  beauty  industry.  
This  year  we  are  excited  to  have Guy  Tang  as  a  special  guest  joining  the panel.  He  has  created  a  sensation in  the  beauty  industry  in  just  three  years.

The  forum  is  two  hours  in  length  and  becomes  very  lively.  The  past  forums have been  well  received  by  everyone  in  attendance  because  they  have  the opportunity to express  their  views  on  many  of  the  problems  the  industry  is  faced with.  To attend  the  Forum  you  must  be  a  registered  attendee  of  the  Summit  and  will  be required  to  show  your  badge at the door.
Lowlights from the Editor    

Stylists can spend a lot of money on haircolor, nice shears, flat irons, etc.  With the popularity of studio salons, stylists are required to provide all of their own products and equipment. Since the decline of roller sets, fewer stylists own a hood hair dryers.  There are many products on the market that require the use of heat to process- some lighteners, many gloss products or direct dyes, treatments, clarifiers/de-mineralizers and deep conditioners.
However, a standing hood hairdryer is a bulky piece of equipment for a studio salon when it is used perhaps infrequently. Do not make the mistake of using a blow dryer aimed at a processing cap to replace the heat of a hood dryer.The heat necessary for many products and serves needs to be higher than a handheld blow dryer can achieve. Heat caps can help but do not achieve the higher heat needed for some products. Invest in a good hood dryer so that you have the tool needed to achieve your desired results.

Problem? Question? Complaint? Suggestion?  

Write to me... I love getting email and talking to other stylists about haircolor! USE subject line: ABCH

Certifiably Yours,

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